Derika & Emily


Technical Aspects
Story length: "Goodbye, Derika York": 1,936 words/5 pages double spaced; "Miss Priss Emily Moss": 2,034 words/6 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Fiction--religious debate
Copyrighted: 1999
Story information
Main characters: Derika York and Emily Moss
Character description: Emily tells the story in "Goodbye, Derika York," and is a righteous Christian who wishes to bring her friend back to Christ. Derika tells the story in "Miss Priss Emily Moss," and is a former Christian now exploring new faiths, also exploring her sexuality as a lesbian and annoyed at her friend's inability to let the issue go.
Supporting characters: None; each is a supporting character in the other's story.
Setting:Modern time; place irrelevant
General Plot
This is one story with two versions. In "Goodbye, Derika York," Emily describes her feelings toward Derika, a childhood friend, leaving the Christian religion. She is convinced her friend is damned to Hell and is armed with Bible verses, personal opinions, and history that all support her views. She will not talk about anything else to Derika except getting her back "in the arms of the Lord," because that is all that matters to her. Derika, for her part, in "Miss Priss Emily Moss," argues for the position that she doesn't agree with some of the Bible's words and thinks that it isn't the word of God now if it ever was. She is sick of being "hounded" by her friend about everything from religion to sexual behavior, and is willing to continue the friendship only if Emily shuts up about religion, which she won't. Both sides of the story reveal thoughts on religion.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I didn't intend to write the second story, the one from Derika's point of view, but decided to do so anyway. The story was inspired by, of course, arguing with religious fanatics over the years and finally wanting to get out some of what it is like on paper. My own beliefs are closer to Derika's and I am worried that because of this I may have made Emily sound too petulant and ridiculous, but I can't see her point of view as well as I can Derika's. But I tried, and criticism is welcomed.

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