A Christian Nation

So apparently some people who are completely ignorant of what the Constitution says continue to insist that this is an explicitly Christian nation.

Look at this article, which (for the link-wary) is about some Tea Party guy who thinks the "Coexist" bumper sticker is a disgusting expression of un-American values.

The bumper sticker, incidentally, looks like this:

And the guy this article is about, Allen West, says that this is an un-American concept, because he thinks it suggests we should be fine with "giving away who we are."

And who "we" are, obviously, in his mind, is a Christian nation.

In case he is completely ignorant of history (which he clearly is), maybe someone should tell him that America was literally founded BECAUSE some people were sick of religious intolerance (among other types of intolerance). Not that it was done perfectly (American Indians, anyone?), but it was a damn good idea--to try to establish a country that doesn't require participation in a national religion. Last time I checked, our Constitution specifically forbids establishment of a national religion (or any institution run by the government "respecting" such things), and it specifically mentions that the government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion. What, exactly, is this guy trying to say is UN-American about coexisting? I think it's in the damn manual.

Not to mention even within his own religion there are prescriptions to live and let live, though they contradict mightily with other verses about what family members and friends should do to their loved ones if they find out they worship false gods. But that's neither here nor there. The POINT is that there are few things MORE "American" (ideally) than the concept of diversity, and yet this prick thinks tolerance for alternate religions is the antithesis of the country.

Read a book, you ass.

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Ghuy42: Whenever I hear about people talking about how America is a 'Christian nation' and someone else mentions that the constitution grants freedom of religion, they reply with some silliness about how The founding fathers wanted America to be Christian,' or something equally moronic.