Just Like Stephen

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Review #4:
Reviewed by: Ronica
Oh man, so weird! So HE caused the problem with the bitchy lady? Hahaha. Nice clever twist. How do you come up with this stuff?

Review #3:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Overall I thought this was very well written. I thought the story was interesting and had some cool thoughts and ideas put into it. I really liked how vividly certain things were described. Agreeing with the author, I felt that the story contained a bit more background information than was necessary for a short story and needed more action to balance it out. If this weren’t a short story, then all that information would have been great. This story did suck me in and any story that can do that to a person with my short attention span is worth reading. “***3/4 stars”

Review #2:
Reviewed by: Mikey
I would like to offer a review rating of 4 and 1/2 stars. this was a great little story with offering of such wisdom in words with the balance of relative thoughts and actions that make a very vivid visualization of your character and as usual the internal dialog was superb The words used crafted a perfect path of understanding and I quote. " I'm stuck making my own way through the forest in the dark. Well I can't follow his path anymore, but at least he gave me a flashlight" Or this one even better "I was playing with magic just to see what it could do, it sometimes pulled out a hidden agenda, and instigated a thirst which had to be quenched or endured ." WOW good stuff !!!! The story is filled with so many great lines and thought upon the first two paragraphs I knew it had my attention And I hope that in the future you make a follow up story to this ( I want more) I can never get enough of great writing.

Thank you for another great read.

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
This is set in the modern world with one little tweak. I think I did a decent job setting up said tweak and that the world is pretty believable, but even though the activity is fairly amusing, I'm afraid I pretty much did nothing *with* my world. Not a whole heck of a lot *happens* here. That was really intentional since it was supposed to be basically an inner dialogue and introduction to one boy's personal hell, but I'm not sure how many people will really dig that. Regardless, I kinda like the character and how he would prefer to tell off most of the people he helps.

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