Technical Aspects
Story length: 21,952 words/67 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Romantic Fantasy
Copyrighted: 2006
Story information
Main character: Thomas
Character description: A young man in his twenties--has a sad demeanor from a recent family tragedy, a rather foul mouth, and a good heart.
Supporting characters: Windy, Thomas's "Christmas fairy"; Thomas's deceased mother; a co-worker who makes some choice comments
Setting:Modern times, any town, mostly in Thomas's apartment
General Plot
Thomas, alone on Christmas Eve and missing his recently deceased mother (and her cookies!), is startled out of his funk by a knock at the door. Enter the mysterious Windy, a beautiful and apparently magical girl who claims to be Thomas's personal fairy. Windy enters Thomas's life in a big way and becomes a special part of it even as he tries to figure out where she fits and whether she's really what she says she is. But Thomas isn't the only one struggling; Windy has some doubts and confusions regarding her existence as well. After realizing how they feel about each other, they have to figure out what to do to make being together possible. But can magic fit into Thomas's life? And how real is she anyway? They might just have to pull away to find out how close they are.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I'm not sure what got me thinking about this story, but I turned it over in my head for a few months before trying to write it. Interestingly, several people who read this story saw a lot of similarities between Windy and me, which isn't surprising because there are many of my own qualities that I gave to her--she likes to sing, bake, say cuss words, and make the people in her life feel more "magical." The oh-so-important cookies in the story are a real recipe from my family that is included in the body of the story.
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