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[I don't have any record of a previous conversation with this guy, even though he speaks really familiarly to me. He seems to have seen my picture on my website before talking to me because the link was in my profile.]

Live pe: sup ???

SwankiVY2: Not much. Just got back from watching a movie.

Live pe: we got of to a bad one maybe !! :(((((((

SwankiVY2: eh?

Live pe: no ??? well forget it !!!! you are tooo way cute !!!

Live pe: im an old gator tho grad 77 in physics

Live pe: taking some molecular biology in coll of Med

Live pe: you are in ed ?? rt ?

SwankiVY2: I'm elementary education.

Live pe: you have class tomorrow ???

SwankiVY2: Yes...

Live pe: ya im inlove !!!! LOL :()

SwankiVY2: Love?

Live pe: the L word in 4 letters !!!!!

Live pe: :)

SwankiVY2: Okee then.

Live pe: !!!!!! you have a boy friend ?????

SwankiVY2: Um, no, and why all the exclamation marks and question marks? Would that be shocking or dismaying news?

Live pe: now just the new syntaxs

Live pe: no

SwankiVY2: Umm?

Live pe: we dont take the usuall punctuation & etc seriously

SwankiVY2: I know, but the fact that you included lots of exclamation marks and question marks has to mean something. Like a really big question and exclamation in one.

Live pe: sprinkle liberally w ???? !!!!!! & what ever as it suites us

SwankiVY2: I fail to see why the question of whether I have a boyfriend should mean that much to you to induce such a reaction!

Live pe: you shouldnt react so strongly to such histrionics

Live pe: like :)))))))))))))))) meaning pleasure

SwankiVY2: Well, I keep asking you questions here, and you don't seem to care about answering them. Why'd you ask me if I had a boyfriend with so many marks?

SwankiVY2: Are marks just random?

SwankiVY2: Or did they mean something?

Live pe: dont know every one seems to use exessive punctuation

Live pe: in AOL

SwankiVY2: *shrug* That's fine, but it still doesn't answer my question. About why you asked.

Live pe: its a means of expression

SwankiVY2: *shrug* Asking me if I have a boyfriend is a means of expression?

Live pe: about your boy friend ????????

SwankiVY2: yes.......................

Live pe: ::reaLLY CURIOUS:::::::

SwankiVY2: *shrug* why?

Live pe: sorry caps !!! lol :)))))

Live pe: u are so cute i wonder if ther is a chance for me !!!!!!!!!!!! lol :))))))))

SwankiVY2: Wouldn't you think that if I was cute there was less of a chance for you?

Live pe: maybe !!! sure !!!!!!!

SwankiVY2: Well, the thing is, I just don't have any reason to go out with anyone, whether they think I'm cute or not.

Live pe: unless you were a mentaL CASE !!!!! lol !

SwankiVY2: scuse me?

Live pe: million IMs sorry

SwankiVY2: *shrug* Okay...

Live pe: back

Live pe: got rid of them !!!! :))))

Live pe: pain sometimes

SwankiVY2: I know what you mean...I get lots of cyber IMs.

Live pe: so any way !!! u still there ?????

SwankiVY2: :OP

Live pe: cybers !!!!!! ????? lol :()

SwankiVY2: Pretty gross huh!!

Live pe: where did you go tonight ???

SwankiVY2: To the Reitz Union to see The Breakfast Club.

Live pe: you like downtown ?? the Porpoise ... /

Live pe: Breakfast club ?? i should know that sounds familiar

SwankiVY2: Nope. I don't club

Live pe: typings a bit slo

SwankiVY2: eh?

Live pe: you mean down town

SwankiVY2: I don't do anything like that.

Live pe: my typing is slo

Live pe: me either

SwankiVY2: *shrug* and?

SwankiVY2: I don't care if your typing is slow.

SwankiVY2: It's all good.

Live pe: you shrug alot ??? lol

SwankiVY2: sure.

Live pe: thx !!!!!! you tooooo

Live pe: :)

Live pe: you have any place in your heaet for science

SwankiVY2: sure. why?

Live pe: heart that is

Live pe: well im a scientist so i wondered !!1 :))))

Live pe: since you are so cute !!!!!!!!

Live pe: :)))))

SwankiVY2: It does not matter if I am cute. Stop saying that.

Live pe: if you might like me !!!!

Live pe: why do you say that ????

SwankiVY2: Because I don't appreciate people telling me they'd like to have a chance at me based on what I look like, even if they're just joking.

Live pe: well appreciate your gifts !!!!!!! :))))

SwankiVY2: :)

Live pe: :)))

Live pe: whats your name ?? if i may ask ??

Live pe: im Gill

SwankiVY2: Ivy

Live pe: Kewl !!

SwankiVY2: Yeah...

Live pe: i worried about sending mail to "Swanki "" but was too late !!

SwankiVY2: eh?

Live pe: wanna know what Live pe means ???

SwankiVY2: sure, why not?

Live pe: living properties of matter

Live pe: all matter is living

SwankiVY2: I understand.

Live pe: consciousness arises from properties of the protons & electrons ( pe)

Live pe: live pe

Live pe: im somewhat known on the chat circuit

SwankiVY2: That's interesting. How does consciousness arise from properties of protons and electrons, and what particular properties?

Live pe: good q

SwankiVY2: Any theories on that? I'd be interested in hearing them.

Live pe: well not all is known of course

Live pe: brb K ???

SwankiVY2: Actually, I have to go!

Live pe: gotta PPPPP & getta beer !!! :))))))

Live pe: :(((( see ya latyer ??????

SwankiVY2: I need to update some crap on an editing project I'm doing.

Live pe: just be a sec !!!!!!!!!!

Live pe: :)))))))

Live pe: KKKKKKKK ??????

SwankiVY2: yeah

Live pe: KKKKKK

Live pe: back

SwankiVY2: okay, congratulations.

Live pe: thx !!!!!

Live pe: got IT all out !!! LOL ===D

Live pe: so you wanna here bout the living properties of matter ?????

SwankiVY2: actually, as I said, i have to go.

Live pe: on beyond superstrings

Live pe: well we can do it later !!!! :))))

SwankiVY2: Yeah, cool...

Live pe: enjoy chattin with you !!!!;))))

SwankiVY2: Yeah. :)

Live pe: you are tooo way cute !!!!! sorry , sorry !!!!!! :))))))))))

SwankiVY2: aw jeez

Live pe: :))))))))))

Live pe: love ya in a heart beat !!!!!!! :))))))

Live pe: love the big shirt !!!!

SwankiVY2: Well, thanks.

Live pe: let ya go !!!! any time Ivy !!!!!!!

Live pe: what year are you in ???

SwankiVY2: Sophomore

Live pe: you old enough ???

Live pe: :)

SwankiVY2: Old enough for what?

Live pe: tsheee

SwankiVY2: huh?

Live pe: tee hee !!! lol !!!! hahaha shouldnt ask !!!!!

Live pe: :))))

Live pe: probably !!!!!!

SwankiVY2: Listen, don't joke around if you're not going to tell me the punch line. What do you mean?

Live pe: you are so direct !!!!! are you old enough to make love to ?????? :))) ===D

SwankiVY2: What age is that? I'd say it's any age you can consent, which should revise the question to "would you consent?"

Live pe: gotta be 18 !!!! or you wont tell !! LOL !!!!!!

SwankiVY2: How the hell do you get to be a sophomore in college without being eighteen (usually), and why is this question relevant?

Live pe: gee dont know !!!!!!!!!! lol !!!! :)))))))))

Live pe: hahaha !!!

Live pe: Ivy !!!!!!!

SwankiVY2: what?

Live pe: yummmmmm !

SwankiVY2: what??

Live pe: lovin ya !!!!!

Live pe: sorry !!! :))

SwankiVY2: What are you sorry about?

Live pe: i wont be !!!!! :)))

SwankiVY2: *shrug* fine...

Live pe: you have a roomy ????

SwankiVY2: I have three.

Live pe: u im the dorms ?????

SwankiVY2: Nope.

Live pe: i have 9.5 acres to my self

Live pe: u at the apartments

SwankiVY2: I live in an apartment, yes.

Live pe: ive lived at french quarter & reflections

SwankiVY2: congratulations.

Live pe: used to have a little place all my own on 2nd av

SwankiVY2: again: o happy day.

Live pe: its a beauty too

SwankiVY2: I really have to go now.

Live pe: :)))))) tee heee haha !!!

SwankiVY2: yeah...bye.

Live pe: will isee you some more !!!!!!>??????

SwankiVY2: probly.

Live pe: hope so !!!!!!!!!

[Too bad I don't have a "pedo" category. This guy was willing to do me if I was under eighteen as long as I wouldn't tell.]

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