Essays Page - Informative Essays and Reviews

Here are my informative essays; these provide a peek into some little corners of my brain. These are just the ones in the "informative and review" category; you can go back to the main essays page to check out the other types. Some that were written at a specific time no longer apply to my current situation and were written in the passion (or more often, annoyance) of a moment, so take them at face value. And best of all, you can leave comments, or read the comments of others!

Informative Essays and Reviews
Avenue Q This is a discussion and synopsis of the play Avenue Q, one of my favorites.
Dancing Day This is my extrapolation and explanation of John Rutter's wonderful musical piece "Dancing Day."
Doublesleep An interesting technique I invented to double your sleep benefits in the same amount of time.
Halloween Songs A list--with explanations--of good songs to put on a mix for a religious celebration for Samhain.
How To Be a Good Customer My little outline to teach you how to behave like a decent human being in a retail store.
The Inheritance Cycle Christopher Paolini's books are among the worst I've ever read, and yet they have been bestsellers. Go to this page to read my essays on his series, view comments, and see supplemental materials.
Language Mistakes Test I've noticed that there is a breed of errors I often see made even by people who are otherwise very competent with language. Here you can take a test to see if you're guilty of any of these mistakes.
Types of Faeries I have a vague interest in folklore, and faeries are interesting to me. This page is a non-comprehensive but extensive list of different types of faeries and what their attributes are.
What If a Day? My interpretation of this poem by Thomas Campion (it's also a song that I love).
Wicked This is a write-up and discussion of the musical Wicked, which I love.