The Name Game

One of my pet peeves is when people come online e-mailing or IMing me from a screenname they've never used with me before. There are two ways you can abuse this hidden identity: One, by acting like I should know who the hell you are even though I can't see your face or hear your voice; and two, by trying to "spy on me" with another name and see how I'll act if I think you're a stranger. I've had friends do both to me.

I hate the second one more than the first. If you're one of my friends and you read this, you are advised never to hide your identity from me when we talk, especially if it's deliberate. I prefer honest folks, and if you like to play games like that maybe we're not as good friends as you thought. All it takes is a simple "Hi, it's me, so and so" and then I'll recognize you. I do NOT appreciate people lying to me or sneaking around spying on me from other names.

I have caught stupid cyber-losers that I already rejected pretending to be someone else with a different approach, hoping maybe THIS will get them in bed with me when they're making the same obvious grammatical mistakes. I've also had cyber-stalkers IMing me pretending they've never talked to me before, so that they can try to make me fall for some trick or make me say something they think is incriminating. I've had friends pretend to be their own friends and try to talk about themselves to see what I'll say about them behind their backs, which has never, ever worked. And I've had asshole stalkers--one in particular--who thought I wouldn't be able to tell who they were after I'd already asked them to stop trying to talk to me. I don't fall for it and I always call them out.

I also do not like the game of "guess who I am!!!" With a screenname you cannot tell, unless you've got something telltale in the name or profile. Don't get me wrong, I like playin' around and being silly, and sometimes going into a chat room incognito or using a name to role-play is fun. But don't do it to try to trick me into talking to you or talking about something I refused to talk to you about. I will not forgive you.

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Mikey: It is really crazy sometimes the things people do for their amusement at the cost of others. I guess sometimes you have got to ask what is going on in people's head.

: You'd totally understand who I was, if you just learned to read the Arabic alphabet. Oh, and the screen name is a non-standard transliteration, so you'd have to learn that too. Hehehe, you'll never guess who I am, unless you learn Arabic, or I do something really obvious, like not change my writing style, or leve my email adress. But I'd never do something as stupid as that.