My friends and I sometimes used to spend time in chat rooms together since we lived kinda far apart. This is a record of one night we spent playing around . . . from the absurd to the tender to the highly offensive, this is how we interact. Beware the bad language.

SwankiVY2 aka Ivy aka Jules aka Julie

Birdgirrrl aka Jessica aka Jess aka Birdhulk

Thane13 aka Fred aka Phred

BunkySatch aka Bunk aka Jim

REMichaeI aka Mike

It began when Jessica IMed me one day, talking about the private parts of female barn animals. I reciprocated, of course.

Birdgirrrl: GOAT-PUSSY!!!!!!!!

SwankiVY2: Oh yeah? Cat-twat.

Birdgirrrl: ZEBRA-CUNT!!!

SwankiVY2: Turtle-snatch.

Birdgirrrl: Gopher-bush..

SwankiVY2: Fish clit!!!

Birdgirrrl: Crab-vulva!!

SwankiVY2: Capybara-vagina!

Birdgirrrl: Lemur-labia!!!

SwankiVY2: Wombat-muff!!!!!!!

Birdgirrrl: Blue-footed-boobie-sperm-recepticle.

SwankiVY2: Big fat cum-guzzling lawyer!

Birdgirrrl: Obese, hirsute, lawyer-licking window washer!

SwankiVY2: Giraffe-fondling, cat-saliva-infested, yak-fucking son of mung!

Birdgirrrl: Spinach-molesting, mold-covered, skank old sack of pony-sodomizing guano.

Birdgirrrl: (Think we should get a private room, and hurl insults with phred too?)

SwankiVY2: I sent him ours. :)

Birdgirrrl: me too!!!!

Birdgirrrl: hehehe..

SwankiVY2: you are more detestible than hairballs of the sweat of the butt of an unclean person.

Birdgirrrl: stinkbug.

SwankiVY2: Care Bear.

Birdgirrrl: (ouch!) Teletubbie.

SwankiVY2: That's of them's named "po." I can handle being a teletubbie. You, on the other hand, are Dr. Black.

Birdgirrrl: (shudder..) Is one named po? That's kinda cool....

SwankiVY2: yes...

SwankiVY2: Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po.

Birdgirrrl: well, your presence is requested in private room "stinkbug".

We got a private chat room called Stinkbug. The rest is self-explanatory.

OnlineHost: *** You are in "stinkbug". ***

SwankiVY2: die.

Birdgirrrl: pansy-faced daughter of mongolian streetwalkers.

OnlineHost: Thane13 has entered the room.

Thane13: hello!!

Birdgirrrl: ATTACK!!!

SwankiVY2: you are strangely reminiscent of my friend Steve's armpit.

Thane13: I should download AOL 4.0 all your texts here are in boring black :(

Birdgirrrl: Festering lump of camel dung!

SwankiVY2: Accountants, both of you!

Thane13: why thank you ;)

Birdgirrrl: You mom didn't give birth to you, you were a bowel movement...

Thane13: LOL that is pretty funny actually Julie

SwankiVY2: leprosy-carrying lesbians from satan's bung!

Birdgirrrl: are supposed to hurl insults, not compliment other people's insults...

Thane13: you you you.... check out clerks!!!

SwankiVY2: Navel-cleaner of the hairy bro!

Birdgirrrl: Diptheria-infected walking canker sores!

Birdgirrrl: Nasty think i found stuck on my sneaker this morning!

Thane13: camel humps!

Thane13: what did you find Jessica?

Birdgirrrl: warts on camel humps!!

Birdgirrrl: (i dunno..but it smelled....)

SwankiVY2: Snot-nosed, pus-filled spamalope!

SwankiVY2: Dwarfish misexamples of snivel-dom, I detest you all!

Birdgirrrl: oozing, putrid, scabby old toe fungus!

Thane13: decade old, mildew-laden, festering Hershey's kiss!

SwankiVY2: You are a homophobic man at Gay-night at the parthenon!!

Birdgirrrl: hey, who you calling dwarfish, shorty?

SwankiVY2: Who are you calling shorty, camel-face? :)

Birdgirrrl: Baptist. :)

Thane13: catholic :)

Birdgirrrl: Pentecostal.

SwankiVY2: Nasty black hair caught in the drain!

Birdgirrrl: Episcopalian!!!!

SwankiVY2: Tax-and-spend Democrat!!

Birdgirrrl: Nasty GREEN hair caught in the drain!

Birdgirrrl: Monica Lewinsky's dress!!

SwankiVY2: Flea of scotty. :P

Thane13: you you you... waste-and-overflows!

Birdgirrrl: stinking mass of carbunckles!!

SwankiVY2: nasty, warty, pimply, lesion-infected, chlamydia-infected, rat-infested bro.

Thane13: lewinsky is a presidential hobag

Birdgirrrl: smelly, clotted, bloody mass of tampons stuck on the bathroom wall!

Thane13: empty consumerist McDonalds paper bag!

Birdgirrrl: SOCIALIST!!

SwankiVY2: Asshole!

Birdgirrrl: commie scum!

SwankiVY2: Little boy who watches Smurfs on Saturdays!

Birdgirrrl: crusty asshole!

Thane13: we should send this to alt.flame

Birdgirrrl: old man who beats off to the smurfs on saturdays!

SwankiVY2: You spread gonorrhea to barnyard animals!

Birdgirrrl: You spread barnyard animals in general!

SwankiVY2: You spread barnyard animals AND the general!

Thane13: general!

SwankiVY2: human!

Birdgirrrl: Bambi-fucking, squirrel-screwing, melon-humping pervert!

Thane13: ooh you alien! you!

SwankiVY2: You are the human equivalent of one of those cars that gets crushed by the Big Wheel trucks

SwankiVY2: or something.

Birdgirrrl: Bloated stinking corpse!

SwankiVY2: Person who fucks bloated stinking corpses!

Thane13: big wheel trucker!

Birdgirrrl: Person who fucks bloated stinking barnyard animal corpses!

Thane13: bat!

Birdgirrrl: pant pant pant

Birdgirrrl: Flying squirrel!

SwankiVY2: Person who cleans the dentist's thingies for him!

Birdgirrrl: dentist's thingies!

Thane13: (eww don' t mention dentists)

Birdgirrrl: eeeiiiw. :)

SwankiVY2: Both of you can just suck my proverbial dick!

Thane13: silly dentist ;)

Birdgirrrl: Koala puke.

Thane13: Cow fart

SwankiVY2: @(*O*)@

SwankiVY2: .....}

SwankiVY2: that's koala puke

Thane13: :D

Thane13: .....} is puke?

SwankiVY2: sure.

SwankiVY2: No wait

SwankiVY2: It''s...

SwankiVY2: YOU!

SwankiVY2: You are puke!!!

Birdgirrrl: heehee.

SwankiVY2: You are an olive!

Thane13: LOL

Birdgirrrl: You are a pickle.

SwankiVY2: You are a mad goat on a rabid biting spree!

Birdgirrrl: toothpaste-foaming old man in diapers!

SwankiVY2: That old man's diaper!

Thane13: Republican!!

SwankiVY2: AGGHHH!

Birdgirrrl: what's in the old man's diaper!

Birdgirrrl: Libertarian!

Thane13: salami!

Birdgirrrl: liverwurst!

SwankiVY2: Creator of one of those stupid titty-titty anime movies!

Birdgirrrl: HEAD CHEESE!!!

SwankiVY2: Goat-twat cheese

Birdgirrrl: olive loaf...

SwankiVY2: boiled peanut!

Birdgirrrl: potted meat.

Thane13: character in one of those stupid titty-titty anime movies!

Birdgirrrl: Titty!

SwankiVY2: stupid git!

SwankiVY2: "My nipples don't work"


Thane13: (what exactly is a git?)

SwankiVY2: Well you're the nipple that doesn't work!! So there!

Birdgirrrl: (brittish equivalent of "twit")

SwankiVY2: Brit!

Thane13: Nit!

Birdgirrrl: Alien saucer that goes around changing brits into scotsmen!

Birdgirrrl: shit

SwankiVY2: baby-mantis!

Birdgirrrl: BRAK!!!

Birdgirrrl: ALLL HAIL BRAK!!!!

Thane13: who is brak?

Birdgirrrl: don't know brak?

Thane13: no...

SwankiVY2: Braaaaaak!

Birdgirrrl: cartoon planet, on cartoon network weekdays at 11 eastern.

SwankiVY2: <~~ has a wav of brak somewhere

Birdgirrrl: Very silly.

SwankiVY2: and a picture

Birdgirrrl: I'm sorry, sandwich... hee hee..

Thane13: can you play sounds in private rooms?

SwankiVY2: yes

Thane13: how?

SwankiVY2: just about anywhere but Kids WB LOL


SwankiVY2: like that

Birdgirrrl: {S WELCOME

Thane13: what do you click or type to do that?

SwankiVY2: {S TWAT

Birdgirrrl: and that.

SwankiVY2: Just type {S and a sound that's in your aol folder

Thane13: what do I type for the sound? the name of the wav file?

Birdgirrrl: whoa baby! I gotta pee, hold on a minute. :)

SwankiVY2: Yes Phreddy

Thane13: {S Nipples.wav

Thane13: argh

SwankiVY2: didn't work?

SwankiVY2: Is it in your download folder still?

Thane13: yeah...I guess I have to move it to the aol folder

SwankiVY2: aoldownload folder

SwankiVY2: only works there which sucks

SwankiVY2: Scotsman!

Birdgirrrl: Sheep-buggering scotsman!

Birdgirrrl: (like there's any other kind..)

SwankiVY2: Sperm-encrusted jello mold!!

Thane13: that is a nice pic, Jes...thanks for sending it.

Birdgirrrl: Jello-sperm salad!

Birdgirrrl: sure thing

Thane13: {S nipple.wav

OnlineHost: BunkySatch has entered the room.

Thane13: grr

Birdgirrrl: i don't have the nipple sound...

BunkySatch: man....

SwankiVY2: Moronic herd of lemmings. :P

SwankiVY2: sup bunks?

Thane13: afk a bit

BunkySatch: i think you should know

SwankiVY2: ::sniffs room::

SwankiVY2: You all haven't showered in days!!

SwankiVY2: Blechchhhh!

Birdgirrrl: ::sniffs armpits, looks guilty..::

BunkySatch: it's true

SwankiVY2: this smell-AOL sucks! I don't want to smell your dirty hinds!!

BunkySatch: are you sure?

SwankiVY2: yes.

BunkySatch: i could put my butt real close so you can the full effect

Birdgirrrl: ::tries to sniff hind, runs in a few circles and looks confused..::

SwankiVY2: ::backs away, coughing::

BunkySatch: our dog does that

Birdgirrrl: woof?

BunkySatch: it looks even funnier whe you do it

SwankiVY2: ::watches bunky do it::

Thane13: I am back

SwankiVY2: Crazy high school dominatrix!

Birdgirrrl: Whacked out psycho gym-teachers!

Thane13: evil necktie!!

SwankiVY2: Butt-biter!

BunkySatch: toelicker

SwankiVY2: Swamp-muncher!

Birdgirrrl: Jock-itch-smeller!

Birdgirrrl: Poodle-snatch-chaser!

SwankiVY2: You get bad grades on purpose so your angry parents will punish you!

BunkySatch: anencephalous blatherskites

Birdgirrrl: oooh... ::grins stupidly::

BunkySatch: that was a favorite of ours in hi school

BunkySatch: hehe

Birdgirrrl: blind plebotomists

BunkySatch: ouch!

Birdgirrrl: indeed. :)

BunkySatch: nerve-dead proctologist

Thane13: plecostemus!

BunkySatch: hey! who you calling an algae eating fish, you, you.....

Birdgirrrl: Pulchritudinous lampreys.

BunkySatch: filter feeder!

SwankiVY2: I've just eaten five cookies.

BunkySatch: oink

SwankiVY2: {S oink

Birdgirrrl: I just ate a rather juicy albino toad.

SwankiVY2: ack!

SwankiVY2: I thought you were a vegetarian!

Birdgirrrl: not anymore... :)

Birdgirrrl: ::looks about for more toads..::

BunkySatch: albiino toads ARE good...

SwankiVY2: that either! ::lunges to eat Jessica::

BunkySatch: whoa!

Birdgirrrl: ::RUNS AWAY!!!!:::

BunkySatch: cannibal! run!

SwankiVY2: :;gives chase::

Birdgirrrl: ::Sprouts wings and flies away..::

SwankiVY2: ::Pants because she is an oinker::

BunkySatch: ::tries to trip swankcannibal::

SwankiVY2: ::falls::

SwankiVY2: ::squalls::

Thane13: aww!

Birdgirrrl: ::heaves a sigh of relief, lands in a tree to hunt froggies...::

BunkySatch: you shouldn;'t eat people... it's just wrong!

SwankiVY2: ::begins gnawing Bunky's leg:: ahhhmmmnumnumnum

BunkySatch: poor table manners!

Birdgirrrl: but only the ones with the tabs on their posteriors...

BunkySatch: hey, get off me, wench!

SwankiVY2: ::sinks teeth in deeper::

BunkySatch: ::tries to dislodge cannibalivy::

SwankiVY2: ::rips off chunk of leg::

BunkySatch: ::whacks her with big stick:::

Birdgirrrl: ::dives into the fray, weilding a spatula..::

SwankiVY2: ahhhhmnumnumnumnum

BunkySatch: off! off, i say!!

BunkySatch: medic!

SwankiVY2: ::leaps into the air and begins trying to eat Phred's shoulder::

BunkySatch: get her!

Thane13: yowch!!!

SwankiVY2: Ha! He's defenseless!

Birdgirrrl: ::Tapes Bunky's leg back together with duck tape (QUACK!!)::

SwankiVY2: ::knocks Phred down and begins eating his face::

BunkySatch: thanks! a million uses...

BunkySatch: poor fred... that plastic surgery is gonna cost....

SwankiVY2: ::regurgitates last meal, like a fly, onto Phred's face::

Birdgirrrl: ::beats Jules unmercifully with a slightly damp bowl of oatmeal::

BunkySatch: no, wait... i think it's actually an improvement...

Thane13: *retaliates by eating Swanki's face*

SwankiVY2: ::squalls::

SwankiVY2: ::jams a capri-sun straw into Phred's eye::

BunkySatch: that's gotta hurt...

Thane13: aye...

Birdgirrrl: ::watches as Phred starts to squirt fruit punch and deflate..::

BunkySatch: i hope she doesn't suck out the liquid

SwankiVY2: ::inserts warm bottle of salad cream into Phred's anal cavity::

Birdgirrrl: eeeiiiw!

BunkySatch: ewww!

SwankiVY2: funny, I do it to him, and you two screech...

Birdgirrrl: ::looks stunned..::

BunkySatch: umm... what does that say about phred?

SwankiVY2: He likes it!

Birdgirrrl: He's used to it?

BunkySatch: nasty boy

Thane13: *grabs Swanki and throws her at Bunky!*

BunkySatch: ::ducks::

Thane13: *with his one good arm*

SwankiVY2: ::Dumps sand into Phred's rear before she is thrown away::

Birdgirrrl: ::gets squished::

BunkySatch: ha! missed!

Birdgirrrl: ::squirms::

SwankiVY2: ::grins evilly at Jessica:: Hi again. ::begins devouring face::

Thane13: *removes straw, and all things in ass*: ::activates automatic face sheilds::

BunkySatch: ::scoops up sewer sludge with ice cream scooper::

SwankiVY2: That's what you get for calling me a Republican, you lizard-lipped whore!

BunkySatch: ::lobs sludge at phred::

Birdgirrrl: SLUDGEFIGHT!!!

SwankiVY2: ::steals Jessica's pants and eats them::

Thane13: I'll bite your kneecaps off!

BunkySatch: yer a righty elephant lover & you know it!

Birdgirrrl: ::Hides pink underwear..::

SwankiVY2: Ahhh noooo!

SwankiVY2: ::runs into a corner and squalls::

Thane13: afk

BunkySatch: squalling will do you no good

SwankiVY2: The sight of the pink panties has blinded me!

BunkySatch: ::lobs scoop of sludge ivy's direction::

SwankiVY2: hey Phred is afk...let's get him!

Birdgirrrl: ::swings in on a rope, al la Errol Flynn::

BunkySatch: yeah!

SwankiVY2: ::looks at the inert Phred-body with blood in her eyes::

BunkySatch: ::sprays phred with honey gun::

SwankiVY2: ::runs after Phred with roach spray::

BunkySatch: ::opens BIG jar of flies::

Birdgirrrl: ::throws bananas at swanki::

SwankiVY2: :;eats them::

BunkySatch: ick

SwankiVY2: ::shakes up a can of soda, places it in Phred's mouth, and pushes him down::

BunkySatch: did i mention they were biting flies?

SwankiVY2: ::can explodes, completely destroying Phred's head::

Birdgirrrl: ::grows five feet, muscles bulging, skin turns green....::


BunkySatch: my, my.. poor phred

SwankiVY2: Now when Phred comes back he will be quite surprised to have no ihead.

BunkySatch: quite

Thane13: fuckin a what did you guys do to me

SwankiVY2: LOL

Birdgirrrl: i had nothing to do with it. :)

SwankiVY2: You asked for it!

BunkySatch: ::burrows into ground to escape birdhulk::

SwankiVY2: At least he can still type with one hand...

BunkySatch: hehe

Birdgirrrl: ::Grabs Bunky by scruff of neck::

BunkySatch: yelp!

SwankiVY2: The other is...wait...::barfs:: ::points:: right there

Birdgirrrl: ::cuddles, roughly, mumbling about loving and squeezing and calling Bunky "george" ::

BunkySatch: hey, pumme down, you mutant green bitch!

SwankiVY2: ::hides her eyes from Jessica's panties still::

SwankiVY2: ::takes her one knitting needle and uses it to carve her name in Bunky's rump::

Birdgirrrl: ::hiccups, looks startled, and shrinks down to normal size, falling down under weight of bun

Birdgirrrl: ky::

Thane13: *staggers in Julie's direction*

BunkySatch: ::squirms::

SwankiVY2: ::laughs at the incapacitated Phred::

SwankiVY2: hahahahahah!

Birdgirrrl: ::makes a skirt out of grass::

BunkySatch: ::thunk::

SwankiVY2: You grass-skirt wearing hooker!

Thane13: "um, could you put my head back on?"

BunkySatch: man... he looks kinda cool without a head

SwankiVY2: Fat chance, fish lips@!

Thane13: *tackles Julie*

Birdgirrrl: ::waggles hips provocatively at Swanki, offering the "blue light special"::

SwankiVY2: ::falls and eeps::

SwankiVY2: ::gladly takes the blue light special::

BunkySatch: ::gathers up pieces of phred's head::

SwankiVY2: But you'll have to give it to me while I'm here underneath Phred's headless body

BunkySatch: here ya go.. not sure if i got em all, tho

Birdgirrrl: ::runs away with Phred's nose...::

SwankiVY2: Nope, there goes the nose.

Birdgirrrl: BWAHAHAHA!!!

Thane13: hey you!

SwankiVY2: We can make him a new one


Thane13: *chases Jessica*

SwankiVY2: ::begins to mold yellow clay::

BunkySatch: yeah, but...

BunkySatch: let's put his eys on the side!

SwankiVY2: yeah! Phred is Mr. Potato-Phred!

Birdgirrrl: ::runs away from phreddie!::

BunkySatch: he'll be like a fish then!

Thane13: *tackles Bunky*

BunkySatch: oof!

SwankiVY2: ::laughs at all the idiots::

BunkySatch: ::wriggles away::

Birdgirrrl: we could just give him a carrot.. no one would notice...

Birdgirrrl: ::tosses Phred's nose to Swanky::

Thane13: *chases after Jessica again*

SwankiVY2: I have eaten all the carrots. I'm a pig.

Thane13: *attempts to intercept nose*

SwankiVY2: ::catches it and begins to fly away::

BunkySatch: OinkiVY

Thane13: "dammit"

Thane13: "gimme that"

SwankiVY2: Nooo!

Birdgirrrl: ::paints Bunky green::

SwankiVY2: ::wriggles::

BunkySatch: aww, green

Birdgirrrl: ::Grabs the diminutive Swanki, tucks her under one arm, and runs away from Phred::

BunkySatch: ::whips out spray can & paints birdy chartreuse::

SwankiVY2: ::gets some paint on her:: hey1

SwankiVY2: ::shriiiiieks in an annoying soprano voice::

BunkySatch: owww, my ears!

Thane13: *paints Ivy*

Birdgirrrl: ::puts cork in Swanki's mouth::

Thane13: "ooh this is fun :)"

BunkySatch: ::sticks duck tape over ivy's big mouth::

SwankiVY2: ::gets paint in her hair:: You fucking bitch! I'll get you!

Birdgirrrl: (over the cork?)

SwankiVY2: I am NOT a strawberry blonde.

BunkySatch: sure

Thane13: chatruse is a great color!

Birdgirrrl: don't you mean, :mmmfff mffffink mfff, mff mffff mfff!! ?

SwankiVY2: I mean, "mmmphh mpph MMMPH mph mpphh mpph mpph pmmh."

BunkySatch: hehe

Thane13: *paints Jessica purple*

BunkySatch: hey! i liked her chartreuse!

BunkySatch: ::kicks phred in arse::

Birdgirrrl: ::Starts to look kinda weird, all different colors..::

SwankiVY2: ::drops to the ground and hides in ground::

Thane13: *paints Bunky purple*

SwankiVY2: . o O ( they'll never find me here )

BunkySatch: i liked green better...

Birdgirrrl: ::buries head in the sand::

SwankiVY2: ::begins licking herself to get the paint off::

BunkySatch: ::kicks phred again::

SwankiVY2: ::dies of lead poisoning::

SwankiVY2: ::joins the fun again as a ghost::

BunkySatch: oh, she's dead...

BunkySatch: no, she's undead

BunkySatch: ::calls ghostbusters::

SwankiVY2: [I'm not undead, you piece of meat!]

Thane13: vampire!!

Birdgirrrl: ::exorcises Swanki::

BunkySatch: ::line is disconnected::

SwankiVY2: [bwahahah]

Birdgirrrl: uh-oh...

BunkySatch: meat!

Birdgirrrl: ::Offers Bunky a froggie::

SwankiVY2: ::is exorcised:: [Man too much exorcise]

BunkySatch: um.. thanks

SwankiVY2: [Now you are all pieces of meat which I can dismember at will!]

BunkySatch: ::licks frog::

Thane13: *offers Julie a Jenny Craig video*

SwankiVY2: [do what you wish to my cannot hurt me! Bwahaha!]

Birdgirrrl: ::the world begins to dance and swirl..::

BunkySatch: quiet, you noncorporeal thng, you

SwankiVY2: ::will not be quiet:

SwankiVY2: ::begins to issue a ghostly howl::


Thane13: *offers Jessica ear plugs*

BunkySatch: at least it's not a banshee wail...

Thane13: yeah I might lose a level or something

Birdgirrrl: ::plays "The Banshee"" on the piano strings to complement Swanki's howl..::

BunkySatch: or die

Birdgirrrl: ::takes ear plugs, sticks them in her nose, looks pleased with herself::

Thane13: LOL

SwankiVY2: ::hides under a jar of applesauce::

BunkySatch: ::wanders off::

Birdgirrrl: :lassos Bunky::

BunkySatch: hey!

Birdgirrrl: ::drags him back::

SwankiVY2: ::possesses Jessica::

BunkySatch: uh oh

Birdgirrrl: ::eyes roll back, twitches::

SwankiVY2: ::Makes her say stupid things::

Thane13: *exorcises Jessica*

BunkySatch: ::pulls out swiss army knife::

BunkySatch: ::cuts rope with saw thingy::

Birdgirrrl: ::pulls out bow and arrows..::

BunkySatch: a million uses....

BunkySatch: ::hides behind a tree::

SwankiVY2: ::gets stuck out in the air again::

Birdgirrrl: (suction cup, of course..::

SwankiVY2: ::possesses Phred::

SwankiVY2: ::makes him say stupid things::

Thane13: ack!!

Thane13: "you you you..."

Birdgirrrl: ::performs exorcism over phred's foaming and twitching body::

SwankiVY2: ::falls out again::

SwankiVY2: [dammit! You people...]

Birdgirrrl: ::chops down Bunky's tree::

Birdgirrrl: ::POUNCE!!!::

BunkySatch: uh, hi! :)

SwankiVY2: ::possesses Bunky::

BunkySatch: oof!

SwankiVY2: ::makes him say stupid things::

Thane13: narf

BunkySatch: oh, yo, babe... nice ass!

BunkySatch: look at the tits on that one!

Birdgirrrl: ::Takes offense and Bunky's stupid statement and stalks off to play with phred::

Thane13: LOL!!

BunkySatch: i need a beer

SwankiVY2: ::keeps making him say stupid things::

BunkySatch: anybody got a match?

Thane13: *offers Jessica a screwdriver*

BunkySatch: let's go out into the wodds and kill things! it's fun

SwankiVY2: [Man, this one's fun to possess, he actually says the dumbest things.]

Birdgirrrl: ::inserts screwdriver into her nose, looks pleased with herself..::

SwankiVY2: [Jessica, can I go in your nose too?]

Thane13: (did you take out the earplugs first?)

Birdgirrrl: ::sighs, performs exorcism rite over a leering Bunky::

BunkySatch: i got me a nice truck.... wqnna go for a ride?

SwankiVY2: ::falls the hell out::

Birdgirrrl: ::sure, if you don't mind the boogers..::

SwankiVY2: [Ack!]

BunkySatch: whoa, that sucked!

Thane13: how did it feel like?

SwankiVY2: ::shrugs and happily takes up residence in Jessica's nose::

BunkySatch: ::lunges for GhostiVY::

SwankiVY2: ::hides up as high as she can in Jessica's nasal cavity::

Birdgirrrl: ::gets bopped in the nose by a lunging bunky::

BunkySatch: like having someone tell you ehat to do all the time

BunkySatch: oh, sorry....

Thane13: man that sucks :)

Birdgirrrl: ::rubs nose, looks pained::

BunkySatch: yeah... it's just like ebing in high school again

SwankiVY2: ::laughs at corporeal beings::

Thane13: *peers up Jessica's nose*

Thane13: "hi Julie"

Birdgirrrl: ::removes screwdriver and earplugs, hands them back to phred::

SwankiVY2: ::squirms away from Phred's gaze::

Birdgirrrl: ::sneezes!::

BunkySatch: stiniking ghost! you get back in your body RIGHT NOW!!

SwankiVY2: [Oh! I feel naked! Nothign to hide behind but snot!]

SwankiVY2: ::falls out::

Thane13: *gets hammer*

SwankiVY2: [I can't get back in my body! It died!]

BunkySatch: HMMM.....

Birdgirrrl: ::performs CPR on Swankie::

SwankiVY2: ::looks over at the body::

SwankiVY2: ::laughs::

SwankiVY2: [what's with my hair??]

Birdgirrrl: ::pulls out cool zapping thingies..::

Birdgirrrl: CLEAR!!

SwankiVY2: [ugh...what're you doing??]

Birdgirrrl: ::zaps Swanki::

Thane13: (reviving your body)

SwankiVY2: ::shakes head:: [waht was that??]

Birdgirrrl: Monkeys.

SwankiVY2: ::squirms:: [I don't wanna go back in there. It costs money to feed that thing.]

BunkySatch: i see your point...

Birdgirrrl: Yeah, and they throw shit at you.

Thane13: monkeys are crazy

Birdgirrrl: you're one to talk..:)

Thane13: :D

Birdgirrrl: Bunky, where is your human shell located?

Thane13: monkeys may be smarter than dumbguy

Birdgirrrl: Goegraphically, i mean..

BunkySatch: really.... raving psycho nutjobs

Birdgirrrl: or something. :)

SwankiVY2: [Whose page is being made at the moment, I might add]

BunkySatch: ohio

Birdgirrrl: far away.

BunkySatch: what about you?

SwankiVY2: [Phred is farther]

Birdgirrrl: Stupid wastelands of east florida.

BunkySatch: ah, yes.. i have been there

BunkySatch: well, near there

Birdgirrrl: Melbourne, specifically.

Thane13: Jessica you should get yourself a pirate ship

BunkySatch: arrgh!

BunkySatch: i'm all for that!

Thane13: you can plunder the spanish main

BunkySatch: arrgh!

Birdgirrrl: I've thought about that, but i only have a hundred dollars. I could get a pirate inflatable

Birdgirrrl: raft

SwankiVY2: ::drifts around::

Thane13: LOL!!

BunkySatch: we board the clipper at midnight!

BunkySatch: how imposing....

SwankiVY2: [hey can I come even tho I'm dead? I can haunt the galley.]

Thane13: you can capture galleons of the Treasure Fleet headed back to Spain

Birdgirrrl: I could rob unsuspecting swimmers. Maybe. Might not be able to get away tho

BunkySatch: "avast, cap'n! here copmes the dread pirate jessica in her rubber dinghy!"

OnlineHost: REMichaeI has entered the room.

Thane13: LOL!!

BunkySatch: ::laughs at his own silliness::

SwankiVY2: [fucking freaks.]

REMichaeI: howdy

Birdgirrrl: "R.O.U.S.s? I don't believe in them"

SwankiVY2: [Hi mike.]

REMichaeI: arrrgh

Thane13: What is a ROUS?

SwankiVY2: [what are you arrrghing?]

REMichaeI: and rous attacks you from nowhere

Birdgirrrl: Rodent of unusual size

SwankiVY2: [I don't think they exist]

REMichaeI: they do they do

Birdgirrrl: [whatever]

REMichaeI: one ate my bum

Thane13: Oh sure they do, you noncorporieal thing

SwankiVY2: ::begins to gnaw ghostily at Mike's bum::

REMichaeI: oohhh ahhh

BunkySatch: saw one once... from a distance

Birdgirrrl: ::hands Swanki some mustard to go with her bum::

BunkySatch: nasty little, er, big thing

REMichaeI: did it eat yer bum???

SwankiVY2: ::gnaws more::

REMichaeI: ahh mmmmm

BunkySatch: i said it was at a distance! my butt's not that big! sheesh!

Birdgirrrl: ::steals Mike's pants to replace the ones Julie ate::

SwankiVY2: ::looks at bunky's bum::

BunkySatch: lay off!

REMichaeI: ummm thanks

BunkySatch: it's more than you can handle

SwankiVY2: [Hey! I was just starting to be able to enjoy looking at your panties!]

Birdgirrrl: ::pokes Bunky's bum, pulls out calipers and measuring tape..::

SwankiVY2: [after they don't hurt my eyes anymore, being that I don't have eyes]

Thane13: ooh calipers

REMichaeI: you're going to need a bigger set of tools

SwankiVY2: [Measure my butt! Measure my butt!]

SwankiVY2: ::points at body::

REMichaeI: I thought we went over that last night hon

BunkySatch: you don't have one... yer a ghost

SwankiVY2: ::points insistently at body:: [I used to!]

REMichaeI: ghosts have see through bottoms

BunkySatch: well... ok

Birdgirrrl: ::measures Swanki's Butt, shakes her head, and eats another toad::

SwankiVY2: [Oh! I want to eat a toad!!]

SwankiVY2: ::squalls::

REMichaeI: toads are for potions, not snacktime!!!

BunkySatch: too bad

Birdgirrrl: :gives a toad ghost to Swanki::

SwankiVY2: [I can't eat anymore!]

BunkySatch: nah.. just their eyes

Thane13: but its a ghost toad

SwankiVY2: ::tries to eat ghost toad::

REMichaeI: fails

SwankiVY2: ::it floats out thru her stomach::

SwankiVY2: [fuck!!]

Birdgirrrl: [is this a mike i know?]

REMichaeI: is it ju?

BunkySatch: that was kinda gross

SwankiVY2: [yes...]

SwankiVY2: [y'all met at po-jam]

Birdgirrrl: [which one?]

BunkySatch: it is one of many

SwankiVY2: [the hobbit-like one]

Birdgirrrl: [ok.. :) ]

REMichaeI: hey fucker

BunkySatch: you talkin to me?

REMichaeI: that's not cool

SwankiVY2: [You're short and have hairy feet!]

REMichaeI: I'm at least a foot taller than any hobbit

BunkySatch: sounds hobbit-like to me

SwankiVY2: [okay okay.]

REMichaeI: and a foot longer than any bobbit

Thane13: you're 4 ft. high, Mike?

Birdgirrrl: eeeiiiw.. :)

BunkySatch: nasty...

REMichaeI: no, i'm 5'6

Birdgirrrl: I'm taller. :)

Thane13: :)

REMichaeI: yea I know

SwankiVY2: ::stretches her ghost-body:: [Look, I'm tall!]

Birdgirrrl: I WIN!!

Thane13: I'm 5'8"

Birdgirrrl: me too!

BunkySatch: how's that feel?

SwankiVY2: [stretchy.]

REMichaeI: yea right, even dead you're still a shrimp

Birdgirrrl: julie is SSSSHHHHOOOOORRRRRRTTT. :)

SwankiVY2: [yeah fuck you mike]

BunkySatch: wow... it feels differnt to be around short people....

REMichaeI: eat me

SwankiVY2: [I can't. I'm dead.]

BunkySatch: ::adopts air of superiority::

Birdgirrrl: ::leaps for Mike, fangs out::

REMichaeI: aughhh

Thane13: I am getting a bit stocky

Birdgirrrl: ::aborts leap at last minute::

REMichaeI: ::defends himself::

SwankiVY2: [fuck this! I can't even bite you people.]

BunkySatch: i live in a land of giants

REMichaeI: ha ha

BunkySatch: damn corn-fed midwestern people...

Birdgirrrl: How tall is Bunky?

SwankiVY2: [5'10"?]

BunkySatch: 5'10 on a good day

Thane13: lots of corn in the mid west

REMichaeI: hey y'all this is great and everything

SwankiVY2: [but...]

REMichaeI: but I got to go make fun of drunkards now

REMichaeI: ttfn

Birdgirrrl: ::reconsiders her attack on the fleeing mike::

SwankiVY2: [make fun of drunkards??]

REMichaeI: hey

REMichaeI: go to bobbitt's

BunkySatch: that's too easy, mike

SwankiVY2: [Ohhh, I see. ]

SwankiVY2: [Why do you bother going to that butt-cork's house?]

REMichaeI: type to y'all later masterbaters

REMichaeI: cause he gives good head

BunkySatch: who told you?

SwankiVY2: [he does not.]

REMichaeI: your mother

Birdgirrrl: ::turns into kitty and jumps in Bunky's lap::

REMichaeI: yes he does

BunkySatch: awww...... what a cute kitty!

Thane13: aww!! I want to pet the kitty!!

REMichaeI: bye

SwankiVY2: [No. He doesn't suck, which sucks.]

OnlineHost: REMichaeI has left the room.

Birdgirrrl: ::puuuurrrrrrrr::

SwankiVY2: ::rolls ghost-eyes::

BunkySatch: not while she's in my lap, thank you!

BunkySatch: ::pets the kitty::


BunkySatch: cats love me

Birdgirrrl: ::turns back into human::

Thane13: *offers milk to kitty*

BunkySatch: oof!

SwankiVY2: ::wishes she were alive so she could eat the kitty::

Thane13: oops

Birdgirrrl: ::drinks milk anyway::

Thane13: "um, here's a bowl of milk for you Jessica"

BunkySatch: you shouldn't eat kittens... that's just wrong!!

SwankiVY2: ::squall:: [I want milk!]

BunkySatch: get a body!

Birdgirrrl: ::extracts herself from the lap, taunts Swanki::

Thane13: *offers milk to Ivy*

SwankiVY2: [I had one, but now it's DEAD!!]

SwankiVY2: ::howls::

Birdgirrrl: Didn't webring it back?::

SwankiVY2: ::flicks off the fuckers from Z-zone who want to give her another one::

SwankiVY2: [I want MINE back]

Thane13: she told us to stop

BunkySatch: it is rather nice...

Birdgirrrl: ::attempts to re-animate Swanki through magic and voodoo::

SwankiVY2: [You tried to bring it back, it didn't work.]

SwankiVY2: ::feels a slight tingling, but stays a ghost::

BunkySatch: maybe a shot of epinephrine will do it....

Birdgirrrl: ::pulls out wicked long needle..::

BunkySatch: ::pulls out big-ass cardiac needle::

BunkySatch: hey!

SwankiVY2: [Don't give me TWO shots!!]

Birdgirrrl: ::puts needle away, guiltily::

Thane13: movie

Thane13: wanna give her a Jenny McCarthy body?

BunkySatch: ::jams it into Ivy's heart, presses plunger::

BunkySatch: nah.. i like hers

SwankiVY2: [NO NOT Jenny McCarthy]

Thane13: okay :)

BunkySatch: well? did it work?

SwankiVY2: [Man you guys are freaks.]

SwankiVY2: [Nobody shot Sleeping Beauty with no fucking needle.]

BunkySatch: you should talk, ghost-girl

SwankiVY2: [Nor did they attempt to reanimate her by magic and voodoo.]

Birdgirrrl: ::kisses swanki??::

Thane13: *kisses Swanki's body's lips?*

BunkySatch: silly us.. overlooking the obvious...

SwankiVY2: [Actually I think Prince Charming tried to fuck her and she woke up.]

BunkySatch: "hey! what the hell are you doing?"

BunkySatch: hehe

SwankiVY2: [That man was a sicko]

BunkySatch: and a ho

SwankiVY2: [totally]

BunkySatch: he did all those fairy tale babes

Birdgirrrl: are you alive yet? Phred and i kissed you??

SwankiVY2: [You guys I am not waking up goddamn it]

Birdgirrrl: ::sighs::

BunkySatch: ::kisses swanki's body's lips::

SwankiVY2: [Have you tried kicking me in the ass?]

BunkySatch: well, that's all of us

BunkySatch: guess that means none of us are prince charming...

Birdgirrrl: ::curls into little ball and thinks::

Birdgirrrl: ::kisses frog, which turns into prince charming, who tries to fuck Swanki!!::

Thane13: yeah!!

SwankiVY2: What the fuck is that shit?

Birdgirrrl: better wake up....

SwankiVY2: I mean, what is this steaming mass of blood and guts next to me?

Thane13: I dunno...what is it?

Birdgirrrl: ::prince charming turns back into a frog and hops away::

SwankiVY2: I think that is...was...Prince Charming.

Thane13: oh what did you do to him?

BunkySatch: poor guy.. never had a chance

Birdgirrrl: hmmm..maybe he didn't hop away...

SwankiVY2: Hmm...well if you try and fuck me I unconsciously destroy you.

Thane13: fucked him up pretty good..

BunkySatch: quite a defense mechanism

SwankiVY2: yeah, no shit.

SwankiVY2: next thing you know I'll break windows in my sleep. :)

Thane13: well, he died hard...

Thane13: silly guy

Birdgirrrl: ::goes swimming::

Thane13: ooh where are you going swiming?

Birdgirrrl: lake where the frogs came from. :)

Thane13: lake okechobee?

SwankiVY2: Man, I really wish my apartment wasn't like floating on some ocean raft

Birdgirrrl: north america, you mean?

Thane13: why is your apartment floating?

SwankiVY2: ::squalls:: I don't know!!

BunkySatch: oh, you mean your thing

SwankiVY2: I am in an elevator

Birdgirrrl: :looks confused::

Thane13: ?

SwankiVY2: Anyone know of any known diseases where the floor seems to go up and down under you?

BunkySatch: she has this problem...

BunkySatch: i pretty much exhausted my knowledge last nite

SwankiVY2: Well I guess that narrows it down to brain tumor, then. :)

Thane13: ohh!

Birdgirrrl: go see doktor.

BunkySatch: noooooo!

SwankiVY2: Hmph. This sucks.

BunkySatch: truly

Thane13: vertigo

Thane13: ?

BunkySatch: that's what it sounds like

SwankiVY2: I'm not really all that dizzy

SwankiVY2: It'll go away, I hope.

SwankiVY2: After all, Mark's praying for me. :P

BunkySatch: how long before you see someone?

SwankiVY2: *shrug*

Thane13: doesn't your university have health insurance?

SwankiVY2: yup

SwankiVY2: but how the hell are they gonna be able to tell what's wrong with me?

Thane13: if it does not go away, you should check with them

BunkySatch: they have knowledge & tools

SwankiVY2: It's only been five days. :)

Birdgirrrl: that's what they do for a living.

Thane13: then again, it has been a hectic 5 days

SwankiVY2: yes

SwankiVY2: all those airplanes and elevators

Thane13: maybe with rest it will get better

SwankiVY2: ::barf::

Thane13: were you at a hotel in NJ?

SwankiVY2: I was hoping so and it has'nt seemed so bad today

SwankiVY2: yes I was at a hotel there

SwankiVY2: and then another one in Charlotte when I got fucked by USAir

BunkySatch: i still think it's an inner ear thing

SwankiVY2: Probably

SwankiVY2: After all, brain tumors hurt. :)

Thane13: give it a couple days more...

BunkySatch: do they?

SwankiVY2: I don't have a sign of a headache at all.

Thane13: yes

BunkySatch: <--- wouldn't know

SwankiVY2: yeah, they do, 'cause it's an unrestricted cell growth that causes pressure in your skull

BunkySatch: i guess it would, at that

BunkySatch: <--- knows what cancer is

SwankiVY2: At least I didn't fall last night in the shower. :)

BunkySatch: good!

SwankiVY2: I made a boot out of a $20 bill

BunkySatch: really?

SwankiVY2: ya

Thane13: you okay over there Jessica?

SwankiVY2: ::squall:: hungry but not hungry but not

SwankiVY2: what should I eat?

Thane13: fries?

SwankiVY2: nooo

BunkySatch: good answer

BunkySatch: chips?

Thane13: ice cream

SwankiVY2: noooo

BunkySatch: a carrot?

SwankiVY2: no carrot

SwankiVY2: maybe ice cream

SwankiVY2: nahh

SwankiVY2: maybe popsicle

SwankiVY2: yeah popsicle

BunkySatch: sounds good

SwankiVY2: cotton candy flavor

SwankiVY2: brb

Thane13: yep

BunkySatch: sounds yummy

SwankiVY2: don't torture me while I'm gone

Thane13: wonder what happened to Jessica

BunkySatch: you're torturing me with this popsicle thing...

BunkySatch: dunno....

Birdgirrrl: still here

BunkySatch: maybe someone hit her mute button

Thane13: hello

Birdgirrrl: didn't have anything to contribute to the brain tumor/vertigo/julie illness thing.

SwankiVY2: ahh

SwankiVY2: I got a popsicle

Thane13: yeah...

SwankiVY2: but it is not cotton candy flavor

SwankiVY2: it is strawberry

SwankiVY2: how commonplace

Thane13: strawberry is yummy

BunkySatch: ih...

SwankiVY2: ih?

BunkySatch: yeah... say it, how does it sound?

SwankiVY2: kewl!

Thane13: well , I think it is oh misspelled

SwankiVY2: say "ea."

Thane13: or not

BunkySatch: what's ea?

SwankiVY2: just say it

BunkySatch: same kinda thing


SwankiVY2: It's an alex the prophet thing...

SwankiVY2: kinda like p

SwankiVY2: po

Thane13: cool...Oatanese

SwankiVY2: ::listens to a song she wrote for no good reason::

BunkySatch: does that mean "it's ok, but prefer something else"?

Thane13: well people, I think I shall be heading to bed...

SwankiVY2: mosty 'cuase I can't type and eat this popsicle simultaneously

SwankiVY2: phred, you have no excuse for going to bed.

BunkySatch: really

SwankiVY2: You are three hours earlier than the rest of us.

Birdgirrrl: yeah, it's only 11:30 there..

Birdgirrrl: dork

Birdgirrrl: :)

SwankiVY2: goat pussy

Thane13: :) I need to rest my arm and recover my face

BunkySatch: hehe

Thane13: you guys fucked me up

Birdgirrrl: ::hands phred his nose::

Thane13: *hugs Jessica*

BunkySatch: yeah, you did come off the worse for wear

SwankiVY2: lo

Thane13: :D

Birdgirrrl: ::HUGSSS!!!::

SwankiVY2: lol even

Birdgirrrl: (i like hugs..)

Thane13: :)

BunkySatch: me too

Thane13: me too

Birdgirrrl: I don't get enough anymore.

SwankiVY2: I don't get any at all.

SwankiVY2: Oh, we're talking about HUGS?

SwankiVY2: nevermind.

BunkySatch: dork

Birdgirrrl: I don't know ANYONE here.

Birdgirrrl: can't get hugs if you don't know people..

Birdgirrrl: have to hug myself.

BunkySatch: well, you can, but it';s not the same

SwankiVY2: I have never hugged Jessica :o

Birdgirrrl: i'd hug my birds, but they'd squish.

BunkySatch: and most people would look at you funny

SwankiVY2: lol

BunkySatch: :D

Thane13: :)

SwankiVY2: But I played spin the bottle with Jessica so Nyah at you both

Birdgirrrl: I'm wary of hugging people. I'm afraid they will react badly. I could never tell if you wa

Birdgirrrl: nted to be hugged.

BunkySatch: sensible precaution

Birdgirrrl: So i played it safe.

Thane13: I just hug 'em anyway

Birdgirrrl: hehe...

SwankiVY2: that you do, Phred.

SwankiVY2: It is easier to hug boys than girls 'cuase they NEVER mind LOL

BunkySatch: phred, i got two words for you...

Birdgirrrl: i don't like hugging people who don't want to be hugged.

BunkySatch: sexual harrassment

Birdgirrrl: It's not warm and fuzzy, it's mildly embarassing.

BunkySatch: not that i think it is.....

BunkySatch: but other people might

SwankiVY2: I don't like hugging my mom

BunkySatch: which is, of course, crap

SwankiVY2: It is hard to hug other people becasue they are so big

Birdgirrrl: i don't like hugging my mom either.

BunkySatch: we're turning into a society of "don't touch mes"

Thane13: I hear ya Bunky

Birdgirrrl: Sometimes i miss high school.

SwankiVY2: Like if I hugged jessica I'd have to do it from the side 'cause my face doesn't want to get

SwankiVY2: too friendly with her tits.

BunkySatch: hehe

Birdgirrrl: I got an average of 20 hugs a day there.

BunkySatch: cool

Birdgirrrl: Well, if i hug you jules, i'll crouch, ok? :)

SwankiVY2: When I hug boys sometimes I become lost in their armpits

BunkySatch: pyew!

Thane13: I didn't get hugs in high school until late senior year

Birdgirrrl: eeeiw. Stinky.

SwankiVY2: I got hugs in hi skewl but only from close friends

SwankiVY2: hugs are weird

Birdgirrrl: however, about 10 of the twenty hugs were from one friend.

SwankiVY2: ooh

SwankiVY2: huggy friend

Birdgirrrl: she REALLY liked to hug people.

Thane13: I like 'em... they're non-sexual contact, yet not so formal as a handshake or something

SwankiVY2: yup

BunkySatch: what's weird about 'em?

Birdgirrrl: as opposed to humping everyone you meet, huh? :)

BunkySatch: there are people who do that...

Thane13: LOL yeah

SwankiVY2: the hugs themselves aren't weird; what they mean to other people is.

BunkySatch: well, almost

BunkySatch: that's true

Thane13: what do they mean to you, Jules?

Birdgirrrl: yeah, you gotta be careful who you hug...

SwankiVY2: stuff. :)

SwankiVY2: Like Steve would freak out if I hugged him all of a sudden

Birdgirrrl: Particularly men.

SwankiVY2: He'd be like WHAT THE FUCK is this blonde elf doing??

SwankiVY2: But if Jessica hugged him he'd be like okay

Birdgirrrl: He would probably be pleasantly suprised, actually.

Birdgirrrl: He hugs his female friends..

SwankiVY2: *shrug* I envisioned the same reaction as if I shoved a turkey baster in his nose.

Birdgirrrl: What, a shriek of agony, blood squirting everywhere, and sudden death?

SwankiVY2: *giggle*

Birdgirrrl: I think that would be a decidedly odd reaction, personally.

BunkySatch: quite

SwankiVY2: I have to beat mark

Birdgirrrl: My favorit hugs are the kind where you bowl someone over onto a couch.

BunkySatch: was he bad?

SwankiVY2: No, I have to beat his time

BunkySatch: oh...

SwankiVY2: He sang "Yakko's World" in fifty seconds.

Birdgirrrl: hehe...there's a goal for you..

SwankiVY2: Fastest I've gotten is fifty-two seconds

BunkySatch: ::raises eyebrows::

Thane13: you must record it

BunkySatch: i have trouble singing fast

Thane13: so you have proof

SwankiVY2: I do record them

SwankiVY2: But the fastest recorded one I got was 52

Thane13: ah

Birdgirrrl: I can sing the philosophers drinking song extremely quickly..

BunkySatch: even though i know the words to "one week" i get fucked up every time i try to sing along

SwankiVY2: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiimanuel kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable...

SwankiVY2: one week?

BunkySatch: bare naked ladies

Birdgirrrl: my friend seth and i used to race that song..

Thane13: the philosopher's drinking song?

SwankiVY2: Yes

Birdgirrrl: yeah.

SwankiVY2: Python

Thane13: funny1

Thane13: !

Birdgirrrl: can i import you people here please?

Thane13: to Melbourne?

Birdgirrrl: yeah

BunkySatch: heh?

Birdgirrrl: I have no friends and i blows.

BunkySatch: well, i'd love to go

Thane13: give me a hyperlink...I'll jump on it, and there you go, I'm in Melbourne

Birdgirrrl: (you see bunky, we just moved here a couple weeks ago...)

BunkySatch: if only it were so....

BunkySatch: yeah, know the feeling

Thane13: or a pool of passage

BunkySatch: even better

SwankiVY2: heheheeh

SwankiVY2: Thank you Phred.

Birdgirrrl: I still want a bag of holding.

Thane13: LOL

BunkySatch: i'm such a dork

SwankiVY2: you? A dork?

SwankiVY2: oh, come now.

BunkySatch: the pool of passage thing went right over my head

Birdgirrrl: I'm a dork too.

BunkySatch: i think it's pennsylvania by now

BunkySatch: it was MOVING!

Thane13: what is moving?

Thane13: oh.. DUH

Thane13: I'm such a dork

Birdgirrrl: i'm still a dork.

BunkySatch: why are you a dork?

Birdgirrrl: what the hell are you people talking about.

Birdgirrrl: ??

SwankiVY2: I'm very confused.

Thane13: the pool of passage going right over bunky's head

BunkySatch: it's a reference to julie's novels

BunkySatch: and i missed it

BunkySatch: completely

SwankiVY2: jessica's read enough of them...

Birdgirrrl: Heehee.

SwankiVY2: the first three chapters anyway

SwankiVY2: I want a pool!! ::squall::

Birdgirrrl: <~~~feels stupid

BunkySatch: no need

Birdgirrrl: <~~~looks pretty stupid too, not that she thinks about it..

BunkySatch: i just ratcheted up the metaphor a bit too much, apparently

SwankiVY2: yes, because the metaphor started going over MY head.

Birdgirrrl: <~~acts stupid too....hmmm....coincidence??

Thane13: <----king of all stupids

BunkySatch: it's not hard.... many things are over your head ;)

Birdgirrrl: ::bows down to her King::

Thane13: lol

BunkySatch: can i be prince of the boneheads?

Thane13: sure

BunkySatch: kewl!

Thane13: :)

Birdgirrrl: I am the Patron Saint of all things Glittery

BunkySatch: i saw that

BunkySatch: a very noble profession

SwankiVY2: Yes, Jessica does glitter at times...

SwankiVY2: Did you know we went to Denny's and Jessica wore my Mickey Mouse gloves?

BunkySatch: lol

Thane13: :D

Thane13: those are fun to wave at people with

Birdgirrrl: No-one waved back tho..

Birdgirrrl: but the waiter did ask if i was in a play... (!?!?!?!?)

Thane13: yeah...wonder where that came from

BunkySatch: hmmm......

BunkySatch: i think i still have laundry to dry

BunkySatch: you guys make me lose all track of time!

BunkySatch: no that that's hard

BunkySatch: brb

SwankiVY2: LOL

SwankiVY2: Time sucks

Birdgirrrl: Time can be kinda useful tho..

Thane13: time is weird

Thane13: weirder than hugs

SwankiVY2: Well I think time sucks dicks.

SwankiVY2: It's so closed-minded...always going in the same direction!!

Thane13: actually, it does

Thane13: suck

Thane13: always going too fast or too slow... that is what is weird about it

Birdgirrrl: what is time, anyway...

SwankiVY2: like 2:30

SwankiVY2: LOL

SwankiVY2: That's a time.

Birdgirrrl: grrrr.

Birdgirrrl: you KNOW what i meant.

SwankiVY2: Guess what...I'm about to upload the new DumbGuy page.

Birdgirrrl: kewl. :)

Thane13: yay!

SwankiVY2: hehe

Birdgirrrl: I'll find those pics tomorrow...i am pretty sure i know where they are..

Thane13: where are they Jes?

Thane13: are you still unpacking boxes?

Birdgirrrl: i was thinking about it, and i remembered a box in the utility room that has a bunch of scho

SwankiVY2: Kick ass! It's up!

Birdgirrrl: ol papers and stuff

SwankiVY2: Can you get them scanned?

Birdgirrrl: i think they are there.

Birdgirrrl: Yeah, i'll run to kinkos or something.

BunkySatch: show me dumb guy page!

Thane13: neat!

SwankiVY2: It should be up at

BunkySatch: thank you

SwankiVY2: ugh it looks like shit.

Birdgirrrl: hehehe...i think it's pretty funny. :)

BunkySatch: most amusing

Birdgirrrl: boy, was he ever stupid.

SwankiVY2: man, he was retarded. :)

Birdgirrrl: bunky, i sent you mail, btw

Birdgirrrl: He was perhaps the stupidest and yet most amusing person ever..

SwankiVY2: Are you sending bunky love letters again, Jessica?

BunkySatch: i like the football one...

Birdgirrrl: no, pictures of my face glued on a cat body.

BunkySatch: "padding, not fat ass"

BunkySatch: hahahahahaha!!!!

SwankiVY2: LOL

Thane13: LOL!!!!!!

SwankiVY2: I don't have any pictures of your face glued on a cat body.

Thane13: Those pictures are hilarious!!!!

Birdgirrrl: want one?

SwankiVY2: oh yes.

BunkySatch: i like that

Thane13: That's a great page :)

Thane13: Julie and Jes look so cute! :)

BunkySatch: yeah

SwankiVY2: LOL

SwankiVY2: I enjoy the Big Stupid drawing

Birdgirrrl: jules, i also have some pictures of my face glues on rather disturbing pornography.

Thane13: man...dumbguy must have been DUMB

Birdgirrrl: made specifically to disturb steve...

BunkySatch: crazy

Thane13: you didn't put up the Big Stupid drawing though

Birdgirrrl: sure she did...

BunkySatch: uh-huh.. i saw it

Birdgirrrl: my big stupid pic was there.

Birdgirrrl: he talked everyone to death...

Birdgirrrl: he was good at that..

SwankiVY2: Your face glued on disturbing porn???

Birdgirrrl:'s freaky. :)

BunkySatch: i just found something out...

BunkySatch: and i feel like a dork!

Birdgirrrl: there is also one with luke, leia, and han solo, and my face is on all theirs...

SwankiVY2: I like the cat!!

SwankiVY2: What bunks?

BunkySatch: my keyboard shelf actually locks in place

Birdgirrrl: and there is my face on marge simpson too.....

Thane13: LOL that is hilarious!!!!!!!!

SwankiVY2: I put richard simmons on wonder woman's body once


SwankiVY2: I still have it LOL

BunkySatch: it was so annoying when i was trying to fly......

Thane13: best one was dumbguy on a kangaroo

SwankiVY2: I liked that one

Birdgirrrl: hehehehe....i couldn't help it... :)

BunkySatch: my joystick is cliped to the shefl and when iwas really getting into it,

Thane13: :D

SwankiVY2: I should put that as a link on the dumbguy page!!

Birdgirrrl: he just looked right there.

BunkySatch: the shelf would slide in

Thane13: yes you should!!

Birdgirrrl: definitely.

SwankiVY2: good idea. :)

And that is the end of our night. Thank you.