Common Errors

You're probably guilty.

Everyone's guilty of their one or two things they do wrong when they write; most people have those few words they can never remember how to spell or those conditional words that they have a hard time using correctly. Of course, as an editor, if I'm aware of a mistake I make or have made, I get set taking care of it right away.

That said, it actually bothers me a lot more when someone who writes well has a misused word or typo than it does if someone just can't spell at all. Maybe because if someone is a writer or a highly educated person whose education or job requires lots of written communication, I just plain expect more from that person?

So, this is a list of sins I see people committing all the time. These are mistakes good writers still make. Yes, probably even you.

Read it.

Avoid these writing/spelling/usage pitfalls and make your friendly neighborhood swankivy a happier editor bitch. Thank you.

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Comments from others:

Cliffjumper24: It's a good job youtube doesn't have an equivalent of a red marker.... people like you asnd I could spend all day correcting everyones smelling pistakes!!!

Sometimes you get someone who puts up a really inciteful comment.... but you miss it because you'rer screaming "ARRRG! Learn to spell you muppet!!"

My most annoying ones are the there/their/they're and were/we're/where...

Were these people sleeping during basic English classes, or is it just a symptom of bad schooling where teachers just don't think that spelling is important anymore?!

Another annoying one... the word 'light' seems to be sponsored by Miller, and comes with 20% less letters!!

Pedro: I honestly thought the correct form was "a shoe-in", as in, "he has a shoe in the door" (meaning he is almost where he wants to be".

So 'he's a shoe-in for MVP", I took it, meant "he is halfway to MVP" (has that one shoe in the door, if you would). Apparently not.

Also, a segway is a sort of cross between a pogo-stick and a push-scooter that people (usually policepeople) ride around in looking like complete dorks.