Let me give you my life!
When I slave to make you the perfect Valentine
And you accidentally sweep it into the trash, unnoticed,
It breaks my heart
But I forgive you.
When you mistake my "how are you?" phone call
For intrusive snooping,
It hurts my feelings
But I endure it.
When I try to offer advice
And you blow up at me with angry words,
I cry in silence
But I recover.
When I write you a song
And you judge it unfit for listening,
I feel ashamed
But keep on singing.
As much as your explosions leave burn marks on my soul,
I know they do much more damage to you.
The fire erupts from within you;
There is no way you can stay intact
When you have a volcano for a heart.
And that is why,
In spite of all your attacks and seeming hatred,
I continue to love you.
Because I know you.
And I understand you.
I know that one day you will make an apology,
(One that is unnecessary
Since I see it in your eyes even as you transgress),
And that one day
You will truly recognize that you are sorry for what you do.
But this day is not something I yearn for . . .
I know it will come in time.
Though you are very cruel at times,
You will always own a piece of my life,
A piece of me that I give gladly.
Though you abuse me, you cannot lose the privilege of my love.
Let me give you my life!
I wish you would pause to see how lucky you are.
But there is no need to fear losing me,
Nor is there a need to try to chase me away.
You can't do either one.
So I'll sit here quietly,
Accept your criticism,
Endure your outbursts,
Tolerate your torrential hate
And love every moment of it.