To an Eternal Being. . . .

To an eternal being, an instant is an eternity. Nothing lasts forever, except my mind. I am omniscient, omnipotent, and infinite. My consciousness is like a black hole. I know all there is to know; how the world began and how it will end in an infinite number of ways. I feel time stretching around me and inside me. I know that I am a part of time and it is a part of me, and that it is my creation. I am forever imprisoned by my future choices, forced by my own knowledge of what is to come into complete slavery. I long for a way to halt my perceptions, wish for a way to stop my abilities and possibilities. I want some sort of interface between my thoughts and the physical world. This infinite mind is my jail cell, and in my unbounded wisdom I know that the only way to set myself free is to trap myself forever. Perfection is hell. What good is it to be God if I must be this empty body of knowledge? I have no hopes because I know what will happen forever after. I have no fears because I cannot be hurt. I cannot love because ultimately there is no one but myself. I cannot think because all my thinking has been done for me. I must put limits on myself, stop myself from seeing the future. If I can do this, I will truly have free will. As I fall from grace to embrace happiness, I wake again and look out through a pair of true eyes. I remember all of the times I've climbed the ladder towards greatness, only finding that it ends in sorrow. Now I am constrained by a body and limited by a human mind . . . and I feel as though I've found Heaven.