Mother's Day


Review #4:
Reviewed by: Mikey
I really liked this story original like so many of your works you seem to capture the possibilities of a limitless imagination I enjoyed the dialog about being frozen, and it seems in the end not even time its self can separate the need of mother or the ability to show that some things do matter, I liked this just different I would give this a three and a half star rating

Review #3:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Here's my opinion...
Ok first off i need to say that the last review for this story by "-Elyssa" was most likely done out of spite for whatever reason.
In her review she says: "but i think it is way to impossible. He would have to be someone elses child."
Now to say something like this it points out two things.

1- You have no understanding of the science behind this "cryogenics", and even if you dont, to not understand that in fiction, anything is possible. Alsothis is actually possible....duh "education" is what this girl is lacking.

2- You would have to read the whole story to understand the point of it, and why post a review of a story you didnt even bother to complete, boring or not...again DUHHHHHHH!

Ok so now that I've pointed out that the last person that reviewed this was a moron, heres a real review!

I thought his story was a litle dry at the beginning, and I was a bit bored, but then as the overall idea of the story came into view it grabbed my interest.
Again this piece was an origional idea that I thought was fairly interesting. It could have been written a little differently to make it more interesting by sparing some of the dry background on the character, and just getting to the jist of the story.

If this were the first chapter to a bigger book that took this start and went off on a wild adventure I could see this being more useful in that way.

This one for me was ok, it was a good idea but a bit dry to read, I give it three stars.


Review #2:
Reviewed by: Elyssa`
Well i just hated it. It was so boring i would die if i kept on reading! I saw that it was 1st person writing. But the first person did not do a very good job. And i know the point of the story is that he loves his mother but i think it is way to impossible. He would have to be someone elses child. Well i guess it was ok but i didn't like it very much.

[Note: Yes, as Dan M. mentions above, this was indeed something the reviewer did to try to kick me in the butt where she thought it would hurt, because she was already fighting with me about some other dumb thing. This page has that story.]

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
"Mother's Day" was a little confusing and is set in one of those science fiction worlds that probably wouldn't really work. It's unrealistic, but with suspension of disbelief it's tolerable. The main character's reactions are wholly believable in most cases, and some of the ideas are neat, but the ending needs some work, it seemed like it was rushed or like it just wanted to end after a long time building up. I did like the mother-son connection, and the fact that Hendrix wanted to meet his mother even though she had never carried him and had been dead for hundreds of years. Hendrix's observations are almost completely speculative, but I think I did an okay job. I just think that for a story written in 1999 it should have been a little smoother.

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