Asexuality Top Ten

#2: "You just haven't met the right guy."

And maybe I haven't. Like I said, I'm not claiming that I will, no matter what, be asexual forever. It's not something you "decide"; it's something that describes your attitude and behavior, and for me there's no other option. If someone floats my boat, hey, I'll take it. (Not that I'm hoping for it, mind you.)

What I don't like about this suggestion (or accusation) is the idea that there *must* be *someone* that'll do it for me. I don't like people giving me that "oh, one day you'll understand" condescension. I don't consider my sexual orientation to be a less-than-mature state. I also don't like people assuming that there definitely is a right guy for me. Maybe there isn't. Maybe there isn't a right girl or non/between-gender person for me either. Maybe I just *am* asexual. It is possible you know. It only makes sense that since there are some people who are MORE obsessed with sex than most people, there would be some people at the other end of the bell curve. That's me.

There is actually a disorder called "hypoactive sexual desire disorder," where people have lost their interest in sex. Some would "diagnose" me as having something like that, but there's one important reason that I don't: In order to be considered a disorder, it has to be upsetting to the person involved. Therefore, if it doesn't bug me that I'm not interested in sex, then it's not a disease to be not interested in sex. And believe me, it doesn't bother me that I'm asexual; it's the fact that these punks have a problem with it that bothers me.

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