October 2001 through January 2002


So . . . my day was pretty productive, all things considered. Joe stayed over so we could get a part from Best Buy when it opened, so we talked and slept, then did so. We had to go to Best Buy twice, and he had to tweak my settings for about 2 hours to get the colors right, but now it's working. While he tweaked, I drew a new calendar pic and listened to my new TMBG and Suzanne Vega CDs! :D Finally, when he left, I did E2 and e-mail, and all was cool. I finished editing Book 2, ate a LOT of Luminous Crescents, cleaned my house, and did dishes. Fun. I updated my cliques and homepage, and talked to friends; now Brendon is coming trick-or-treating! I hope everyone can go. WOO HOO! I got offline and made some lists as I perused the books I checked out, and that's about it!


What a boring, useless day. I'm kind of annoyed at myself. I really didn't do anything interesting. I got up, did some quick editing, ate food, did dishes, went online, and cleaned my ceiling fan. Boring. It was mostly because I was waiting for the Halloween party and I didn't really feel like diving into anything. Big mistake. When it was time, I got offline and got dressed in my faerie outfit and went to the party. As expected, it was boring, and had sucky food. I sat by myself for a long time, briefly talking with a woman and even more briefly talking with a young man. Leanna seemed drunk. I went home. I don't think I won anything. I read a chapter of The Hobbit.


Splart! Today was pretty cool except that it ended early. Work was fine. I went to the bank and did PokéLeague and cleaned Kids' twice because during PokéLeague some family (or two) destroyed it. :P So, mostly that was work, and I bussed home and got online very briefly. Then Mike arrived, and we talked and watched AMVs, but then we cooked shribble soup, and it was damn good! We sat and chatted more, and he told me about stuff in my books that ruled and stuff that needed fixing, and then we made Luminous Crescents, and ate them. I shared some book advice from others, then he left and I hosted, and I fell asleep!


Goodish day. Started out weird 'cause I forgot Daylight Savings Time, so I showed up at work real early. My bike went flat on the way. It sucked. Matt lost his keys and we had a fiasco, but it turned out okay. I did lots of voids in Tammy's register and I got to know her a little! She's cool even if she considers herself a "redneck." Anyway, I didn't have to do register! I did kids' stuff mostly, but I slacked off, going to the bank with Matt (and getting my bike pump and getting kidded about being a witch who lives in the Woods), reading a silly kids' book called No Flying in the House, and playing with Angie. After work, I got online and did E2, and encountered Ian, so I had him over for baking, which was GREAT! Then I chatted with Meg and baked more, and that's it.


Everyone liked my cookies, and I'm bringing pie tomorrow! I just read Animorphs at the register. There was a hilarious thing in there about destroying the Intermediate Series section in a bookstore! Hah! Matthew was a dick about my endcaps, and John kept acting like a jerk over returns and my Wednesday schedule. This is so payback for sticking Mary with the high return percentage blame!

After work, I hurried to go to the store, and that punk Christian whose name I don't know came out of nowhere and offered to drive me instead, so I accepted. He drove like a fuggin' maniac, but we got the job done. I came home and baked muffins and Hallows cake dough, cleaned up, and worked online. :)


Snorgy. We opened an hour early to sell shite-ass Desecration, so I only had 2 hours--less really--to work in Kids'. Blah! I got Caldecott & Newbery moved over, and now I just gotta spread Education out. :) It's hard! I had to do register and customer service at different times, and got a fucking drug test that stole 100 hairs or so.

After luckily catching the bus, I made it home and prepared cookies and E2ed, and then ALEX and Eric came over! We talked a bit and then Alex treated us to Sawamura's. I gave them yum cake. Then I got back online, did e-mail, and talked to Joe and Ian, who then brought me donuts and talked. Ammy and Fred called. Then preparation and bed.


Well, John just kept not arriving to pick me up this morning, so when I called work when it was almost 7, I got Liz! She said he "resigned," which means Loss Prevention got him. Whoa! So. He's gone. I wonder when they were gonna tell me? I worked but didn't get enough done, and had to run register, annoyingly, and sticker books. Wah. Snorg. After worky, I came home and Joe awaited me. We did our talk-E2 thing, and watched Zim (freaky!), and then went to Wal-Mart and CiCi's Pizza. It was great! After, we came home and Brendon awaited us. :) We all got ready and called Ammy, and then . . . TRICK OR TREAT! (I wore my Sae outfit.) Finally when it was over, we traded candy, stopped at Ammy's, watched Digimon, and I fell asleep. No ritual yet. . . .


Today was somewhat packed. Recap: I had a ritual in the early morning (later than I meant). It was satisfying. My spices from my wishes burned really well--made nice ashes. After the ritual I didn't want to clean up. So I went and talked to Leanna about my rent credit, and found she is on a "spiritual quest" and wants to know more about my beliefs. So, I told her. She asked for "literature," so I got her a couple books (and cookies). When I came back a guy named Jorge was there. He is Pagan too, so I made a friend! We all went to lunch together! At CiCi's. :) After, we came back, and I slept, then cleaned up, edited, did E2 and e-mail, and slept again. I read a bunch of The Hobbit and slept again, then read stuff online, had issues taking a pee, took a shower, and went online. Snacking was plentiful.


Today I really didn't want to go to work, but I did anyway (duh, I want to keep my job). Anyway, I got there and there was a nice crew, so we weren't shortstaffed at all. Mary was in a foul mood 'cause Matthew's been trying to tell her what to do, and the newspapers were wonky. I did what I could with Kids', cleaning it up, and just worked on Pokémon and talking to Mitchell 'til my break, where I read Animorphs. I found out someone complained about me and Angie wearing witch outfits on Halloween! What a bitch! Anyway, I rearranged my Kids' Education, got that done, and went home. I cleaned a bit and then Mike showed, and I cooked Thai noodles. He brought me Every Flavor Beans. Dad called and said L is working at Hooters! Grr! I hosted and that's it.


For some reason, the Monday 9 to 5 register shift wasn't at all boring to me! Weird. I read Animorphs all day and rang people up. Matthew annoyed me mucho by refusing to respond every time I called him. I had to basically attack him to get him to come to the register. Finally when it was drawer-counting time, he fucked Javier over with discount cards, totally blowing off his need for them. I got really upset and bitched him out, after I, of my own initiative, went to give Javier discount cards. Matt apologized and stuff, but then he did the same shit to Aleekee on the phone, telling her he'd do stuff he didn't plan to do. Grr! After work, I talked to Leanna about all kinds of weird spiritual shit. She went to a Moon Goddess ritual and I'm kinda jealous because honestly I don't have the courage to do my magickal practices in front of people. I dunno. Leanna liked it, though, and she is going to the Wicca classes and doing her thing. She seems happy. I got home and missed the E2 deadline (blar!), so I sulked, then did my dishes (!) and ate an artichoke. Oh, I forgot, I began the morning with dog shit on my shoe. Grr. Umm, so I hung out and then (dammit) Ian came over and gave me donuts--can't ya tell I'm crushed. :) We chatted and then he left, and I finished up my online adventures and went to bed.


So. Today was another exercise in futility. I swear, I have such big plans for the "weekends," and then they get dashed by my lack of personal discipline. I need to start making lists. >:P

I did manage to do my dishes and finish my new Ivy calendar drawing today. The rest of the time was spent eating, watching Those Who Hunt Elves, taping Tenchi Forever, handling cliques and e-mail, going to August Moon with Scott (and on a hideous errand), inviting Ian over and watching Tenacious D with him while I drew, and reading. I did not clean my bookshelf. I did not work on sprucing up the excerpts. I did not go through the guidelines for editing requests. ARGH! And this week I can't 'cause I have guests. FRUSTRATION!


Another day, another dollar. Or goat. Or something. The rumor at work is that if Adam doesn't quit, he'll be a co-manager and Lara will become GM. That will be ridiculous. And just kinda wrong. I give her six months before she steps down, has a stress-related attack, or quits. Most likely, step down, after a vacation. *sigh*

So. I did PokéLeague and got lots of cards I needed for Victor's collection. :) I took an early break and cleaned Kids', and even put out a little truck! I was ready to eat when Diana drove me home. Mike was waiting. We made honey cake batter, played vids and did E2 while waiting for it to thicken, made the cakes, ate them, watched Invader Zim, watched more vids, made Sabbat cakes, and hosted. We talked of book and more.


Look, it's a binary code date! Heh. Yay. I'm supremely annoyed with myself. If I love writing and editing and shit so much, WHY DON'T I PURSUE IT?? I'm a slacker for putting it off . . .

So. I rode to work. In the fog. I witnessed Mary freaking out. I got a compliment from PJ. Adam's taking the co-manager position. I cleaned Kids' and shared the register way too much. I slacked a lot 'cause I felt slackery. I got mugwort, toothpaste, and Gorilla Munch at Mother Earth. I got teased for reading Animorphs. After work George invited me to a barbecue so I went and met Bert, his girlfriend, and their boy kid who I already knew (Brandon). Then Ammy came over and cried 'cause Becca died. I comforted her and did online shit. So I go.


Sklortee. Today was reasonably un-horrible. It began with us going to work only to have Matthew tossed out on his ass, fired, 'cause what he did yesterday was one past the last straw. Tricia's working at our store for the next week, and we're trying to find a GM. :)

I merchandised all day; arranged Harry Potter stuff, moved Spy equipment, made a Dalmatian display with extra glass shelves, made a Pooh display, condensed Harry Potter into N&N to make one section, added boxed sets and miscellany to the new blank spaces, and rearranged Beginning Readers to work in Angelina. ::Sigh:: Oh, and Emerald came, and Diana's break was unfortunately covered by me. After work, I called #397 and Mom, and then Joe showed. We went to see K-PAX and then ate Wendy's food at Anime, where annoying guy mumbled in Japanese again. After, we napped, hosted, watched Those Who Hunt Elves, Maho Tsukai TAI, Digimon, and South Park.


This morning I just cleaned and organized until Meg, Katelyn, and Phil got here. We played for a while and then after votes, toys, watching CD-ROM anime music videos, and nibbling candy, we went to the movie Monsters Inc. again. <:) So. After the movie Katie was tired, but we went to Sawamura's anyway. She was cute and tried to eat me. We went back to the apartment and watched South Park, then baked the 7UP cake, then watched more stuff like Tenacious D. We went to the store, where a guy hit on me, and bought groceries. We also watched Being John Malkovich and UCB. We had some definite fun. I had to clean 7UP and brownie out of the carpet, but that wasn't so bad.


Decent day. I didn't have to do register. (Except for an hour at the beginning.) I got to put out Kids' stuff and even merchandise a little! <:) Anyway . . . on the computer something was slated to be released in 2020 instead of 2002--I think it's Nevada Barr. Oh, and I got a very giant Wheels on the Bus book that Joe warned me about. *grin*

So. After biking home (oh, and getting a bloody nose at work), I did E2 votes, had some foodish stuff, and promptly fell asleep after promising myself I wouldn't. When I woke up I took a shower, did my dishes, called Mom, and did online crap. I changed Joe Day to Tuesday! :) (Just this week.) Now I'll go read Animorphs.


All in all, this was a good day. I read three Animorphs books--two illicitly! (I read one completely before the store opened, when I was supposed to be working, and one while at register and on break.) I cleaned the Kids' section up a bit, then just read and played. Then I had to work register, so I did, and got assy customers as well as nice ones. The lady who spilled coffee on books gave us cookies today, prompting me to write a rant about inconsiderate people and how they should act like this lady instead. (I posted that on E2.) After work, I checked out my Animorphs book, read it as soon as I was home, and did E2. Finally I read some Tolkien while eating salad. After, I did cliques and e-mail, then talked for a while to Mr. Fred and made Thanksgiving plans. Then I did dishes. :)


Damn! I suck! Today is Tuesday and I wanted it to be Wednesday! >XP Okkay.

So, I did Early Shift work today--that is to say, I cleaned Kids' slowly and read Animorphs. Then I read more on my break, ditched work to read more, and read at the register. I love this fucking series! I'm almost done--I will finish tomorrow. <:D

After work, Jeaux came and we went to see Harry Potter. It was good! It was very visually interesting but the plot had holes 'cause of its having to tell the details of a book. ::sigh::

After that, we ate at Grill Masters, went to Barnes & Noble for fun, and got stuff to bake pies with--with some difficulty from Winn-Dixie! After, we baked and I . . . went to read!


Finally, the awaited WEDNESDAY . . . I am off for two days. I remember when two days was nothing. When I had no job . . . I could just sit on my ass, and often did. NOW I never get two days to sit on my ass, and when I do sit on my ass, I feel guilty, like I should be "up to" something productive. Argh.

So. Work involved lots of slacking off. I cleaned the section, did breaks, and read Animorphs #54. DONE. And I don't agree that ending the series with them beginning a battle was good. Damn. Ms. Applegate. :P

After workee, I did my E2 and my computer and other preparations, and then Ammy came. We drove to Tampa, and then I arrived and hung with Mom and Aunt Diane, imitating Cartman.


Lovely. I really didn't do much today except sit around. I was on the computer part of the day, e-mailing and chatting (partly with Victor, who got in a fight with Joe over Smallville and Buffy). I went to Walgreens with L and got shampoo for my poor hair! And Aunt Diane did my hair in four french braids. :) Uhm, we ate Thanksgiving dinner; Mom made the green bean casserole I like, and mashed potatoes, and corn and carrots. I ate my pie too. Heather came over later. I drew a bit and read The Real Witches' Handbook by Kate West. I'm glad I didn't buy it! It's way basic. And strangely similar to my Web site. Hmm. So, anyway, after dinner and TV, Dad took me to Good Time Charlie's, where I sang "The Mummers' Dance," "Wuthering Heights," and "Hanky Panky."


Po! I was awoken by Aunt Diane saying I was budgy and my mom laying on me. Heh. I got up and got dressed and stuff, and Mom put my hair in French braids, and then Aunt Diane took me to Good Time Charlie's again so I could get my jacket. :) Finally, I got home and packed up and did some E2. Only some, though, 'cause Kari got me. We got some shite outta the garage, and then we left for G'ville. Kari and I chatted a bunch, and she dropped me. Then I caught up on E2, talked to "Woody" on the phone about my probably new job, and went to Wal-Mart, First Union, and K + K. I got STUFF, including soy milk. Yay. Er . . . I then went online again and played, doing e-mail, cliques, and IMs. BORING! Finally . . . I edited, played the crappy Animorphs game, and prepared for bed.


Today I got up late--Lara's knock woke me up! Orgh. Hehe! So, I cleaned Kids' and voided computers. And some of business. Not much else to today, except I made Javier do Tammy's break 'cause I didn't WANNA! So HA! I read Megamorphs in the back room. Finally, I got off work and Woody picked me up. He let me work while he slept--it was slower going than I imagined. :( But I fixed myself a potato! And went home early. I got online and then (after some issues) called Phil, and we chatted for a while, and finally I watched Love Hina and Those Who Hunt Elves, and I drew some Ivy calendar. I got a way cute Ivy!



Weird day! First off, I got there late 'cause of Adam, but that was okay. I finished voiding Business and boxed my voids, straightened Kids', put out 2 stray totes, and did fuggin' loads of customer service . . . it blew some asses, but luckily mostly people were patient! :) PJ came and called herself a bitch on the phone to Cindy! Heh. Joe called but I had to split. Carnivorous Carnival is supposedly not out 'til June 2002! NO WAY! So, I rode my bike to the craft store and Mother Earth, and bought books and Gandalf mugs! :) After getting home, I read a tiny bit, then napped (but was awoken by my new stalker, Woody), and got up, bathed, and multi-braided my hair. Then I talked a bunch with Victor and Joe. Brendon found Zim shirts! DOOM!


Weee. Okay, so work was as usual, except there was no frantic-ness to my tackling Kids'. I organized, and re-did First Readers, and did some endcap crap, and helped customers. I passed around my "I hate" list about WORK, and Angie contributed heavily. Melissa's back and working rudely. I wore braids and my strawberry kerchief! Snorgh!

At the end of my shift an old lady tackled me and made me get books to give to kids. I kept the change 'cause she asked me to. I deserved it! She made me late! I checked out a book. Then I met Joe, and we watched Digimon before eating at . . . er, some country place! Argh. Then we checked in with Dan (no Anime) and had a nap, and watched South Park and The Tick, and talked and made vareneky. :)


Crap. It's December and I have NO gifts almost and not enough calendars done! >XP Fart-a-roni!

Hell Day. I only got like an hour of sleep all told, so I'm a bit beat. I got up and got a hold of Mary, who took me to the pointless-assed meeting. James and I got stuck getting bakery shit and it took forever and we missed a bunch of the meeting. Then it was a one-day sale and so we opened early and shitheads beat down the door, backed up the registers, and asked dumb questions all day. I saw and interacted with cute kids wearing dance clothes. Then I got to go home after Weeeing with Adam and being obnoxious. I simply ordered pizza with Mike, did Tarot, watched AMVs, and talked to him. It was tiring.


Attack of the ANNOYING PEOPLE! Wow, even people I generally like are being annoying today. Grr!

I had my hair in cute braid-curls hanging out from under my new pink and sparkle bandanna. It was cool. I like that style! So. Er, I put out books and stuff. Jim threw a box at me. It sucked, and then a customer thought something bad at me when I couldn't help her. (I don't know what it was she thought, but it was just one of those things.) So I went in the back and cried briefly. Nobody saw me. I played manager and saved asses. Dania and Tyler held down the fort at the register. It was weird. I like them. I got sleepy. Woody picked me up and he was oblivious at his house too--couldn't follow my directions. I came home and played with Ian and that's about all.


Today went well, though my mornin' time was sleepity. I cleaned Kids' and put shit out. It was such fun. I lie. Tyler needed me a couple times at the register, and I got a late break. I finished Stargirl. It was great! Yeah, and some lady wanted "A book about Dale Earnhardt that's about his life, but it isn't a biography." WTF? I found out she thought biographies had to be written by the person and his couldn't have been 'cause he's dead. Go fig.

I deposited my work check and went shopping! I shopped for about 3 hours at the mall. It was great. I bought so much crap! Stuff for me and others. Lots of presents! It wore me out, so when I got home I did E2, wrote a node, and got too tuckered out to do laundry. I slept, and woke up when Meg called. Then Phil called. I just edited and midnight was upon me.


Whee! I rule! Adam picked me up and I got to work and did Kids' cleaning and shipment. Stupidity reigned over the schedule and Melissa and Diana were the only ones scheduled besides me and manager Adam. PLUS there was a PJ visit, PLUS there is this whole "Christmas season" thing. As a result, while covering Diana's break, I got a ridiculous line and a rude lady who continuously insisted we had no one in the store to help her. I got my hair caught in the cash register, oh, and a guy decided the Tupac poetry book cost too much and randomly asked for a discount. Go fig.

Uhm, I got home and Joe came and we watched Digimon and South Park, then out to eat at Carrabba's, and then Anime club, nap, hosting, Maho Tsukai TAI!, and bed.


Skroink. Stuff is weird. Today I got up and did my usual crap to get ready to leave the house, and then called Woody and got him to get me. He bothered me all day, making me look at stuff and help him with crap, and wouldn't let me do my typing. He also asked if I liked crab meat. Jeezus. He also informed me that I could call it a friend if I wanted, but that any guy who came over and stayed all night was "a beau." Jeeeeez! He got pizza from Hungry Howie's that I didn't like.

Finally, I went home and talked to Ian and Joe, and Ian and I went to . . . POJAM! I read "filthy poet," "Uncle Avery's Garden," and "Diary of a Writer." Ian got up and made shit up! "I am Satan's jock strap" (A-E-I-O . . . Me. Capitalism!) and "I have a vagina" (vagina. penis. vagina. pagina.) All was odd and good.


Today's dumbness was full of activity, as per usual at BAM. Mitchell was being a fuckhead and telling me what to do all day . . . just couldn't be satisfied. Grr at him! I had a rude man who tried to bitch me out for not having customer-accessible computer terminals, and jerk kids who thought it legit to ask me for money and to sell their Pokémon cards. ARGH! At the end of the day we had a rush. Diana took me home. I cleaned briefly and then Mike arrived. We talked a bit, then made bread dough, then he made fried egg sandwiches, then we talked more (about Paganism and my book). He left while I entered HO, and I had a very talkative time with Turdo. Scott came over and I gave him a b-day present, and then I colored. :)


Another workday, full of surprises. Mitchell tried to get me to take my break at 11--2 hours after I got there. A lady tried to buy two books with the same coupon, was rude about putting back a book, and thought she could have the coupon back. And a kid asked me how much the comics were. Grr. I rode my bike in the dark, after work, to Mother Earth (for Gorilla Munch) and JoAnn (for fabric remnants), and when I was almost home two girls turned and LOOKED at me when I said "excuse me" when they blocked my biking path, but THEY PURPOSELY DIDN'T MOVE. It made me cry later, thinking about how people can be so shitty for no reason whatsoever! I shopped and ate with Ian, then chatted to Meg while cleaning and coloring Digimon. :)


Everyone at work sucks for not taking care of me getting there early. So I rode my bike. It was just as well. Blar. I kept stopping to look for logs. I found none. Then I sat for an hour and a half waiting for Mitchell with Javier and Tammy. Grr. He finally showed, and I put stuff away. Yay. I also found a journal. And my Animorph book! <:D Hooray. Erm. Mike stopped by also. And Mitchell was an ass and randomly assigned me to sticker books while Diana could have done it easily. He is such a jerk. He thinks I don't do anything in Kids', which is why he's always assigning me to do more. Jerkoff! >:|

I rode my bike home and it was simply magickal. I found a path on which to ride, trying to find a log for Meg. I didn't find a good one, but it's so WEIRD how I never rode that path before! It was amazing, like stepping into faeryland. A whole huge Gainesville woods, and now I can go there whenever I want to! I love it. I want to go more. Tammy says acorns are poisonous if you don't cook them. Guess Weaver's exempt. Heh. Uh . . . anyway, the forest . . . it was full of chopped trees and lots of standing ones, and just this quaint path. I'm so excited it's there!

Joe arrived and we watched Digimon and I used my votes. Then we went to Pak-Mail and I sent Ronni and P some SHTUFFERZ. Then we ate at Nature's Table and went to Anime, where Dan had NieA! We watched that. It was way good even if the Hindu guy was not perverted. Then we slept, I hosted and cliqued, and we viewed South Park, The Tick, and Maho Tsukai TAI!


Heh. Several amusing things happened today. 1) A guy asked me if I was crying. 2) Yolanda came back. 3) I had an argument with a Christian. Heh! I went to the mall and work bright and early to get my check (grumble--Mitchell sucks; he erased the 6 AM shift and fucked up my week). I did my crappy shopping, though it was actually kinda fun, and I got an eggroll. The guy asked me if I was crying in FYE 'cause I was wearing sparkly jewels on my face where tears would be. It's neato. =:) So . . . I got home and decided I didn't want to go to Pak-Mail because I'm still missing addresses. I was lazing trying to get up the energy to go to Wal-Mart for Mike's present and Dan's, but then Yolanda showed up. She's the little girl who comes and begs for money in a very rude fashion. Well, she was at it again, asking for money because she was hungry. I gave her some this time, and she followed me into my house and gathered the change off my dresser. Then she asked me if I did the drawing on the floor. And then she wanted to use the phone. She did. And THEN she wanted to play on my computer! I told her no. I got shit together and made her leave when I did, and went to Wal-Mart. Outside is where I had the argument with the Youth Minister guy, who started the conversation by asking for money and moving it to Christian talk by asking about my pentacle necklace. The whole time I had a logical argument, I kept my giggles in 'cause HIS FLY WAS UNZIPPED! HA HA HA! We talked about evolution and whether the Bible has any false stuff and how I think the Bible makes God sound like an irrational two-year-old. He told me I need to make the decision to accept the truth soon. I think he needs to zip his fly, and maybe his mouth too. Oh well, he'll pray for me . . . he "knows" I'll find Jesus soon. <:)

So, I came home and Ian called before I'd even gotten to go to the shitter. I invited him over (sort of) and gave him his presents (a princess wallet and a princess keychain), and he was happy. We made gingerbread cookies together, and went to the store for molasses . . . where he pretended the Princess wallet wasn't his. Then we talked to Joe online and made him make a cursor of the goatse.cx guy! Agh!


I hate Saturdays. I didn't used to, but now they are the beginning of my week. GRR to that. >:(

I just worked. I put out Kids' stuff (without my apron on, by order of Linda) and did a tad bit of register and customer service. What was frustrating was that I had to continually clean the Kids' section. I can't imagine what makes people behave so abominably! Some lady tried to get compensation for not having her receipt given to her . . . from last night! Bitch.

Diana took me home and got some gingerbread men. Then I did E2 until Mike arrived. Meg wanted to call me. Then Ammy wanted to hang, and Ian, and Victor . . . ! We ate rolls and watched Forbidden Zone; then I hosted and talked to Victor on the phone.


I never get ME time. SULK!

I biked to work and was reasonably on time. I put a register in training mode for Javier to train Christopher. I did papers. I cleaned Kids'. I put out New Age. I covered breaks and didn't get mine 'til after 3. I got a call from a lady asking if the "one-day sale" advertised two days ago was still going on. We got a new receiver. His name is Steve.

Helleaux. Seaux . . . after getting bitched at by Lara because customers suck ass, I biked home. I called Woody and Dad, and then Ammy. We hung out, had veggies & rice and fake meat and rolls and wassail. :) BUTTS! We watched Maho Tsukai TAI! and Elf Princess Rane. Then I talked to Meg and iced cookies. Boo.


Inexplicably long-ass day. >XP I worked early and really didn't have much to do 'cept screw around with cleaning Kids', cleaning aisle 11, and then later helping customers. I can't think of anything fucked up that happened, but stuff probably did. >XP

Err. So, workee=suckee. After I got out, Woody took me to his place (and got me a "hoagie"; in my case, that's a melted Swiss cheese sammich). Fuck. I worked on Woody's crap all day. Then he paid me and took me home. I prepared seasonal presents, after going to Wal-Mart to get Meg's Yule Log (and making it). I also got a palm book. :)

Okay, sleep descends.


Today was wonderful! Dad woke me up early and I dressed. Then we got BK food and went to Lord of the Rings. It was BEAUTIFUL, and except for eliminating or creating characters and not explaining some important things, it was great! Then we took off for the G-parents' house, and there we talked & Dad even took a nap. :) Then we ate at some Italian place (I had pasta) and then came back to Tampa. Blah. Tired. Uhm. After din-din & dessert . . . I rode home w/ Da and we went to karaoke at the Green Parrot. I sang lots! Meg, Steve, Liz, and Heather got their gifts from me!!! We also went to Harry's or whatever and I sang Alanis there and impressed people and met Carmen. . . .


Today was okay. But crocks of shit were to be had. I woke up when Dad informed me it was 2 PM, and I got my shit reh-to-go. Then it was off to G'ville. We stopped in Ocala for Shoney's foodlets, and then I was home. I made wassail (which boiled over) and set up my Solstice circle. I did my ritual. It was okay but something weird happened at south side. Grr. Uhm, then Ian called when I was done. I allowed him to come over, though I had plans for this evening (i.e., playing catch-up), and we watched Unbreakable. My dishes are not done. It sucks. >:P


Ya know how certain days are associated with disasters or holidays and known by their date from here on in? December 22, 2001 might be MY "day that will live in infamy." What an utterly horrible day. I'll get on describing it.

I got up and I had that thing I'd had once before where I couldn't focus my eyes for a while. It subsided about when I got off the bus. I went to Customer Service and got a rude man who just turned around and left without a word when I said I'd have to order his book. Who do people think they are??

So after THAT, I cleaned Kids', and then Linda hit me on the arm and yelled "watch your mouth!" when I said "crap!" I felt wounded and shocked and angry, because it sounded like a "mom" rebuke, a "you should know better," a "you dumbass!" kind of gesture. I didn't say anything and just went to the back to calm down, but then Linda said, "HELLO, EARTH TO JULIE!" in the Kids' section in front of customers. Damn! After I helped the customer, I came and asked her why she talked to me like that. She didn't even seem to know what I was talking about. I got sad and hid in the back room, and she came crashing in demanding to know what's wrong!

I cried a lot. They ordered pizza from Papa John's, which I don't much like, but ate from anyway since the majority of my lunch was soaked in spilled soy milk. >:P I also spilled someone's McAllister's Iced Tea. <:*(

So. After all that shit, I came home and Mike was waiting. We came in and suckage of suck, we made rice, yum. And talked a bunch, listened to Chess in its entirety. :) Then I got on to host, and I got the HORRID FUCKING NEWS that HO is closing! My Web page will be deleted in large quantities and I will lose my CL status if that happens. So I applied for Book Chat. Hmm. I hope I get it. And that the transition is smooth. I freakin' moped while deleting and semi-numbly reading HEK-mail, but then I switched, read important mail, and talked to Victor. I want him to get his house.


Suckin' my ass. Today was better than yesterday but I'm still depressed. Ish. I had a good lunch, though. Mostly the customers were good. I had one lady, though, who kept demanding stuff but not listening to what I said. *sigh* They say some people shouldn't breed . . . but it's obvious they already have, 'cause the jerkasses are HERE.

I biked home and hopped right back on the bike for groceries. I had to get Cahla her Secret Santa gift. I spent way too much money on amusing trinkets for her! ACK! When I got home, I edited a tad, then ordered pizza and bathed. I ate my pizza and read, then spent some time straightening out the cliques and other dumbness. Then I drew a tad, and went on SwankiVY2 to talk to Joe. The end!


I had a nice short shift today. Just 8 to 1. I was on register. At the beginning it was slow. So I read, played jacks, ate, and talked to Adam about Lord of the Rings, which he adored as I did. I unfortunately spent the rest of the day ringing people up, and of course due to short shifts I got no break. After work, I sat in the back eating a small lunch reading Megamorphs #2. I checked out Megamorphs #3 and told Linda my Yule cookies don't count as "doing" Christmas. I wore a funny hat. And a bell sock.

After biking home, I gathered stuff for Cahla and Mike and biked them to the post office. Then I came home, ate pizza, read, fell asleep, read some more, and got online to deal with shiznit. I talked to Mom and . . . well, shiznit. Page is being gradually updated, only to probably die.


Not that I do Christmas, but today was probably the best Christmas present I could have received: a whole day spent ALONE! Yes! I wore my amusing elf hat, my jingly sock, my bell necklace . . . just for my own amusement. And I spent the day cleaning, listening to music, and working on bits of my Web page. I kind of suck in that I did not complete e-mail, or even close to it, because I was reading bits of my book that need to go back up online. Meg tried to call but my phone got unplugged while I was cleaning. Heh. Heather called, though. And I went online and talked to Victor, who tried to trick me that I sent him trash. He is owed a smack. I talked to him, ccoyote, Mr. Dusk, and Jeaux. :)


Hallmark vultures.

My workday was filled with such people. "Gee, I think I'll go out and SHOP immediately after the mass-consumerism fest is over, because I'm sure to get great deals! Let's go!" Linda said there'd be lots of kids' projects for me, and when I said, "So do I get to DO them?" she treated me like I was a jackass for asking, then informed me that OOPS no, I had to do register. For an hour or so. So when she sent Steve up later, I assumed he was my replacement so I could work on projects. But THEN she informed me that he was staying up WITH me and acted like I was ridiculous to not know. It bugs me how she always thinks that her personal whims are suddenly common knowledge once she's thought them up.

So, of course I did register all day long. Hallmark vultures bitched and moaned that they weren't getting perceived discounts. People assumed things were on sale just because they were on tables or near signs that read that something else was on sale. People gave me a hard time for no reason. Share the joy.

I counted my drawer and finished the fourth Megamorph, which was neato. I enjoyed it and its fold-out picture. :) We ate at Bono's. Then we went to my place so I could change and re-supply myself, and then, off to the movie Lord of the Rings again. Joe liked, and after, we discussed. We shopped and I hosted and we talked and played with sticks and napped. . . .


My day off was pretty awesome. I didn't do much except FINISH MY CALENDAR. I drew five new pictures today, and they are all colored and inked. I just have the cover to go. And that should be fast. :)

I listened to They Might Be Giants all day (except for my Intense Tape at the end) and intermittently ate and read bits of my books.

I received a package from Jessica! It was socks, a cool-ass hat, shoelaces, and a sticker. The wrapping paper said "WOW . . . lets shit!" With a snowman. YEAH.

I went online. At the end of my night. Bowen (ABoonie4U) IMed me!! FINALLY! We "reconnected" and he complimented me a bunch. I am sad; my cliques and excerpts are on HOST HEK Ivy. Maybe I can convince them to let me keep it?


Skorblee. Today work was not so evil, but I was tired of being there. I got there and cleaned up the Terror that was Kids' for about half my shift; I spent some time at the register due to Diana's calls and her lunch break; I went to the bank with Mary and she got me a muffin; I did some Kids' shipment and overstock. Nothing exciting, except someone is finally doing something about my raise.

I came home (Mary drove me) and Mike was waiting, so we went inside. I used my votes. We chatted. Then we made sunrise, which was okay, and after sunrise we watched AMVs and played on the 'puter. Then we baked Esbat cookies and watched Mists of Avalon. Soon enough I hosted and then got caught by 6 IMs, and finally did my ritual outside.


Such crap. CRAP-OLA. Work was silly. I had to do register and read all day, finishing The Hork-Bajir Chronicles and one Alternamorphs, which sucked some hairy balls off a camel. I got stuff done with my pay increase and stuff, and I really didn't do anything else . . . I met Charles, the new guy.

Then I came home (with Mary) and I did E2, did dishes, took a short-ass nap, talked to Mike, and got online. I did cliques all night. Out of 30 apps, only 10 made it, 2 barely. It's amazing how much people suck. I also had a ridiculous review from a Christian who hated "Derika and Emily"; she sure did spout how I didn't know what I was talking about without supporting a single statement. So, I talked to cforrester11's brother, the computer geek, and had a fabulous time. :)


I didn't have a good day, but there was no particular reason for it. I was tired and a bit irritable, and the day was long, and Mary told me that yesterday Lara said I had an attitude, which is pulled totally from her ass because I can't even imagine what would've made her think that.

So, I did register . . . some stickering, some reading, some organizing the new Nature section. . . . Joe had a horrid customer who upset the apple cart big-time.

I came home on the bus and talked to a guy who works over at the comic shop. Then I went home and did not do anything remotely New Year's Eve-like. I fixed my Web page today, and ate shit and died.


Today did go pretty well! I wore my cool eyelash things that make me look like Cindy Lou Who. I went to work and cleaned my section really well, and then did overstock. Linda was rude to me twice! Once with a vague question and once with an unrealistic expectation. She first asked me, "Do we have this?" holding something, and I asked her what she meant and she just repeated the question exasperatedly. Apparently I was supposed to know that she meant she wanted to know whether we carried the item since someone was trying to return it and she didn't know if we even sold it. She thought I should know, but it was Key 6, not Key 71. Then after that she came up with a Madeline doll and simply demanded, "How much?" I told her I didn't know but then she made a noise like she was exasperated and said, "Ya know, you really need to get these prices down." I told her that dolls were not my department, but she insisted "They're Kids'," and I repeated that they weren't Kids' any more than endcaps near sale tables "are" salebooks; she seemed to think that since that particular Key 6 merchandise occupies physical space in my section, it is therefore my responsibility. I clean the section and that's about it. Grr at Linda.

After work, Joe got me and we ate at (to review!) Sawamura's. He's still reading Animorphs. Then we rented Animorphs videos and watched one. Then I hosted, then we watched the next Animorphs. Then we went to Wal-Mart, to the copy shop for my calendars, and to K + K. Then we ate eggs and got tired.


Oh yeah, last night I dreamed something about the X-men, and the night before that I dreamed it was Imbolc and some friends who weren't Pagan were invited to my ritual but it was taking forever to set it up so one girl got mad and left. Anyway.

Work today was goofity; I was on register and Mitchell ignored me a bunch when I had a line of 13 people. Finally I went on break with Fred, eating at the Chinese place. We had a last talk about Ivy and wisdom, then I bid him adieu. I worked more, and read, and got annoyed at customers who can't/don't read. Then I talked to Lara about Linda's drunken suckage. Mitchell drove me home and I did E2 and mail, and slept, and worked on Book 3, and got a phone call from Victor.


I'm a slacker bitch! Heh. I went to work with Mary and I was cold and bored so I went to semi-sleep at different places all over the store. And I slept in Mary's car on the way to the bank. And I read at the register (and still didn't finish Dave at Night). Farts. I did clean Kids', though. Yay for that.

After work, I went to sleep. Well, not immediately, but I read some Book 3, edited, and did my E2. I got sleepy so I did take a nap. When I awoke, it was kinda late, so I decided I'd just get up for a short moment and then sleep a little more and get up early so I could play. So I chatted online with Heather, Ian, Phil, and Allykatra. And checked but did not answer e-mail. And looked at HO. :)


Today annoyed me! I woke up when Lara knocked on the door! Fuck! I didn't get to do any of the shit I intended, and then, I had to WORK! I got there and did the Kids' Action Alley, and cleaned, and Mike showed up and gave me some more Bertie Bott's jelly beans! I shared "booger" and "sardine" with others. I had a funny customer yell "Goddamn it to hell!" when we didn't have a book he wanted. Heh.

Nothing else of interest happened today, except Mike hung out and chatted about Ivy, anime, and magick like always. When I got home I did E2, editing, some e-mail, and some CRAP, ya know.


Okay, so, I didn't have a good sleep because I went to bed an hour late so I was worried the whole time that I was gonna not wake up. So I kept waking up! Linda came and got me, and we went to work. I did more endcaps, talked to Joe on the phone, and cleaned up. Then I put out Kids' stuff, did overstock, received shipment weirdly, and tidied up New Age. Wah!

After work I went home and tidied up a story ("Mother's Day") but it still sucks, so I'm glad we can't submit yet. (Kinda.) Joe came and we watched South Park and ate at Pio's pasta. (It was takeout, so we rented Animorphs and watched it while eating.) Then I used votes and made us late for Anime. We watched some Gate Keepers thing, and then Joe and I bought anime candy bars and went off in search of a magazine at 3 stores. Then we slept. Big-time.


So. Today I woke up and watched stupid things with Joe, and then he done left. I went about my business. I got my E2 poster. I don't know why I got 2. Weird. Um, I worked on my Web page, cliques, Webrings, e-mail, and crap. I wasted a bit of time talking to Meg, washing dishes, watching Elf Princess Rane with Ammy (and looking at Squee), and going to Denny's with Ian for dessert briefs. I didn't finish the shit I wanted to. But I suppose that's okay. Tomorrow Jamie's coming! I'll give her a Zimmy Zim tape. :) There are lots of blank tapes around my apartment whose contents are a mystery to me. XP Okay, I go.


Hey, cool, L is staying today! She slept over and said she'd take me out to din-din after workee! <:)

Speaking of workee, I was late to it because of my damn eyelashes. >|) I suck! L drove me and I worked mostly register. I read Remnants book 1 and started on 2 during my break. It's pretty good too. It was mostly stupid--the day, I mean. Tyler came in and relieved me of register so I could clean Kids', and I did. And I slacked a bit. I'm boring!

L came and we ate at Friday's. We talked a lot about bad customers! I love that. After she took me home-ish, she left and I went grocery shopping and made a 7UP cake. I read and did a tad of e-mail. That's about it.


Farty. I worked the 6 to 2 shift again (yay) and did all my normal stuff. I got out all the Kids' stuff that was there, and I did register for three hours. Then I took a break. I read William Sleator's The Boxes in its entirety, and the ending made no sense. XP Then I went on home, and did some cleanup before Joe arrived. He gave me the Tenchi figurines sets 1 and 2 for my birthday. We went out and saw Orange County, which was okay, and then we ate at Semolina's, where I got candles in my "cake" and we got weird looks for using our chopsticks. From there, we went to Anime (and saw Hand Maid May and Gate Keepers). Then we shopped, pretending to be Andalites, and went home to nap. Later, we awoke, and I dropped my writing pad in the toilet. XP We watched shows and got our stories ready and . . . now, BED!


Notebook paper graphic used in the title image: Made by Heather and Warren's Gif Pages.