Guestbook Abuse

Some people have websites with guestbooks, which are electronic services designed to let visitors leave comments for the owner of the site. Notice I say COMMENTS. Yes, that's actually what they're for. Why is it, then, that I seem to receive an inordinate number of guestbook entries that say NOTHING except "Visit MY Website!!!!!"?

I did not create a guestbook so that you could advertise your site. Do you really think that I am going to go to your page after you left NOTHING constructive in my guestbook? I've got news for you people who use guestbooks to advertise your own page and nothing else: I delete your entry, and I don't go to your page. Simple as that.

I've also had people sign my guestbook for personal vendettas--they don't agree with something I've said, or carry a grudge against me for some reason, and want some way to contact me and say nasty things without providing me with an e-mail address that I might use to voice my replies. I'm not sure what people think they're achieving when they sign my book with "U SHOULD BE CHRISTIAN, U SATANIST!!!! I WILL PRAY 4 U!!!!!" I will first read it, then laugh, then delete. A guestbook is not a place for you to criticize me personally. It is a place to leave any comments, suggestions, or thoughts you have about my SITE, preferably in a well-thought-out and constructive way.

That doesn't mean you can't leave something negative. Unless a site is undeniably perfect, I actually *try* to leave at least one suggestion if I'm making a comment. It can even be entirely negative, such as an entry I left alone, talking about how I shouldn't post the IMs I get with losers because it's "a waste of html." Even though this is a very stupid and judgmental entry and exists for no purpose other than to belittle me, I left it up because apparently the person really thought my page about Cyberlosers was a waste of space and time, and I'm willing to let her say it. I do delete negative entries that say nothing but "ur a loser" or entries from people who sign (accidentally or on purpose) multiple times, or those entries that I know or suspect to be drafted for purposes other than giving constructive criticism. I'm under no obligation to keep things posted that I consider inappropriate.

I've also known people to use their own guestbooks to look like they have fans when they really don't--they sign their OWN books, and I'm not talking about just to test it! I figure they can do whatever they want if they want to try to fool people into believing the public views them a certain way--fine with me, just like if you want to reload your page 1,000 times to make your counter spin and fake visits, but chances are if you have to do stuff like that, no one cares but YOU. I even know of people who have changed negative entries to look like positive ones, misrepresenting their visitors! Guys, if you don't like what someone said, delete the entry and have a word with the person; don't put words in people's mouths to make it look like they support you.

All in all, it's people who think my guestbook is a billboard who tick me off the most. I'm thinking of sending a link to this page to anyone who signs my book with an ad from now on, what do you guys think? :)

Check out my guestbook!

Mail me directly if you want to comment on this. I was getting ridiculous amounts of spam through the form that was here for some reason.

Comments from others:

Mikey: I found this really interesting I never knew that people would do such stupid selfish things but I guess I should have known better. "Visit my site" yeah I think I would have deleted it as well.

Lindsey: You really shouldnt put photos or personal information on your site. You have to think.

swankivy: Yes because putting personal photos on the 'Net puts me in some kind of danger, obviously. What does that have to do with a rant on guestbook abuse anyway, Lindsey? I guess I'm just not thinking?

Haley: Dude..Thats messed up...goodbye!

Mad Jack Flint: I think that it is really good you put that little paragraph in before people signed your guestbook, because it saves you time.. and nothing more! Noodles!

anubis: You are correct!I get thge same thing at my website.

cassandra: yea Ive got a whole bunch of losers that keep writing in my guestbook, harrassing me and leaving no information about them selves what so even. I have however installed an IP adress tracker, but am un-sure how to use it and find out exactly who these people are. is this illegal? and can I charge them for any criminal offenses against me? need some help here, and information on the matter would be greatly appreciated.. thanks

irene: Thank you for letting me find out that I am not the only one receiving a lot of spam on porn sites, penis enlargement and viagra ... I delete them and the next day they are back there.

Even though I am a quite tolerant person, these daily inputs are a real pain, and I am now putting the IP address of these abusers on the access denial list in my control panel, so that these IP users can not access my site any more.

Some people they use their intelligence for creating harrassment. I feel sorry for them.

Have a nice day. Irene from Luxembourg