Childish vs. Childlike

Sometimes, because I don't do what's expected of me "at my age," I get accused of acting like a kid. I'll start this ramble by making a distinction between childish and childlike. Maybe we should start with definitions, eh?

childish--marked by or suggestive of immaturity and lack of poise

childlike--of, relating to, or resembling a child or childhood; especially: Marked by innocence, trust, and ingenuousness

Okay, so you see the difference. It seems that whenever I'm doing something that people associate with children, they're quick to say I'm immature or babyish, and say I need to grow up. Now I'm not talking about throwing temper tantrums; I'm talking about licking the bowl. I'm not talking peeing my pants; I'm talking jumping on the bed. I believe there are things one shouldn't outgrow . . . and even if some people decide they're going to, I'd prefer they didn't make their choice into some kind of standard.

[on my back] [sticker] [wings!] [my costume]
I think there's nothing wrong with frolicking in fields, wearing stickers on my face, collecting stuffed animals, or dressing up for Halloween.

I think that a lot of the time, kids have the right idea. They do things because they're fun. Coloring is fun; so is playing on the playground, making a mess, laughing at jokes about poop, and listening to silly songs. These things are most popular with kids, but I don't think that that's any reason to say these things should therefore be restricted to children. I think that when adults lose the ability to find the fun in a lot of this kind of stuff, they're really missing out, thinking that it's better to be mature and all that garbage. Okay, if it works for them, fine, as long as they don't criticize me for enjoying what I do. I am very easily amused and find silly things interesting. It doesn't mean I'm a baby and I need to grow up. I think it's only judgmental, insecure people who tell me I'm immature because I don't go out and get wasted, or because I don't want to get married and have kids, or because I can enjoy a cartoon.


I'm a college graduate who takes care of herself, isn't in debt, doesn't lean on other people to make ends meet, and has a balanced emotional, creative, social, and professional life. It doesn't really make sense to say "That may be, but you have too many toys and read Captain Underpants, so your argument is null and void." I'm doing fine, thanks. And I know a lot of "grown-ups" who aren't.

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Comments from others:

Mikey: Hey I think its great that you like what you like and are just being yourself and "I am still a bowl licker as well".

Sarah: I wish I knew more people like you. Too often have I also received the "you're so immature! grow up!" comments from people I've known in the past. I usually get that when I try to have fun with them in public (I suppose they were embarrassed or something). Then again, they've said the same thing when there aren't other people around (so maybe they're just no fun). Those same people call my toys, cartoons, and kid movies and books "junk" and tell me I should get rid of them. Why do people do this? Probably because the majority frown upon it, and many people live off of the oh-so-desired acceptance of society. Most adults (not to mention teens) need to lighten up, play outside, and give their dormant imagination some exercise!

Roxie: Have any of you people heard of second childhood? Cause I've seen it in my bloody family. I have a great aunt now that acts more like a child than my 8-year-old niece. We can't take that old woman ANYWHERE!

Keep ranting!

Carrie: I agree 100%!! I've gotten the childish comment also, but the truth is, I just like to have some simple fun like playing with puppies, bouncing on the bed while saying "bouncy, bouncy, bouncy," being tickled or tickling someone else... it isn't about being childish! its about enjoying the simple pleasures!

Synesthesia: Dude, again, you are seeming cool. I am way too easily amused myself. The good thing about being an adult is I can pursue my childlike interests and fixations without being having anyone living with me lecturing me. I work, put on my adult drag so I can afford to be happily childlike.

And raise some moths.And some butterflies.

NotAsSwankyAsIvy: I noticed you wear your hair up in pigtails and other such hairstyles alot, I was wondering does anyone treat you as a child because of this? Do people think your younger when you have your hair up a certian way to when its out? - Random questions I know but I like wearing my hair in Pigtails myself and it happens all the time to me. I don't look my age normally but as soon as I do this adults seem to talk to me differently then they normal do or do people that are the same age as me. It shits me bad. There is a good side though- I sometimes get cheaper tickets at the movies without trying because they assume I'm not an adult fair. LOL

swankivy: Anon there didn't leave an e-mail address, but no, I haven't really perceived any hairstyle-based difference in other adults' attitudes toward me. It could figure in, but I haven't the slightest.

Cliffjumper24: Most people are so obsessed with being 'groan-ups' (a deliberate typo!), they've forgotten how to have fun!!

I love the idea of bouncing on the bed.
Ijust bought a new matress... it's thick and springy and perfect for bouncing on!
The only problem is, I'm too tall and I'll bang my head on the ceiling if I were to bounce on it!
Booooo!! :(

Getting old is mandatory.... growing up is optional!!

me: growing up doesn't mean you have to grow old!