Asexuality Top Ten

#7: "You're overly involved in your own busy life."

I do lead a busy life. But it involves all the things I want it to involve: My passion (writing), my hobbies (online communication, reading, art, tennis, my website), my work (administrative work and editing), my social life (I'm usually busy at least three days out of the week with social events), and yes, even life necessities (eating, cleaning the house, et cetera), as well as any random obsession I happen to pick up. I have a feeling that if something meant something to me, I would find time for it . . . I certainly do so with everything else in my life.

If someone crossed the barrier that hasn't been crossed and somehow I responded to that person that way and granted the status of significant other, I would surely be able to find it in my schedule to give that person adequate time. I'd WANT to, just like I WANT to spend a lot of time with a really cool new friend when that happens. It is not as if the fact that I keep busy actually keeps me from meeting or spending time with possible future mates; it also is not true that I have already decided I don't have room for a relationship in my cramped life.

If I decided I wanted something, I could and would make it work. At no point have I proclaimed that I will never date anyone (or get married, have kids, et cetera); I simply am not currently pursuing these things, nor do I plan to start. My lack of interest is by NO stretch of the imagination a declaration of unbreakable future chastity. If a signal from my body indicates that I should go grab someone, I will likely listen; same goes for mental cues for the same. I'm not too busy for the important things in life; it's just that I don't currently consider getting a significant other one of the important things in life. And THAT is no disease.

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