Did you know that porn sites outnumber every other type of site on the 'Net by far? Did you know this is so because the interest is there, due to anonymity and availability? Did you know that if you set up a porn site on a weak server, the traffic to your site will knock your server into oblivion within a couple hours?

There is already this demand for porn. There are already people who want to see it and go online to look for it. There are *plenty* of these folks and I'm sure they drum up a lucrative business for those with porn sites. WHY is it, then, that these people find it necessary to spam my mailbox with invitations to see porn? They don't need my business! And I certainly am not interested! If I was, I think I could find their sites on my own. I don't need them sent to me personally.

Know what, though? I think most of the people soliciting porn mail in my direction actually know I don't want it. Or at least, they assume that I have to be tricked into opening it. So they write me e-mail with a subject such as "It's me!" or "I've missed you!" as if they are old friends of mine. Of course, if I open it, it says "BARELY LEGAL! TEENS TEENS TEENS XXX!" or something. Or inside they have their smutty porno ad and then a little thing at the bottom that says "to unsubscribe, click here." Which also takes you to the porn site. WHY would someone seeking to UNSUBSCRIBE wish to go to the porn site? Do they think that once we're there, we'll take a look around and decide, "Hey, naked chicks flashing their naughty bits ain't as bad as I thought!"? Oh, right.

Here are some amusing subject lines I have gotten that turned out to be porn:

Imagine my surprise when I open a mail with subject "Wanna chat?" and am confronted with "1000S OF TEENS YOU NAME IT WE DO IT 100S OF SEXUAL POSITIONS ANY WAY YOU LIKE IT TEEN EXTRAVAGANZA LESBIANS ****CLICK HERE**** DON'T MISS IT!!!!!" Um . . . I just wanted to chat, sorry.

Wanna see something ridiculous?

I got this in my e-mail box, a random e-mail from some dude I don't know. (Complete address not revealed, to protect the stupid.)

How bout some photos with a few less clothes on? Looks like you have a pretty naughty mind!

And did I reply? Need you ask?

Excuse me??

If you want pornography and scantily clad women, I doubt you really need it on my site. Sites full of just the sort of pictures you would like are only the most plentiful thing on the Internet.

As far as the "naughty mind" sort of thing goes, I don't know what you're basing it on. I fail to see where anything on my site gives you the impression that I should pose nude and advertise it.

And that, my friends, is that.

Another favorite thing for the cyberfiends to do is to pretend to be a sexy girl personally inviting you to see her nude pictures. They IM you these "buddy invites" and expect you to be interested . . . and there is no discrimination over who gets IMed. I've been IMed this one several times now:

[kara wants what?]

Gross!!! Did I need this? NO!


There are also plenty of folks who want nothing more than to talk nasty to each other and play with themselves. People of all genders and orientations. Not me. You would think that with all the people asking for sex everywhere, they would learn to ask *each other* and quit bothering me. I got it constantly when I was on AOL, and it is not as if AOL did not have searchable profiles. Mine said nothing about being interested in sex or even in dating. Why would they ask me for sex after reading it? Wait, I take that back . . . it's stupid of me to ask something like that, seeing as how most of the guys who do ask me for sex either haven't read my profile (except to check that it did, indeed, say "single" and "female"), or else they were too drunk or stupid to care that I don't want it.

My main complaint: Why is everyone trying to shove sex down my throat? Isn't there enough sex in the world to satisfy them? Is it a sin that I don't choose to add to it? Is this sex thing a religion or something? Will I go to Hell if I don't let you screw me? Is it that difficult to find someone who's willing? God. Some people.

Anyway, if you'd like to see some of my conversations with the fools who do ask me for sex (and yes, there are quite a few), you might enjoy my Cybersex IMs page.

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Comments from others:

Mikey: I did not know that the porn was the main thing on the Internet but I do now, and I must add that daily it seems that I get the same kind of unwanted crap in my mailbox, I would think enough is enough already isn't the Internet saturated with enough already.


Nyasu: This rant reminds me of the Foamy cartoon (ever watched Foamy?) where Germaine was complaining about her Inbox being filled with similar material.

But in any case, if there's one thing I'll never understand, it's the general obsession with porn. One time I was searching a video site for for an original copy of a (VERY tame) anime, seeing as the dubbed version was teh suck. My search yielded nothing but rape footage. Wtf.

Ryn: One I used to receive on a regular basis was a solicitation asking me if I was ready for my penis enlargement procedure. That was a hoot the first time. Others would show obscene pictures if you even clicked on them to delete them. Once that happened when my six year old was walking behind me at the computer! Now my Spam filter catches and deletes them, and I never open an e-mail if I don't recognize the sender. I have that luxury because I'm retired and can pick and choose about when I'm going to be bizarre or anti-social. I don't have an answering machine, either. I rather like some of the romantica amd science fantasy erotica being written over the last few years, and there are plenty of people who find that pornographic. For me, if you're an adult and you go seeking for it -- that's your business, but it should NEVER involve children; be available to children; denigrate people, especially women; associate sex with violence; or disguise itself as something else in an attempt to push itself on people who are NOT seeking it! I am all for free speech, but every freedom comes with responsibilities as well. Ryn

Acegirl: I know what it's like to be tricked into seeing pornographic material. I chatted with this guy who sent me an unexpected link to homosexual sex between old men. Worst, many boys in that site try to do that.