Here are the errors I have found on the news pages, with what they SHOULD say underneath.

[Think my smart what?]
Correction: Think you're smart?

Correction: #1 product of its kind in France.

[Heere's. . . . ]
Correction: Here's how. . . .

[caclulator?] WIDTH=
Correction: Texas Instruments scientific calculator.

Correction: Dennis Retreats (no apostrophe)

[kids want]
Correction: What every kid wants

Correction: AOL Instant Messenger lets you see who's online

Correction: Charles Schulz (no t)

Correction: TV, Movies & Entertainment News

Correction: Estimate Your Taxes

[its aol!]
Correction: And, it's available to your school now.

Correction: Get Freaky, Y'all.

Correction: Kitchen Wisdom

Correction: Free shipping.

Correction: This season's hottest products.

Correction: Let TurboTax lead the way--it's easy. . . .

Correction: Wesley Snipes' sunglasses. (Or Wesley Snipes's sunglasses.)

Correction: Find selected gifts. . . .

Correction: Task Force scrambles. . . .

Correction: Don't miss. . . .

Correction: Charlie's Angels. . . .

Correction: Including Accessories. . . .

[its tax time!]
Correction: It's tax time. . . .

Correction: Rates for April 7. . . .

Correction: Tallest U.S. man. . . .

[lost word]
Correction: Giant Rat Found in 'Lost World'

Correction: prosecutor is devastated

Correction: My hair deserved its own zip code

Correction: it is a fairly common sight

Correction: Blames Parents For Autism

Correction: Obama's a Shoo-In

Correction: Hannah Montana

[alicia key's]
Correction: Alicia Keys' (Or Alicia Keys's)

Correction: Click to see yours instantly

Correction: What led to dramatic declaration

Correction: Why it's feared

Correction: out of harm's way

Correction: Its striking beauty / its true nature

Correction: Star who led opponent to 21 win