With the name of a man of God, you brainwash as you say Satan does.

You despise the government which outlaws the teaching of your religion in the schools, yet you say sex without marriage is unholy. Isn't marriage a piece of paper from that same government, giving you *permission* to love? Why is it that the love itself is not enough for you?

You put yourself in the place of your god, judging as he might . . . but saving no one.

Through a bargain with the deity of your choice, you say you can reach Heaven. You say we can only reach Heaven if we do the same. But it seems you use this as an excuse to accuse me of sinning, rather than a way to help me. You call me ungodly so that you may feel godly. You call me an infidel so that you may seem faithful. You tell me that if I am not a good little sheep of yours, I am not good at all.

Sex before marriage to you equals "evil fornication." Do you know or *care* if love is involved? You also believe that all women need a man . . . to keep them in line, to slap them when they talk too much. What would I have to gain by becoming one of your flock? By your own beliefs, I'd just get smacked a lot more for saying what I believe. When I talk, it's "running my mouth." When you talk, it's "preaching truth."

Every other sentence of yours is from the Bible. Verbatim, copied straight from the pages into your memory, to spill out of your mouth. Which one of us is running our mouths? "The Bible says, the Bible says. . . . " What do *you* say? I want to know what *you* say. I'm extending that courtesy to you, after all.

You believe talent to be the work of Satan, you believe a naked female body is some kind of sin, you believe sex is bad if nobody but the people involved say it's okay. And when I ask you why . . . you quote the Bible! Do you understand what you're reading? Do you even know what you're saying?

You claim to be under the influence of a higher power, while I, of course, am a "nagging female." My opinions are coming from my thoughts. Yours are out of a book. You can't even explain them in your own words. You're loud, but do you think anyone hears you? Can you hear yourself?

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. My shepherd makes me lie in fields of green. Leads me beside still waters." If you believe the Bible, read what it says. It compares your god to a shepherd. . . . Shepherds often sell their sheep out of greed or need, not knowing who they trade to, and they don't take an interest in individual sheep.

You put your faith in this god simply because he said to. And now you're telling me to. But not *once* did you speak of love. Shouldn't you feel some kind of love from a lord who cares? If you do, then why do you not use this to convince me? You are reading with your eyes closed in the dark, trying to make me see.

Don't try to persuade me with threats! That sounds more like a vengeful devil than a god who loves me! Why is it so important to you that people only find happiness *your* way? According to *your* rules. . . . No sleeping together without a piece of paper, no choosing your own destiny, no pure pleasure.

Spread truth, not misconceptions. Make thoughts, with feeling behind them; don't hate without thought or accept without question.

And find the love you claim your god shows you.

I think you lost it a long time ago.