Third Grade Diary

January 1987 - approx. December 1987

We were on our way home in the car. Patty + Lindsay were arguing. She hit Lindsay on the head, Patty twice on the leg, and then me! I didn't do anything. Mom started shouting bad words

I didn't feel well. I had dierea. I had to stay home from the retriet. But I got to watch popples! that made me feel better.

I was in my room and lindsay was playing with my lock blocks. When I asked nicely for them back, she yelled "Mine." and started to scream. Mom came in and lindsay told her I stole her toy! She got her own way. then I went in her room a week later and the lock blocks were still in there! She'd stolen my toy just by saying it was hers! She still has them.

If I had to describe my mother in five words, those words would be: nice calm fun wierd and sometimes dumb.

my aunt and my uncle kissed. The dance floor was empty. I danced. pattie danced too everyone was clapping. then other people got up and danced. I sat down. I tapped my glass with my spoon then everyone else did. They kissed. Then my aunt said why'd you make me kiss him

Pattie hit me in the face. I hit her back and I got in trouble. I had to stay in my room and pattie was laughing outside the door all day.

One time I got invited to ellen's house pat came too. Then pat got to stay! Then ellen invited pat over. I came too. Ellen didn't even look at me. Then Pat went off with ellen. no fair! I'm going to call ellen poopie for the rest of my life. I invited ellen I mean poopie over. she ran off with pat. Dumb.

One day I had to go to hebrew school. I didn't want to. aaron a boy in my class, didn't want to either. So during class, we hid behind the bushes. Aaron had to make. he went in. The Rabbi caught him. he had to go back to class. I wondered what happened. So I went in I joined class.


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