SwankiVY's Animaniacs Collection!

This is my comprehensive list of Animaniacs stuff. I was obsessed with the show in high school, taped it when it was on, memorized annoying bits of it, and made my own handwritten guide to the show. I also spent my hard-earned part-time job money in the Warner Bros. store instead of saving it for college or whatever. Even though I'm no longer "obsessed" with the show, I still enjoy it, and I still know "too much" about it.

Read the list below and/or check out my YouTube videos that relate to Animaniacs:

Me singing "Yakko's World"

Me singing several songs

My collection:

  1. A bunch of Animaniacs tee shirts!
  2. Thirteen tapes of shows
  3. Stopwatch from Life! cereal
  4. Wakko face watch
  5. Life! cereal boxes with Animaniacs on them
  6. '95 and '96 complete set of McDonald's Happy Meal toys
  7. McDonald's '96 display
  8. Yakko earrings: two pairs
  9. Glittery cup
  10. Desk set: pencils, pencil holder, loose paper holder, large and small print books
  11. Dot purse
  12. Small Warner dolls
  13. I'm the cute one/Give us a kiss, kid pillow
  14. Six different Animaniacs print fabrics
  15. Giant-sized Yakko plush
  16. Animaniacs series of comics (but I quit collecting when I went to college; no money!)
  17. Pinky and the Brain series of comics (ditto)
  18. Incomplete set of Animaniacs pogs
  19. Incomplete set of professional trading cards
  20. Fox trading cards (from Fox Kids Magazine)
  21. Magazine with interview of the voice actors for Animaniacs
  22. Box with Animaniacs on it (Sun-Maid Raisins)
  23. Poster
  24. Find-it book
  25. Jigsaw puzzle
  26. Kids' puzzle
  27. Sheet music book
  28. Steven Spielberg presents: Animaniacs cassette tape
  29. Yakko's World cassette tape
  30. Variety Pack cassette tape
  31. A Christmas Plotz! children's read-along book and tape
  32. Animaniacs big coloring book
  33. Animaniacs giant color/activity book
  34. Animaniacs Night of Stars: A deluxe coloring book
  35. Animaniacs Mark-and-See
  36. Trace and color book
  37. Paint with water book
  38. Hounded! kids' storybook
  39. Animaniacs sticker book, two of them
  40. Look and Find Animaniacs
  41. Fisheye paper plates
  42. Yakko napkins
  44. Wallet cards
  45. We Have No Taste hat
  46. Dumber Than Advertised hat
  47. Set of valentines
  48. Set of three bendies with two extra Yakkos
  49. Activity Calendar
  50. Lunchbox
  51. Two types of raisin stickers
  52. Dot stockings
  53. Dot toothbrush
  54. Dot placemat
  55. Doorknob hanger
  56. Animaniacs framed logo
  57. Money-for-kids comic
  58. Fisheye pin
  59. Mini-backpack
  60. Photo album
  61. Journal
  62. Keychain
  63. Animaniacs Adventures book
  64. More Animaniacs Adventures book
  65. Yakko mug, Wakko mug, Dot mug
  66. Animaniacs water bottle
  67. Animaniacs crayons
  68. Dot gum dispenser
  69. Animaniacs slap bracelet
  70. Homemade skirt from Animaniacs fabric
  71. Pinky and the Brain socks
  72. Yakko pin
  73. Dot slippers
  74. Bendable Yakko
  75. Yakko, Wakko, Dot skater figures
  76. Animaniacs pinwheel
  77. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot large stuffed animals by Dakin
  78. Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky, and the Brain Funko Pop Vinyl toys
  79. Wendy's '98 children's meal toys . . . all but one. :)
  80. Animaniacs look-and-find book with sound buttons
  81. Animaniacs '99 valentine set



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