My Wish List!

Here's my shameless list of crap I want.

This list is for those who are looking to buy me a gift for some reason. (And to help me keep track of crap I want.) If you don't have my street address, you can send to my P.O. Box:

PO Box 272595
Tampa, FL 33688

Mail me if you have a suggestion or question about this list.

Store-specific Wish Lists:

Amazon Wish List:

Amazon Wish List: This is the link to the general list (my default), but there are a ton of categorized wish lists for movies, types of music, and books on the sidebar. Just click the category you're interested in. Even if stuff on there looks like it's old, it's up to date.

Cartoon Network Wish List:

I like a lot of stuff on that channel so the toys, clothes, and household items here would be a lot of fun to receive! Any clothes would be in adult small. Unfortunately they've disabled public wishlists so here is a short cheat sheet:

Hot Topic Wish List:

Hot Topic Wish List: There are lots of pop culture items that I might enjoy from there.

Copic Marker Wish List:

Copic Marker Wish List: This is a list of the refills I need for markers I currently use and marker colors I'd like to add to my collection. Pick some cool colors to diversify my art, or if something is identified as a refill, it's one I use a lot!

Stuff to read:

Stuff to collect:

You can always be safe getting me additions to one of my collections, because as long as I don't already have it you can rest assured I'll want it. These links go to pages where I list the stuff I've already got.
  • My Steven Universe merchandise collection--I'm pretty obsessed with this cartoon and I like just about anything associated with it--unless I already have it (which is likely). Check this list before buying anything to be safe.

  • My Copic Marker Collection--I like to draw and color with Copic markers. They aren't cheap but they are wonderful. I have my collection posted online and people can pick up colors I don't have or refills for colors I do.

  • My Flower Fairies Stuff Collection--That's the artwork of Cicely Mary Barker.

  • My collection of Sleeping Beauty tales--I collect any versions of this story that I don't have because I wrote a book based on it. Please check the ISBNs if you want to be sure I don't have it already without asking me first.

  • My Essential Oils Collection--I prefer the natural stuff, not "perfume oils" or whatever. I'll take anything, and they're cheap.

  • I collect candles and incense as well, but for these it doesn't matter if I have them already, I can always use duplicates. If you want to get something scented, I am partial to such scents as strawberry, vanilla, lemon, satsuma, and mulberry.

  • Nice journals: I keep a daily journal, so there will always be a time when I need a new one. If it is a repeat of a design I already have, the world will not end.

Stuff to listen to:

Stuff to watch:

  • Here's my Amazon Movie Wish List.
  • I'd like the Subgenius movie Arise!  It is available here.
  • I would gladly accept a recording of your favorite movie.
  • You can look and see if they make a DVD of a full season of one of my favorite TV shows, if it isn't already in my collection.
  • Any of my favorite movies would be a welcome addition to my library even if I already have them on tape (for that you can check here if you care). Anything that doesn't say "DVD" next to it is VHS.

Stuff to wear:

If you want to get me a shirt, I usually fit in small or medium. You probably shouldn't try to get me pants unless I try them on.

  • Hot Topic List: I have some pop culture items that I'd like to wear here.

  • Ozdust Boutique has Wicked merchandise. I already have a "defy gravity" shirt but other stuff from there might be neat!

  • A pair of cool sunglasses. I have some, but I like cool colors and shapes too.

  • Bunni Designs Skater Dresses: I would fit a small of their Ace Pride Skater Dress, Lapis Lazuli Skater Dress, or Bubblegum Garnet Skater Dress. (I am also a fan of the Stevonnie Swim Dress.

  • The Pyramid Collection is a cool New-Agey place and I like some of their clothes. But some of them are a little pricey. In any case, it might help to look at them even if you don't want to buy them, because you'll get an idea of my taste maybe.

  • I like the selection at Burning Airlines. Maybe a cool band shirt from a band I like.

  • Go through the remnants bin at a store that sells material and buy a small attractive square of fabric no smaller than about a foot and a half each side. I love to make these into hair kerchiefs. Quilt blocks work wonderfully as well.

  • I have double-pierced ears, you can get me earrings. If you buy these ones, it's for a good cause--the Hunger Site will give food to hungry kids, and they're awesome.

  • Cool socks! Plain or decorated! For very small (but not children's size) feet!

  • I like sparkly jewelry and hair things. One can never have enough of these and it's probably tough to go wrong if you buy something shiny.

  • I like tacky fake clip-on hair pieces in funny colors. I don't have many of these.

  • I gotta get some nail polish!

  • I like glitter. Get me glitter.

Stuff to use around the house:

  • Band-Aids. Not kidding! I love funky Band-Aids.

  • I can always use stationery and stickers.

  • I am always in need of quality pens.

  • There are some really cool sets of Sharpie™ pens out there. I have the fine-tipped twelve-pen set and the pastels fine-tipped five-pen set, but there are the thick ones and bold ones that are not yet in my collection!

  • High-quality sketch paper for my pencil art.

Stuff to eat:

  • Try any of my favorite foods that lend themselves to being given as gifts.

  • Partial to sugar-free candy as well!

  • Homebaked goodies work wonders.

  • Any sour candy imaginable.

  • Delicacies such as Cadbury Creme Eggs, Pez, Laughing Cow Cheese, stroopwafels, artichokes, anything caramel, and anything green apple flavored make wonderful visiting gifts.

Other stuff:

  • Here's my Toys and Games list from Amazon.
  • I like Gel Gems, those sticky things you can put on a bathroom wall, mirror, or window. I have a ton of them but I can never have enough.
  • If you can find any Eyeshield 21 merchandise besides the manga, oh my god, I must have it. Heh.
  • You can always make me something! I'm appreciative of handmade gifts.

Gift certificates:

I cannot stress how much I would love to choose my own gift anywhere you deem appropriate. Along with the above-mentioned online stores, some suggested places are the following:

  • Any craft store (Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • Any music store
  • Any bookstore (I like Mojo locally, or someplace like Barnes & Noble is fine)
  • Target; I'm addicted to their craft and housewares sections.
  • Hell, the grocery store!


Here I'll list some things that I have been offered or have received in the past that I didn't appreciate or want to warn against. It can be tempting because you might think "no way," but if I've listed it here please don't get me this stuff.

  • A motorized scooter--I know I can't drive and you feel sorry for me, but a scooter has all the same problems a bike does (the wind and the weather, plus problems in traffic), plus it takes away my opportunity to exercise. I actively DON'T want this.

  • Flowers--Unless they are planted and alive. I don't really like cut flowers; they depress me.

  • Writing classes--Some have suggested I'd get a lot out of workshops or some such. No thank you.

  • A pet--DON'T GET ME A PET, even if it's just a fish. I don't want a pet.

  • A video game system--I don't want to play video games, sorry. At this point I need another addiction like I need a hole in my head.

  • It's unlikely that I will appreciate sexy undergarments.

  • Any food items that contain coconut.

  • Clothes whose main decoration is the logo of their maker. I have no desire to pay the GAP or Abercrombie & Fitch to advertise their store.

    (Clarification: I like to advertise stuff I like, like cartoons or comics, but I don't like to have clothes that are about clothes.)

  • Girl power clothes. I generally dislike clothes that say things like "girl power" or have lips and the word "cute" on them or snobby and silly things. Definitely nothing with a sentiment like "boy magnet," "tease," or "heartbreaker" or "so many boys, so little time." It is rare that I think that sort of thing is clever.

  • Should go without saying, but please refrain from getting me stuff that "sends a message" that I should be living differently. (That includes media that suggests, among other things, that I need a romantic relationship, that I should be eating meat, that I should be on a particular diet, that I should change to your religion, etc. Yes, I have received gifts like this and it's pretty uncool.)
  • Please don't get me any non-vegetarian food, or clothes or furniture that is leather or made of an animal product.


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