Inside of ugliness there is beauty.
Two souls, misshapen and losing their gleam,
Asymmetrical and very heavy. . . .
Two souls, once the most beautiful things on Earth,
Once glowing with life and love,
Now sleeping in silence
and writhing in anger and pain when awake,
screaming at the ugliness of themselves.
They drift without direction,
Burning themselves with their anger-flames
And seeking to collapse into ashes.
They never become consumed in the fire
and only scar and disfigure themselves further.
In the barely recognizable faces,
they find each other.
There is nothing beautiful on her face,
and his death is apparent in his eyes.
In each other, they find a light.
Then, two souls, hidden in these twisted bodies
manage one sacred kiss. . . .
In the face of all that is profane, they can feel rapture,
though they both thought their bodies were their coffins.
Their love moves the world.
And though they are but two deformed demons,
their love is as heavenly as an angel's.