Look up.
Now look up again.
Do you see the sky?
Did you forget that it is a part of our Earth too?
What do you see up there?
Surely you don't see it as just a glaring void.
Out past our atmosphere, the stars are there.
You forgot them, didn't you?
Are they a pretty painting on the ceiling of your little Earth?
Or are they REAL to you?
Are they shiny decorations or are they myriad suns?
How can you forget that we live in a place like this?
How do you go about your everyday life so oblivious
To the fact that we belong to something so big,
Something so great,
Something so magnificent and magical?
For one night, fall into the sky.
Look up into space and let your eyes dream.
Let your soul scream in wonder.
Feel time stop inside you.
This is life.
The universe is alive and just for this instant you are part of it.
Savor the sky and the magic of your dust-particle life.
Let the universe mean everything to you, because it is everything.
Remember how much you mean to yourself.
As a tiny smudge on the face of time, you are nevertheless important.
Look at the sky.
Collect the darkness and the tiny lights in your eyes.
You are gathering such old light.
It traveled a thousand lifetimes just to touch your soul tonight.
Will you remember this when the sun comes up?
When the sun's brilliance obscures the light of greater suns farther away,
Will you remember what you've seen?
The stars still shine when your eyes can't detect them,
So remember that the ancient light of the stars still follows you
No matter where or when you travel. . . .
Wherever you go,
You can take it with you.
Every city has a sky.