Baby Talk


Review #11:
Reviewed by: Luke Atchley
I was suprised but I don't know why, this was a wonderful short story.

Review #10:
Reviewed by: Michael Knutzen
3.5 stars. I really enjoy the way yuo get into the head of your characters.
Mike K

Review #9:
Reviewed by: Caleb
Gr8! I thought it was amazing. I've never realy thought of babies as anything other than screaming bags of flesh who barf a lot. now they are simply bags of flesh that like phones. :-)
four out of five stars.

Review #8:
Reviewed by: Jennifer
Here's my opinion... I thought the whole premise was very good. What a wonderful idea for a story! Not only was it original, but it was quite unique. The only problem that I saw w/ this story is that it didn't have a very smooth flow. It went from one idea to another easily, but there were a lot of unnecessary "and's" and commas. Other than that, top notch!

Review #7:
Reviewed by: Mikey
honestly I have never seen any one ever try to attempt to write in the mind of a child, and I am quite convinced you were able to capture it well. The writing was good the internal dialog great. The subject it's self not something that I am accustomed to grasping well but thinking back and watching babies that I have seen I would thing that is exactly how they would think just without the complexity of words. I would give this short work 3 and a half stars perhaps 4

Review #6:
Reviewed by: Cara
Baby Talk is a delightful and cute story. It's what I call "fluff" -- just an uncluttered and adorable bit of writing. A good job was done on giving the baby simple desires and emotions, and it was neat in the end, how both Baby and Mother got what they wanted from a simple word. This story is not spectacular or particularly thrilling, but has a cool perspective and makes me wish that, like a baby, I had such clear and basic emotions.

Review #5:
Reviewed by: Kyan Volkova
I liked it, it depicts (in my opinion) what a baby would be thinking, and what a mother would be doing. I basically did the same thing when I was young =) Great story!

Review #4:
Reviewed by: Mizu Aino
I think the story is adorable. The way the baby thinks was well represented and the mother's reactions were nicely put also. Well done! ^_^

Review #3:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Here's my opinion...
Well although well written to see things from abay's perspective, I think it could have been simplified even more to really get down to the way ababy feels and thinks, really get inside that baby's head and think how she would have thought.
It seemed kind of like like a few minutes in the life instead of a day in the life of a baby.
I could'nt find any real point to the piece though, other than just showing a few moments from a babys perscpective.
So my only real criticism, is that I'm sure what this written for. Good job though on what it was meant for.

Review #2:
Reviewed by: Melissa
Here's my opinion...This story was charming and fun to read. Having my own children, I see the emotions portrayed by both the baby and the mother. (My favorite part is the baby's feeling of triumph at the end.. I so love happy endings :) ) Your style of writing is engaging, and your emphasis on emotion rather than concrete images encourages the reader's interest in the outcome.

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
"Baby Talk" isn't one of my best, but here's what I think of it: It's kinda cool 'cause it plays on a misunderstanding, and kind of makes fun of adults and young children at the same time. It's a very simple story but still fun to read, especially because it's so short. Technically speaking, some people might not get the point I was trying to make, but no one's perfect. It's an okay story and I'm satisified with it.

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