Work Log

Go bye-bye

OKAY, you probably want to know why the work logs stopped. Obviously I no longer work at the bookstore.

No, the store didn't stop having Stupids--that would surely be the end of life as we know it.

I became steadily disillusioned with serving the public in a retail atmosphere, as you may have been able to tell by the fact that the 2006 logs are about sixty times longer than the 2000 logs from when I first started. That combined with the fact that my rent was rising a lot faster than my pay and the fact that I was just ready for something new contributed to my desire to leave.

So I did.

I put in my two weeks' notice, moved from Gainesville to Tampa (where two members of my family live), and found a new job in this new town. Since I'm an administrative assistant now and none of the people I deal with are MY customers, I really don't have to deal with "Stupids" anymore. Anyone who feels like being dumb does not report to me, and though I occasionally have to deal with someone who is slightly abusive, deceptive, or condescending on the phone because I won't let them talk to my boss or something, that is really nothing compared to what I had to deal with at the store. It wouldn't make a good Web page. And my co-workers--all, like, eight of them, since it's a small office--are people with whom I generally get along. I don't have much contact with them, I just do their work and process their stuff.

And here's the punchline: I don't have to take crap, I generally enjoy my work and the atmosphere, and THEY PAY ME ALMOST TWICE WHAT THE BOOKSTORE DID.

Am I happy to be gone from there? Yes.

Do I miss it a little bit? Yes.

But I don't miss the Stupids. It is a blessing that I don't have to deal with them anymore.

And so you won't either.

What a joy for me, and such sorrow for you.

I will not be taking the page down, of course--its archives will remain accessible just like the rest of my Web page.

It has been great fun sharing my Stupid frustration with you all for the last six years, and while I was sad to leave both my friends at work and this Web page behind, I am also quite relieved to be done with this particular breed of Book Stupids.

If only there was a better way to get a good discount on books. . . .


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