My words are MINE.

However, some people are not willing to respect that.

I hate it when people can't be original--or feel that they shouldn't have to. In fact, the fact that someone has to copy to get good material bothers me more than being copied by someone else. When people copy, be it ideas, words, pictures, whatever, and then pretend they did it without help, boasting a creation as their own . . . it ticks me off big-time.

I realized how much I disliked being copied the first time someone actually copied me. A girl who (according to her guestbook entry) actually liked my page completely turned against me when I caught her plagiarizing my site and said so. If you'd like to read about that incident and other times I was copied (and what I did about it), please go here to read my story.

Anyway, in general, I don't mind helping other people with their creations or even if someone is inspired by my page to do something similar. What I *do* mind is being copied and not being given credit, or having my words lifted from their intended place of display and pasted somewhere without my having authorized it. Copying seems rampant on the 'Net now . . . if people like something, they take it. And then some of them have the nerve to put "" with their name beside it, or to join anti-copying organizations when they know they're copycats! They're shameless.

I would never take someone's graphics, writing, or ideas without *express* permission to use them, and not only would I get permission but I'd reveal the original creator in the same document. It bothers me when people don't even have the decency to think how other people must feel when they make something original and then others take it without thanks, acknowledgment, or permission. I guess maybe this is more of a rant on people's being largely inconsiderate.

If you have a website, I strongly urge you to use only your own original material or that material which is specifically intended for your use under certain conditions which you obey. Respect others' rights to their own artistic and intellectual property. If you don't . . . be ready to suffer the consequences.

Websites can acquire a registered copyright as text with the U.S. Copyright Office. I own a registered copyright on the text of this site under the site's title. If someone copies me, I have a copyright number that can be looked up. I encourage anyone who wouldn't be able to stand being copied to acquire a registered copyright for their pages. I have had several copycats' sites shut down by physically writing to registered copyright agents for offenders' hosts. But if you don't have any proof that your words are yours, you could lose out. Another good way to prove your site predates theirs is to check out the Wayback Machine and look at how far back your URL has been in existence displaying that text.

Original folks: Defend your work. Copycats: Go to Hell.

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Mikey: tip of the spear, I can understand why this can anger anyone and I agree with what you said completely.

Lisa: Jeez. I hate it when people can't be original. The fact that people have to steal others peoples opinions, ideas, work, etc tells me that what this world is coming to is a sad thing indeed.

Cian: I know the feeling. Someone recently copied my pages on Elemental Paganism, in their entirety, AND put their name on it. Their site is now gone. Awww.....poor little thief. ;)

Takun: Honostly, that sounds like something I would do for fun....Do you think she was playing with you maybe??

swankivy: Doesn't matter if someone's "playing." It's illegal.


swankivy: Actually it's called "plagiarism." And I know what it's called. This page is about why it sucks. Understand now?

Ed: Tip of the spear, I hate it when people can't be original. I know the feeling. HonOstly, that sounds like something CALLED PLAGURISM [sic] And I know what it's called.

Ed 2009

Charly: True. But the worst of copycats are possibly Disney and Recolor fags, which claiming that their characters are their own creation and it was sooo hard for them to make those "Original Characters". Yeah, as original as going to Google, search for a picture, save it to the hard drive, play with it in Microsoft Paint and upload the crap on Deviant Art, Fur Affinity or... for fuck sake... YouTube. Those people can go to hell, because they just through some crap together and claims it "the best story online"... yeah, very original!

JL:About that one copycat/stalker glchick you mentioned on the other page- the sad thing is, she wasted a lot more time and effort on smearing and stalking you than it would have taken her to just write her own content in the first place! I guess some people just can't get enough drama and chaos in their lives.