My Record of Work: The Annoying, the Interesting, and the Just Plain Weird--The Year 2000.

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A guy was annoyed by me today because I couldn't understand what he was asking for. He seemed to be saying some word in the title of the book he wanted that I had never heard in my life. When I asked him to spell it and told him I had never heard of that word, he gave me this evil look like "what kind of person are you that you don't know this???" and said, "Well, it's in the Gospels!" Ahh, I see. Of course, since I don't know the word I'm not a good Christian. OH no.


When leaving a message about a book that had come in, a couple of my co-workers and I were confronted with an answering machine that said the usual stuff, but then said, "And remember, God loves you and has assured you a place in Heaven if only you will trust Him . . . " or something, and it went on for like TWO MINUTES before you could leave a message!! HAAHA!!


We had a one-day sale today and it was so freakin' busy we had all four registers open! (Usually we just have ONE!) There was a giant sign behind me explaining how the one-day sale works, and I noticed a misused apostrophe on it and got mad. (It was using "member's" instead of "members.") And then I started laughing when a customer wanted to see the small replacement bulbs for the book lights and I realized the package had a typo. It said, "Two blubs." BLUBS! HAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!!

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