The House That Ivy Built Book 3

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Advisory: Some excerpts contain foul language. Violence-wise and sexual-content-wise, it's clean.

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Note: Because this is a sequel, a lot has happened with these characters by the time this book starts. In the name of not having to explain a whole lot of earlier books' plot points in order for the first three chapters to make the most sense (and to avoid the vast majority of spoilers!), I've instead chosen three excerpts that are less connected with the story continuity.

History: The House That Ivy Built: Book 3 was written when I was in college. By this point I had concluded that I had no desire to stop writing the Ivy stories, and parts of this book (especially toward the end) are pretty well-written, even by my current standards. I consider this book the turning point for when I realized some important things about writing as well as about my writing STYLE; I tried to do some outlines to help me with plot on this book, and the process failed miserably because it made me resist things I "discovered" along the way, which ultimately required a lot of rewriting and inserting in the latter half in order to connect all the dots.

About THTIB 3: The third book in my series continues the life of my main character Ivy. In this book, she practices learning to sing and becomes friends with a girl named Ami. She spends a lot of time doing odd jobs to make money, for various reasons. Ivy learns a lot from some of her jobs. A major theme of this book is Ivy's relationship with Zeke—he is still trying to date her. Eventually he takes her to a Christmas party, and the result is disastrous. Ivy begins to have fears about her future and ends up going off on her own, meeting a guy named Ruben, and working on "special effects" in his play. This book is roughly six hundred and fifty pages in its entirety.

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