Hands, hands, hands,
Moving on my face.
Inner workings knotted up,
Seconds trying to tick.

Click, click, click,
Trying to reach a moment.
Hoping I can be released,
I can feel it coming.

Tick, tick, TICK,
And here's that perfect second.
My purpose and I are joined once more,
Time and clock together.

Chime, chime, chime,
It's joyful in my mind.
Twice a day, I tell true time,
Until the second's gone.

Push, push, push,
My insides grind against it.
For several seconds past the time,
I fight against my fate.

Slip, slip, slip,
It always gets away.
I am left in foolishness,
With lies upon my face.

Dream, dream, dream,
So then time flows around me.
Meaningless existence pours,
And hours turn to water.

Pulse, pulse, pulse,
This should be my heartbeat.
And yet I do not glow with life,
Because I don't have time.

Free, free, free,
You see, I am a channel.
Clocks should not just show the time,
I am the flow itself.

Stuck, stuck, stuck,
But I'm caught in a moment.
Time itself disgorges me,
And leaves me in its wake.

Rage, rage, rage,
I cannot calm my anger.
My hands should move "like clockwork,"
But I have utterly failed.

Sigh, sigh, sigh,
But what else could I do?
Another's fault caused my misfortune,
Dropped me through the cracks.

Die, die, die,
And yet I go on living.
Something powers my hands on yet,
But now I have no purpose.

Twice, twice, twice,
Two times a day I'm truthful.
That is now what I must live for,
Though I'd rather die.

Wait, wait, wait,
Now that's all I can do.
Shamefully paused in uselessness,
A second in my hands.