In Love With Love


Review #2:
Reviewed by: SHO
You're always really good at characterization. When I read your stories they usually come off more like accounts of something that happened than something someone made up. The people in this story felt very real.

With that said, I don't think this story was for me. I kind of saw parallels between myself and Catherine, and her interactions with other people, and how she thought about the world, but beyond that there wasn't much for me to care about her or her problem (which I guess is probably something that comes up in short stories often). Her "problem" wasn't an aspect of life that fascinated me, like I wouldn't watch a reality show (or something) involving just what happened in this story.

On the other hand I can totally imagine people that would be fascinated by a story like this... umm, I say "people" but seriously, I specifically mean women, I can totally imagine women that would be fascinated by a story like this (and a couple guys).

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
I think the idea of a mother who thinks she doesn't know how to love her son is a really compelling thought, even though a lot of readers will probably find it foreign. (That's kind of the point.) And I like that the therapist sort of empowers Catherine to define her own love the way she wants to. But I'm not sure if readers will find it kind of preachy, especially since it's so talky and sort of led by the therapist's prompts, with the flipping back and forth between present and past tense to make a distinction between then and now. I didn't want it to get super long, so I didn't flesh everybody out a whole bunch except where it was relevant to the main problem of the story. I hope that doesn't make the characters read like they're empty.

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