Problem Recipe


Technical Aspects
Story length: 3,673 words/16 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, present tense
Copyrighted: 1999
Story information
Main character: Anna
Character description: A young college woman, majoring in business but dabbling in poetry and cooking to keep herself sane.
Supporting characters: Casey: Anna's boyfriend. Disapproves strongly of her cooking and is not very supportive of her efforts to please him with good food.
Anna's mother: Disapproves of her taking poetry classes when she is no good at that sort of thing and wishes she would just take business classes.
Mrs. Myers: Anna's college poetry teacher. Thinks Anna does not try hard enough to write good poetry and gives her criticism.
Setting:Modern times, normal college town
General Plot
Anna is distressed by her boyfriend's dislike of her cooking and also by her inability to write a poem that her teacher considers acceptable. She works very hard on both cooking and poetry, not understanding where the flaw is in either but only knowing she is not getting acceptance no matter what she does. Finally, when she cooks one too many inedible dishes, she pleads with Casey to help her find out why her cooking is bad and discovers she is simply using the wrong measuring tools. Correcting that one misconception allows her to cook just fine. Now she seeks a "poetry recipe" from her teacher to make her poems taste good.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I'm really clueless as to where I came up with this one. I wrote it to make a point about poetry: that it isn't just words that rhyme.

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