Acorn man, acorn man, tell me what you see.
Underneath the branches, what lies hidden in the tree?
What you see in nature do you see inside of me?
Acorn man, can you see where happiness can be?

Acorn man, acorn man, tell me what you know.
What is one to do when there is no place left to go?
I would say go up and out, like trees do when they grow,
But who's to say there's nothing that's worthwhile down below?

Acorn man, acorn man, can you help me find
All the things inside my head that match what's in your mind?
Tell me what you think of all the problems of mankind . . .
And should we lend them helping hands or leave them all behind?

Acorn man, acorn man, do you know the way?
Do you know which pleasures are embroidered on the day?
If you do, do you believe that somewhere far away
There might be someone out there who believes the things you say?

Acorn man, acorn man, do you have a plight?
Something in your life that just cannot seem to go right?
Is there any way that I can help you through the night?
After all my questions, maybe I can shed the light.

Acorn man, acorn man, I can comprehend
Why you live a different life than others recommend.
I, too, live a life that I must constantly defend,
And that, with many other things, is what makes you my friend.