Mother's Day


Technical Aspects
Story length: 3,279 words/11 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, present tense
Genre:Science fiction
Copyrighted: 1999
Story information
Main character: Hendrix
Character description: A hyper-intelligent redheaded adolescent who was cloned and raised with five hundred others just like himself. Son of Sara Ann Miller, a famous scientist from the twenty-first century, who has been dead and buried for half a millenium.
Supporting characters: Various characters are mentioned as having an influence in Hendrix's life, such as bunkmates Simon and Copland, his mother, and the nannies and scientists.
Joplin: Hendrix's middle-aged sister, also hyper-intelligent and a clone.
Setting:Far indeterminate future; on another planet in a galaxy civilized by humans
General Plot
Hendrix is going to visit his mother's memorial because it is Mother's Day. On the way there he reminisces, explores his feelings about being who and what he is, and contemplates his mother and how he wishes he could meet her. He also goes to meet his sister and talk about a project.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I thought of this one when I came across an article in my Adult Development and Aging textbook, about how people freeze their fertilized eggs and then have them incubated later, to reduce the risk of having genetically messed-up kids if they want to wait until later life to have children. The article talked about how there were two brothers who were fertilized at the same time but one was delivered several years later because they froze him for a while. I thought that was cool and the wheels began turning. . . .

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