The Inheritance Cycle: Places where characters compliment each other's eloquence in Inheritance

This is a short list of places in the story where characters say something goofy and then other characters comment on how well-spoken they are. I first noticed this trend in Brisingr and it continues in the final volume of the series.

  1. Speech (Grimrr Halfpaw): "One does not attack another hunter until he has shown his weakness, and Galbatorix has shown his: he will not kill Eragon Shadeslayer or Saphira Bjartskular. Long have we waited for this opportunity, and seize it we will. Galbatorix will learn to fear and hate us, and at the last, he will realize the extent of his mistake and know that we were the ones responsible for his undoing. And how sweet that revenge will taste, as sweet as the marrow of a tender young boar.
    "Time has come, human, for every race, even werecats, to stand together and prove to Galbatorix that he has not broken our will to fight. We would join your army, Lady Nasuada, as free allies, and help you achieve this."

    Reaction (Narration, POV Eragon): What Nasuada was thinking, Eragon could not tell, but he and Saphira were impressed by the werecat's speech.

  2. Speech (Orik): "The question before us is simple. What should we do now that Nasuada is gone? Mine opinion is that our situation is the same as it was this morning. Unless we admit defeat and sue for peace, we still have only one choice: march to Urű'baen fast as our feet will carry us. Nasuada herself was never going to fight Galbatorix. That will fall to you and the elves. Nasuada brought us this far, and while she will be greatly missed, we do not need her to continue. Our path allows for little deviation. Even if she were present, I cannot see her doing anything else. To Urű'baen, we must go, and that's the end of it."

    Reaction (Nar Garzhvog): "The dwarf speaks well. The Urgralgra will stay with the Varden as long as Firesword is war chief. With him and Flametongue to lead our charges, we will collect the debt of blood that the lack-horned betrayer, Galbatorix, still owes us."

  3. Speech (Eragon): Until the moment he opened his mouth, Eragon was not sure what he was going to say. Once he started, the words seemed to pour out of their own accord, but he was so tense, he could not remember much of what he said. The speech passed in a blur; his main impressions were of heat and sweat, the groans of the warriors when they learned of Nasuada's fate, the ragged cheers when he exhorted them to victory, and the general roar from the crowd when he finished. With relief, he jumped down from the back of the wagon to where Arya and Orik were waiting next to Saphira.

    Reaction (Orik, Arya): "Well done, Eragon!" said Orik, clapping him on the arm.
    "Was it?" Eragon asked, feeling dazed.
    "You were most eloquent," said Arya.
    [Note that this time Paolini didn't actually even write Eragon's address; it's just assumed to be eloquent.]

  4. Speech (Eragon): "Thank you, Your Majesty. Such a compliment means much from one so wise and fair as you."

    Reaction (Islanzadí): Islanzadí laughed, showing her long teeth, and the hill and the fields rang with her mirth. "And you have grown eloquent as well! You did not tell me he had become so well spoken, Arya!"

  5. Speech (Roran): "Better here than in the grave!" (Angela had just basically said "fancy meeting you here.")

    Reaction (Angela): "Well said!"

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