I will not grow up like them,
No, not me; no, not me.
I won't let them take my toys
Or make me get a job.
I will always be a child,
Yes, I will; yes, I will.
I won't let my childhood die . . .
But soon, it comes to pass.

I won't settle down like them;
No, I won't; no, I won't.
I will keep impulsiveness
And always bounce right back.
I won't change or act adult,
Not a chance; not a chance.
I can't be responsible . . .
But soon, it comes to pass.

I won't lose my youthful face,
No, not I; no, not I.
I will keep myself in line
And never look so old.
Wrinkles will not spoil my looks,
No, they won't; no, they won't.
I will never bend to age . . .
But soon, it comes to pass.

I will not face death like them,
Never me; never me.
I will live forever,
Something surely will save me.
Somehow I'll escape this fate;
I'll get out, I'll get out.
I won't crumble into dust . . .
But soon, I come to pass.