Everyone's Gay in Space

© 2014

Technical Aspects
Story length: 6,600 words/24 pages double spaced
Voice: Third person, past tense
Genre:Science fiction
Copyrighted:© 2014
Story information
Main character: Douglas Junior
Character description: A slightly bigoted, ignorant man--mid forties, image-conscious, petty
Supporting characters: Sandy: Douglas Junior's religious, childless wife
Patrick: Douglas Junior's clone--engineer, future astronaut, and gay
Setting:Not-too-distant future in an urban setting; colonies of humans are living on the moon and human cloning has been perfected. Much of the story takes place in a crowded café.
General Plot
Douglas Junior, who's always wanted to have a son, finds out he has a clone. Patrick was created from genetic material Douglas Junior donated when genetic researchers were looking for cures for a disease he and his wife both carry. Douglas Junior goes to meet this clone, thinking of him as his son, but finds himself having an identity crisis when the clone claims to be gay while Douglas Junior himself is straight.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I wanted to write a science fiction story for a certain magazine's submissions call, but I don't usually write science fiction, so I defaulted to a subject I've used before: clones and identity. I just let the characters take it from there. But I don't know if Douglas Junior is very good at much of anything, including carrying a story. The story wasn't selected for the submissions call, but it was later chosen for publication and appeared in After Dinner Conversations November 2020 issue.

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