Conversation with Billiam

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Billiam: hey baby im ready to go

SwankiVY2: Okay, see you later.

Billiam: im in my dale earnhardt suit.......commando underneath

Billiam: please i need a hot girl LOL

SwankiVY2: Then you need to go to the sauna, where the girls are roasting themselves.

Billiam: really id like to roast my marshmallows on your flaming fire bush of love

SwankiVY2: Um, sorry, but you're not going to be roasting marshmallows anywhere near me.

Billiam: i wanna make you all gooey and what not

SwankiVY2: I believe you can go find your own roasting stick and hold your marshmallow over a different fire...mine ain't lit.

Billiam: let me light your fire and come inside there like a bear in hibernation

SwankiVY2: Okay, you go out into the woods and start up a campfire...I'll go to sleep.

Billiam: then ill come in with bandainds all over and have you rip them off of my peeling skin a.k.a. pud

SwankiVY2: You're disgusting.

Billiam: oh your not kinky......ill be priest you can be nun

SwankiVY2: What do you think you're going to achieve by giving me empty metaphors about sex?

Billiam: well do it like they do on the catholic charities networks

SwankiVY2: Do you think I'm going to be impressed, or that you can annoy me?

SwankiVY2: You're just asshole number...I believe 47

Billiam: i was hopin my attempts to ammuse you would cause yout body to throb and sweat like my goat in the back yard

SwankiVY2: Hmm, sorry, 46.

SwankiVY2: I'll tell you what you can do with your goat in the back yard.

Billiam: what is that

Billiam: what do you mean 46.......thats not too much cybering rookie

SwankiVY2: Perhaps your goat can satisfy that little wiener of yours, so you can shut up and leave girls the hell alone.

Billiam: do you know if goats like hard throbbing bones :wink: :wink:

SwankiVY2: I don't cyber them. I get annoyed by them.

Billiam: i dont look at goats like that actually i do like your firebush

Billiam: its burning me when i touch but i still want more......oh ......oh......oh yeah

SwankiVY2:'re just being an ass now...before it was amusing but now it's just really, really tiresome.

SwankiVY2: I can't listen to this crap anymore, seeya.

[I blocked him. He responded by e-mailing me a cut and paste of our entire conversation, with one more thing on the end:]

Billiam: i ammused you oh baby tell me more i wanna be your mr. rogers

[I responded with this:]

Okee dokee, smokee...I understand if you proposition girls and they say no, but if they're OBVIOUSLY not interested and you PERSIST, you are being rude and ignorant, and are guilty of harassment. I turned off my IMs to you because I really didn't want to hear any more of your crap, and then you sent it to my e-mail box. I consider this a violation of my personal space--you need to learn when to keep your mouth shut, understand? Thank you.

[He decided to change gears to pretend he was just a misunderstood little sweetie.]

im so sorry ill take you out some place real nice

[So, me again.]

NOT interested. Your attempt at being charming doesn't work. You should probably go to bed and wait until you're no longer drunk before you attempt to get a date.

[And then he decided to pretend he was his own dad to excuse his behavior.]

yes this is willys father he is mentally challenged so give him a break

[Oh sure, I fell for that one! Not.]

I saw that a hundred times in my kids' rooms, people pretending to be their parents so that hosts and authorities will give them a break. I don't believe your "father" story, but I do believe the "mentally challenged" part. You are no longer worthy of my time.

[Maybe more like attitude challenged . . . everybody I've met who actually has an intellectual disability was a lot more polite than this guy.]

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Wolfgang: "Flaming fire bush"? Isn't that from the Bible?

Samuel: Wow, I had no idea the sexual advances and harassment women get for guys was this bad. I apologize on behalf of this sleazeball.

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