[SwankiVY's Shenanigans]

"Do You Wear a Kilt?"

[Phone Fun]

Mia wanted to have a magazine called "GNAW," and I decided I was going to be a reporter for it. We came to realize that kilts were a very interesting subject, and we formulated a questionnaire to find out what other people thought about them. I called people over the phone and recorded the conversations.

It was hard work, finding people to answer my survey. They all acted like I was being some kind of pain in the ass. Maybe I was. But who cares? I think taking surveys is fun! I wish someone would call me up and ask me what I thought of kilts!!! By clicking here, you can hear me voice my aggravations at the public's unwillingness to cooperate. :P

The magazine, at least in a form that is recognizable, was never created. However, the interviews survived, and I have here for you transcripts of three of the interesting ones. Enjoy!

  1. Ms. Dean
  2. Craig
  3. Mrs. Freeman

[Aw, Gawd, why am I on the phone??]