January 2002 through June 2002


Heh. So. Today was fun . . . we got up at a reasonable hour. And ate breakfast: French toast. We hung out and then we had to go out to get Steve an inhaler. We did, and went to the other side of town to get CDs, Wild Iris stuff, and then to Books-A-Million to buy each other books. :) I bought Meg the first Philip Pullman book, and she got me an herbalism book. Oh yeah, and I got her a cookbook. Yum. I wore my Tenacious D shirt. When we got home, we sent Aaron a card--an Ass-Gram--and then we sat around while I got my e-mail and votes set. I invited Ian over again. Then we made and ate honey cakes. Then we bullshitted forever, and finally we started watching Tenchi Forever. We did. Then we ate more food . . . Meg's chicken and biscuits, with my fake chicken! And they had salad. We hung out to bullshit MORE after, and finally put on Forbidden Zone, which Ian dug. And finally, we had buttloads more fun being stretched and rubbed and crapping on each other. :) POOTY!


Sooo. Work suckeded. Not really. I ran the register after 3 hours of slack-working. I read. And attempted to do register merchandising that Linda wanted. But Mary kept not watching the register when I asked her to cover, so I refused to do more. Some boringish day. I got a ride home with Javier, did some crap online, fell asleep, and went BACK online. Ian decided to eat with me, after I read Meg's journal . . . we ate at Olive Garden, and went shopping, and he cleaned my fuckin' bathroom. Then we hung out while I cleaned. Not a satisfying day in getting things done, but fun nonetheless.


Today at work we got a new guy. His name is Jim and I spent a fair amount of my day training him on stupid shit. He is real nice! In the morning, before he was there, we were putting stuff out and I had to climb a lot, and Lara really liked my idea of putting everything on rolly things. Yay. Uh. I put out stuff, and did my normal routine. Also, Linda bitched at me for writing down an idea or whatever because "then why isn't it being put out?" Fuck you, fuck you. Oh, and I accidentally stole Lara's keys, and forgot to give Lara Trish's message. I SUCK today! Anyway. I started reading that Harry Potter and the Bible book, which of course is atrocious. <:) Er. So, after I went home, I did a bit of e-mail and slept like a jerk. Then I got up, ate, and did E2 but failed to get my votes in on time! . . . And I broke my jawbreaker with a hammer. Does that make the hammer a jawbreaker-breaker? Heh. Time for sleepishness.


I experienced a fair amount of frustration today. I got up fairly early, so that wasn't the problem. I took a shower and had some breakfast and added journal entries. What pissed me off was my inability to add any of them online. Stupid envy.nu and stupid freewebz.com decided to sneak out and fuck together or something, and were down together for about five hours. I tweaked bits of my page all damn day, and I would have been SO much faster and more productive if only the fucking services were up. I amused myself by watching Ian's tape of Adult Swim, which of course turned out to be great (and was on my list of shit to do anyway). I really like the show Home Movies, and I got great amusement from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, and new episodes of SpaceGhost. Yay! Finally envy.nu and freewebz.com came up (together . . . coincidence? I think not) and I got my crap online.


Bootylicious. Today was our EVIL early-morning meeting. Linda picked me up and we were denied our rightful foodage by PJ being an ass. Oh well. The meeting was actually fairly engaging, but it brought bad news: If we're too short again this inventory, I'm going to be fired, because I've been here long enough to blame. Argh. PLEASE do not let this happen. <:(

After, I worked, doing voids and customer service and occasional register. GRR. Nothing of note occurred.

I came home and got in touch with Scott, who, after some speed bumps, took me to Moon Goddess, where baby Elizabeth played with my sparkly apple keychain. Scott bought me a cauldron! It is iron, though. It's weird; touching it makes my back get crawly. :P

I had Ammy over for Japanese and Anime, and cocoa, and then I went online and teased myself (and Nada) in the chat room. Then I dumped such things and did some e-mail, chat, and CRAPNESS.


Ugly long day. XP Uh . . . I woke up and biked to work. I had to run register. Mitchell was manager and made it onto my shit list by being a jerk, being uncommunicative, being late, and . . . sucking. :) I read most of the rest of Harry Potter and the Bible (it's interesting, though atrocious), and did my thing. I got a viciously late break. :(

After depositing my check and biking home, I went "whee!" and got online, used E2 votes, and invited Ian over. He's cool. We hung out and listened to the Jerky Boys, then went to Hollywood Video and got us two movies. We watched them: Billy Elliot and Memento (both of which were very good). And now it is BEDTIME, for I am very tired~~~.


Today was a pretty decent day. Linda got me on time; I slacked off in the Kids' section; and I only got 4 totes out plus a cleanup. (One tote was New Age.) I then had to run register and hold down the fort in other ways. It wasn't bad. I met the newest newbie, John. I actually got along with Linda today, and expressed my concerns over the possible loss of my job with this inventory problem. Uh. So, I went home on the bus, did my E2, convinced myself I didn't need a nap, ate, got tired, decided I DID need a nap, took one, dreamed, and woke up. I cooked some crescent cakes while doing my dishes, and finished that; then I read my book for a bit, took a shower, and did an outdoor Esbat ritual. (It was a really nice one; I read the Goddess/Saint section about Brigid/Brigit in the Candlemas book. :) ) Then I came in, read, did up some Candlemas recipes and a shopping list, and typed some new yummy recipes into my BoS. I'm happy. :)


I ate too much today. But that comes later. :)

Errr. . . . So, I got picked up and stuff; Linda was on time, and I really spent the day doing almost nothing. I worked some Monsters, Inc. stuff back into my section, and I helped New John with the salebooks, endcaps, and SONIC, and I cleaned Kids' and New Age. I helped customers and did Diana's break. :)

I came home on the miraculously caught bus and promptly did E2 votes and ate, talked to Joe, got mail saying my story got rejected, wrote a node about stuff sucking, and then I sorta invited Ian to take me shopping. I bought food for my upcoming feast (though I was thwarted from buying wine at Kash N' Karry 'cause Ian was with me), and we went on a whole-town search for cheap cardamom. XP We went to Friday's when we bought some, and that's where I ate too much. Then Ian and I baked honey cake and called it a night.


Wa-ha. Today began too early. I got up and waited for Mitchell to pick me up. By the time 7:30 hit (he was supposed to get me at 6), I was kinda mad. But then Lara showed up! They had switched! Heh. Weird eh? We worried the new guy, John, though. We got there, and put out stuff and arranged stuff and got newspapers and whatnot, and I tried to piece together what was in my hold pile before they cleaned it out, so blah. Then the store opened and we did our crap-ass workday, with me bringing honey cake and the new guy periodically asking questions. Wiccan Boy visited but I ignored him. Then I left and walked to the bus but BOB showed up and gave me a ride instead! Yeah! I thought he was dead or something, 'cause last time he had plans with me he never showed, never called, and never responded to my calls. Grr. Oh well, it was great seeing him. So . . . then Jeaux came, and we did K-Mart, and then we went to the Toy Consortium, which was a REALLY fucking cool place! Joe bought a Visser Three bad toy, and I got two Wolvies for Phil for no reason. :) So . . . then we changed our plans to go to Cluck-U (again) and ended up at Leonardo's, which sucked 'cause we got a table, got drinks, found out pizzas take half an hour (we were already late), decided to get one anyway, and the waitress never came back to get our order. We waited, Jeaux playing with his Visser toy, and she just didn't come and didn't come. Finally she came and asked if she'd taken our order yet. <:P Er, we told her no but we had to go, and so we did, and just paid for our drinks. Then we went to Anime hungry (but ate shared candy). Then we went home, ordered pizza, and watched The Tick. Then we decided upon a nap. Bad idea.


Shyte. Mmkay, so, it seems Jeaux and I "overslept" and fucked ourselves over. We woke up about 8 and got up and began making divinity, which sucked. We burned half the batch (and had to dispose of it much the way one disposes of nuclear waste) and the other half never solidified. >XP So, failure. Then we went to Wal-Mart for a candy thermometer, a new pan, and aprons. Then we looked for Cicada magazine but we couldn't find it. So we went back and I made wine stuff while listening to Rent. Then we watched stuff on TV and ate a bit of BLAH!!!! After Joe left, I did my shower thing and talked to Meg on the phone as I braided. Then Mike called and we made plans for Pojam. It went as expected. JW got me in his car! I read my God breakup letter. Then they wanted to party, but I don't care, so . . . SLEEP.


Most of this day was spent conscious, unfortunately. I tried to sleep last night and even though I lay there nothing happened. My first bout of insomnia that I can remember in a long-ass time. Fred called at 11 or so and woke me up, not really, and then Linda called about midnight. Grr. I had to go to work and put out lots of totes. I did so. And got annoyed at John for making annoying sighing noises perpetually. Like every couple seconds, no exaggeration, dammit. I brought bread and was still "perky" when we got out. (I even cleaned the Kids' section!) Then I got home, messed around, and prepared for the ritual. I did the ritual; it went pretty well and I wasn't that tired. I managed to get through it, clean up, wash dishes, and redecorate before falling into a stupor on my bed. I woke up a couple hours later when Mike knocked . . . I supposed he must've come earlier, too. There was a soda left by him and a present left by Ian (it was Imbolc gemstones!). Mike cooked me "bachelor's spaghetti" and we hung out listening to comedy tapes, eating, and watching cartoons. (And talking, of course.)


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with crap at work. I guess I'll just not worry but it's hard not to. I'm worried about how much of a mess the store is! It's soooo disorganized, and I'm scared to try to organize it! It sucks. Oh well. I'll live, I suppose. I just really don't want to COMP anything 'cause it's all such a big project. XP If I make it through inventory, I'll be happy. I worked register for part of the day; the other part I just put out truck. Screwy. Rude people acted bitchy over returns. La.

Um, I stickered and built a Jabez endcap and got more and more annoyed. Flarb. Uh, then I rode my bike home and called Ian. I didn't have any time to myself today because I broke his Adult Swim tape so I was fixing it the whole time I was waiting for him to finish working out. I fixed it though! :) Then Ian came and we lounged and then went to Friday's to get milkshakes. We did, and clapped and hollered and hand-farted at other people's birthdays. Then we came home and watched Adult Swim and now I am off to read Super Diaper Baby.


Shnookie! Today was a pretty good day! Linda came and got me. I went to work, I cleaned (but nothing strenuous), I talked to Jeaux, and I ran register. Everything went according to plan. I was tired after work but didn't take a nap! I went online and cleaned out my HEK mailbox, which contained a lead on a new host position! Also, I received a Secret Santa gift (finally) . . . it was really a rather rude gift because it was basically Christian MASS music, and his note revealed that he knew I was Pagan. Kinda prickish if you ask me! Anyway, I cleaned out much of my SwankiVY2 mailbox as well, and had lots of mail at the end from the hostie girl! I checked out the area, worked on the application, and went to the SpeakEZ chat to participate and observe. It looks great! I can get clues from the dictionary, from E2, from the encyclopedia, from trivia books . . . man, it's just amazing. :) I'm tired now. It's bedtime. Oh, Brendon came over and gave me Zim junk. :)


Work was bearable. Everything's looking kind of nice. I cleaned Kids', cleaned New Age, put out Kids' books, and covered Diana's break. There is pretty much nothing worthy of mention for work today.

I came home. I had a Super Diaper Baby cutout! Yeah, that's the most exciting thing about today: Super Diaper Baby came out today. (Who cares about John Grisham?) I went online and answered Mom's Imbolc questions and got Ian to take me to Olive Garden for pizza, then we hung out watching DiGi Charat and Upright Citizens Brigade.

Oh yeah, at workee a Wiccan lady asked for my help. :)

After Ian left, I did cliques and e-mail and chatted with Mom. The end!


An unusually packed-full day for a day off, ya know. I went to Moon Goddess with Mike. I was kinda reluctant to get up, but I did. We watched his video and stuff, and then we biked to Bus 1's stop, got on, switched to like 6 or something, and got off across from the store. There we shopped for a while, and the lady there acted like I was a beginner just 'cause my friend was. XP Mike bought a knife that was an "athame" for him, and some stones, and he even got me a tiny pentacle thing! How cool is that? Then we took the same route back, and I made him try my bread and wine, and then he left. I sulked about having to go help with inventory, and then quit my bitchin' and left. I checked loads of prices. And balanced bookies on my head, to the amusement of the crowd. Lara thought I was being snotty, but of course she misinterpreted me, like everyone else does. I came home after sulking, showered, and hung with Phil. I had backscratches and 'shroom soup and he got me Haunted Junction tapes!


Today went very well, except for the fact that I have a slight sunburn and I don't have any of the ingredients in my herbalism book to make a salve for it. :( The medieval faire was cool. Dan picked me up well before I was ready. We walked around in our costumes and shopped and saw the joust and the falconry and some cool stuff. I got some old-time french fries and some cream soda in a bottle, and so that was fun. We heard a story from Gypsy Rose. We voted for Dastard in the joust. We shopped, and Dan got a new dagger while I got a pair of earrings, a fairy figurine from him, and some mandrake root. Lah. It was actually really cool, and we went to the mall after. Then he took me home and I slepted. (Not on purpose, again.) I got up and dealt with e-mail online, and went to the game room to play games to see if I could get the job. I wanna do Kiddie Lit-ter, and maybe a homonym game and a "finish the haiku" game. Then I talked to Fred and went offline to read and prepare for bed.


Some arsehole has decided to blast music because tomorrow THEY can sleep in. Fuck the rest of the apartment complex.

Work was all right. I was obscenely late 'cause of the bus (I suck) but that is okay 'cause I needed to leave a couple hours for that inventory thang. I did the stupid newspapers, then cleaned the stupid Kids' section and called some customers about their cancelled orders. :( Ally and Stacie were there, so Ally finally got her tapes . . . then the kids wanted to gimme a ride home. It was awesome; I entertained them and showed them an ep of DiGi Charat (or two) and some AMVs. Yay. Stacie wanted me to tape Kodocha for her. :) Then I hung out at home and just vegetated online, looking at porn and whatnot. (Not really.) Then finally I read Jeremy's Moonlight Girl story and critiqued it. I talked to Fred, P, and some others. P's making Mom a CD and I gave her suggestions. Then I talked to Meg 'cause she needed me. All is well.


Fairly happiee day. I got to work a bit late. (Biking, of course.) I wore my bike helmet. Woo. I did it 'cause Mom said to. Listen to your mommy.

I had to be on register for some of the day, but I mostly just read As Nature Made Him until the truck came and I had gardening books to put out and books to sticker. Ohh, grr, I bet the Remnants book is in one of those blue totes! Argh on a stick! XP

So. After break (which took too long to come because of Jeremy), I got to do Kids'. Damien (already being a putz) asked me to do Kids' stuff, so I just cleaned the area. Forb. I didn't put out Kids' totes, but I did dig through them looking for Remnants #5. Booties! Then I had to go to the bank with Linda. Urgh. I came home on my bike after that and Ian called. He came over and did most of my dishes while I did E2 and took out the trash. We watched Adult Swim (some) and talked and had Five-Star Pizza (he is converted), and then we watched Photographic Fairies or something. All is good.


Holy shit! The computers STILL weren't fixed today! Wah. Um . . . I got in just after 9 after almost missing a bus. Now I almost wish I had missed it, 'cause I was the only person on it, which gave the driver some kind of indication that he was allowed to start trying to bring me to Jesus. Go figure! Guy recruiting and witnessing while driving a bus! :P

I worked and all, and put out Kids' even when told not to, but it didn't matter 'cause they wanted me to void and the scanner broke. :)

So. Then after work, Joe picked me up and we ate at Beef O' Brady's (which was cool) and napped (or tried to). Everything went wonderfully according to plan! We got up and made dough, went to Anime, shopped, came home, went to Ocala, saw Jeaux's Books-A-Million, and got BK. It was fun to see it! And we saw the mind-fuck movie The Mothman Prophecies, came home to make cookies, and watched Digimon!


I'm not a very studious person. Well, by that I mean, I'm not very disciplined these days. My house is a mess. I haven't done a "daily chore" in like a month. I've kept up with e-mail (as of today), and the page, and my herb studies and journal writing, but no creative writing or publishing attempts are taking place. I am also eating too much. I must stop that! Halloween discipline! I ate one piece each day of my trick-or-treat bounty. I finished the last one TODAY. That's discipline. I think I'll start that again. NOW.

Today I showered and took care of e-mail and cliques, waiting for George to do my interview. He never showed. I hope he doesn't think *I* made a mistake. Argh. I got disheartened and disinterested in doing anything productive, so I called Ian and we "played." Meg & Kari called us, and we talked about our childhoods over dinner at August Moon, and we watched lots of UCB with Ian gaping at my mysterious ability to control the VCR without the remote. >:)


Wharg. Another day of random fun-n-chase-the-munchkin. We got up and my guests removed grime from their bodies by water (theoretically), and I left my grime where it goes. I was online briefly, being IMed by jerks who disliked my disinterest in entertaining their ridiculous requests, and decided to get me back by warning me multiple times with the AIM warner. (I wonder if they have any clue that this process has NO EFFECT ON AOL MEMBERS? I had no idea "warn" even existed 'til AIM buddies started asking what I did to get warned, the first time it happened.) So. Katie, Meg, and I did errands and went to the toy store, where I had a fun time talking to the clerk. Welll. . . . Then we came home, invited Ian over, I used my votes, and we entertained ourselves alternately with music, X-squad, MST3K, food, and Trivial Pursuit, with a healthy dose of keeping Katie out of mischief and keeping her occupied. I fell asleep for a bit in front of MST3K. :)


Kinda humdrum day. I biked to work after an accidental night's sleep. I had to do customer service (which Damien was kinda rude about assigning me . . . "Go! We're OPEN!"), but I did nonetheless. I got annoyed while cleaning Kids', and then got irrationally sad while overhearing a little girl telling a man about her dancing and singing and art interests. I'm sad because she's got lots of potential to take that somewhere, and I seem to be stagnating; it's my own fault! I really need to get those edit notes made, get query letters to send to editors that I could freelance under, get those stories submitted, edit those books and read those books about editing! XP Enough ranting. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

A lady was annoying at work ("This is this week's I want LAST week's!" "Ma'am, we don't keep the old ones!" "Well I want it! Get me your manager!"). GRRR! After, I biked home, caught up on e-mail, and didn't get to talk to Georgie. He's now starting to piss me off.


Fwash! :) Today I worked on Kids' in the morning and ended up on register because Diana wasn't there. Argh. I hate unexpected register. And Linda is hinting that she's going to be dropping info bombs at the Saturday meeting. Fuck. Apparently the store is going alpha-perfect, along with some other junk. We're also getting Überfiction: putting all the fiction into one large one. Heh.

After a nap, I got online again and awaited my interview while playing, chatting, and dealing with leftover laundry. Yahooie.

I had my talkie with George, which went well and ended up with "Welcome to SpeakEasy!" I'm in! WOOHOO!

I talked to Jeaux about music briefly, made cookies, dealt with laundry, read some Ivy, and set up for my indoor informal moon ritual. :)


All-righty-then!!!! So. Today was pretty good. I went to work on el bus and actually got there on time. *grin* Then I had to be C/S and do Kids' stuff. I did the last of the Kids' endcaps and began to rearrange Middle Readers in . . . in . . . ALPHA-PERFECT!!! Ugh. So. This is gonna be nice. I dunno if I was supposed to do that but I did. And I brought cookies. Snorgles. Jeaux showed up and took me away from the drudgery, and we wented to Wal-Mart to get stuff. He got a CD player and attachment to play it in his car, and the new Alanis CD. I also bought the new Alanis CD, plus one more old one (the Unplugged album) and a CD holder (yay!) and some tapes to record on and some seeds, pots, and DIRT. Joe helped me get stuff off of high shelves and also helped a silly lady. :) After Wal-Mart, we ate at Ashley's, and watched Digimon at my place. Then we attended Anime club, watched more Digimon and a Pippi Longstocking cartoon, and did music lessons!


Fogeys. Today was fairly yummy! I got up early 'cause I fell asleep early. I wanted to go back to bed but I got up anyway. I did my taxes on the phone. I got online and answered Mom again, and took care of some basic shite. Then I called Dad and arranged Passover travel plans. Hooray!

I then ate chocolate for breakfast, had some fake chicken and ice cream, and watched old eighties cartoons like Rainbow Brite and Popples. Wow, nostalgia. It was like seeing them for the first time. But not. I jumped around energetically. Umm . . . at one point some dork knocked on my door. I bet it was Yolanda. In any case they went away when I didn't answer.

I wrote a node for happy-happy E2 anniversary, and then invited Ian over. We b.s.ed a whiley, and ate at Hop's, and came back to talk for like ever! Mostly about religion and friends' unacceptable behavior. Then we watched UCB, talked more, and looked at pics.


Didn't do much today. I balanced my checkbook. Took out the trash. Got the mail. Did the dishes. Answered e-mail. Went to workee and bought the Grimoire of Shadows and Edain McCoy's Ostara book.

I downloaded the stupid hosting software and dealt with E2. I listened to the Alanis CD 3 times. I honestly did not have an eventful day, but somehow, it seems full.


Today was inordinately long. It was, of course, caused by the 7 AM meeting. Linda informed us that we were going alpha-perfect (duh) and that we're getting a new music system (that I did not know). Then she made me stay punched in and work. I cleaned Kids'. I had to watch register briefly, as the only person in the store. After that, I just cleaned Kids' and arranged Middle Readers all day. Joy. I traded some cards with the Pokékids. They think I'm way groovy.

After work I bused home, talking to the driver about not-so-personal personal problems. Then I got home, did E2, and awaited Mike. He came, and we went to Kash N' Karry 'cause I forgot to get pasta. We cooked Thai noodles again. Decent batch. We listened to crap and I sorted Pokécards, and we talked an assload. :)


Today felt weird 'cause it was 9 to 5 instead of 6 to 2. I miss 6 to 2 already. Hopefully it won't be gone for long. Blah.

I was late 'cause the bus is on holiday schedule. Damien asked me if I got lost. There is no way to ask me that without intentionally being a FUCK-KNOB. Which he is. Damn. He also randomly left the store on personal business without telling anyone, which is bad since that essentially made ME manager-on-duty and I didn't even know it. When I fielded a weird call from PJ and he got in slightly warm water because he wasn't there, I was subjected to an attitude by him like I should have handled it differently, and that I should have given the phone to Diana to handle it "because she's a red badge." I replied that I was too. He seemed to reluctantly accept that. I think he can't get out of his head the fact that I have worked at that store for almost two years, just because he's been there three. Maybe he needs an enema.

Anyway, I appear to be blathering. I worked at Customer Service all day, which detours into register and putting out Kids' books, and finally FINISHING Middle Readers, including Activity. Whee. It all looks very cool.

After taking el bus home, I got online and begged dinner from Ian. I first used my votes, answered a couple e-mails, and did my host training. (Finally we were all on the same page.) It was fun. We harassed the host who was training us. That'll teach 'em to take in weirdos from Hecklers.

Ian and I met after, and ate at Las Margaritas. I had a mushroom quesadilla. :) And flan. Such coolness. Then we went home and hung out and avoided going to the store. Ian messed with my computer and made it not suck. Then I kinda drifted off to sleep for a while 'cause he relaxed me practicing some nice massage techniques. :)


Arrgh. Evil shit! Today Diana picked me up for work, and we arrived, and Linda told me I had to put truck out all day and share customer service with Javier. I dealt with it, but at about 10 I went back to finish my breakfast (I nibbled on some sunflower seeds), and she looked pointedly at her watch and at me, and bitched that I'd only been at work an hour and if I was going to take a break I should clock out. I reminded her that everyone gets two ten-minute breaks on the clock, and she acted exasperated and told me I couldn't use the break only an hour into my shift, and that all breaks have to be cleared with the manager anyway. That's all b.s., because there's no rule anywhere that says that, and if every ten-minute break was cleared with her, she'd hate people constantly asking her. So, in other words, Linda was a total bitch unprovoked, and yet again she has treated me like an incompetent little kid. I'm not taking this shit anymore.


Today I pretty much did what I hoped. I read some crap, played online, mailed L's present at the post office, and did e-mail. I talked briefly to Phil. I talked briefly to Ian and Brendon. I talked less than briefly to Meg. And in IMs, I had Mom, Jeaux, Troochie, and some jerks who called me "fucking bitch" because I didn't consider "a/s/l???? HELLO????" a worthy conversation. :)

I told P about the way Mom got mad at me the other week, and told her Katelyn news. I read Book 4. I talked to Markie. Argh. I'm tired! Oh, and I et too much junk fud.


I've come to hate Fridays because they make me annoyed that I didn't get anything done this "weekend." What with Meg coming this week and me going to Passover in Sarasota the week after Ostara, damn, I'm gonna be BUSY. Grr.

I got my cliques and votes done, then invited Ian over, and we went to my work, the bank, and Mother Earth, then back to my place to pick stickers off card sheets, listen to tunes, and eat pizza. (We also watched some Adult Swim.) Ian harrassed me about my hands and being a dwarf, and I buried his body under Mount Rushmore. Then, after an exceedingly strange stool-augmented hug, Ian left and I worked on my stupid-ass recipe page. I wanted to get done SO much more. But NO. *sigh* Tomorrow I trade with kids more, I hope, and I have my skeep ghosting.


Suck my nads! I'm annoyed 'cause my back hurts. Oh well.

I had to do the register today, which blew some goats 'cause I was trying to do Pokémon League too. Puck came! I was glad. I traded with a few of them and got some nice complete-my-set cards. Patrick was manager so everything was cool. He's manager again tomorrow. It's so nice to have someone low-key in charge. I hope he doesn't prove himself a bastard.

I caught the bus home and talked to weirdo Brit guy. Then I did some stuff, cleaned, did E2 votes, opened my windows for the first time ever, and read my own book.

I tried to add journal entries but I got tired and my back hurt.

I did my skeep ghosting. It was rather uneventful. Fairly easy, too.

Time for a little ni' ni' foo-foo!


Argh, my back hurts. It has, vaguely, for a few weeks. Now it's pretty bad. :( It was better during the day today because I didn't wear a tight bra and I lightened my apron pockets, but still, now at the end of the day it hurts!

I biked to work and made it on time. I worked register, reading A Wizard Abroad and daydreaming. Jerks attacked, but not in great numbers. I got a late lunch and gave Charlie the register, and then I cleaned Kids' and rearranged the rest of Intermediate Readers C thru J. I talked to a fun girl with good taste while I did it. Then I went home.

I did E2 with my windows opened, showered, and did e-mail. I went through tons of HEK mail and did a tad of journal typing before Brendon arrived. We bullshitted a while and I ate potato bread I'd made earlier. Then he left, and I did more journal, and then that was it.


Damien's annoyingness called for me missing two hours of work (6 to 8) and still leaving at 2, so fine then. I used the hour before the store opened to organize the whole rest of Intermediate Readers, and then just put Kids' books out all day, with the occasional C/S help. I covered C/S for an hour, actually, for Stacy's break AND for her to break the café. Hooray.

Work was uneventful, Javier took me home, and I opened my windows and typed my journal stuff in. I got it done and went online. I did some book research for the Pagan Reading List I'm making. And then I answered my (few) e-mails, sent a few more, even went on MuMu, but life was kinda uneventful. I made mushroom soup and ate it. (Yum!) Then I did more research until it was time for Phred to call.

Talk we did, with me pulling stickers as I talked, and we caught up. Now it's time for my nap.


Sprong! Silliness reigns. Oh yeah! Javier picked me up for work today . . . at 8. >:P I got there and promptly began to rearrange Intermediate Series. Linda caught me doing it and said we needed to put out truck. I was like "okay!" and then continued to do just what I'd planned. Fuck that shit. My section is GOING to be the best in the store dammit. I got all my Kids' Truck out and all of Intermediate Series organized, as planned. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to do Young Adult, but somehow I doubt it . . . that's okay if I don't, I'll just make sure I get to play with New Age. :)

I came off work annoyed 'cause no one was in the store to ring me up. Pat finally did it. Then I left with Scott and Melissa to see the movie A Walk to Remember, and though I cried at it like 5 different times I intellectually disliked it. :) I came home, skeep ghosted, and blah.


I was late to work today 'cause I overslept and then missed the bussy. I got there and managed to avoid instruction for most of the day, rearranging Intermediate Series and Young Adult. (Both are now done.) I talked to Mike P. a lot, and then he left after helping me open some boxies. Linda was a bitch at the end, trying to blame her incompetence on me, talking about me behind my back, and accusing me of being over on hours. Whatever. I worked what you said to, and not less, so live with it. Tammy gave moi a ride home. I learned games. We went to Miraku for din-din, which was FANTASTIC! Then anime time, full of GateKeepers. Then K + K time, South Park and Digimon, Wal-Mart, and singing lessons with cookie making. :) Joe can almost sing a scale. :)


So today I intended to get cleaning, laundry, and cookie icing done before Meg arrived. None of those things occurred. (D'oh.) Meg came and helped with laundry and icing, and we had some fun with music. We had a small picnic outside and watched squirrels and talked about stuff that sucks. Oh yeah, before Meg came I talked to Leanna a whole fuckload. So. After the picnic, we summoned Ian ("Aw, snap!"), and hung out. We watched some Adult Swim and then began printing shit out for Pojam, which did NOT work out 'cause my printer was hell bent on being a JERK. Oh well. So we went to Jam, Meg forgot her poems, Ian read snatches of his journal, and I read several crappy pieces of literature. Then we came home, ordered some PEETZUH, and listened to the D, plus some Adult Swim after.


Actually QUITE a funnish day! We got up a bit early, and went to El Mall where we checked stores (I bought a chakra wand at Crystal Visions), and ate at the Mediterranean Wrap placey. Then we got moneh, came home, and began to do laundry and called Ian. Hooray (for boobies?). We ventured to the grocery store and bought shtuff, and came home. We watched UCB and listened to music while waiting for the laundry, and then we went to Hear Again. I bought 5 CDs. :( :) Then we ate artichokes and grapes while listening to the Bloodhound Gang. It was fun 'cause Ian liked the artys! I went online to send Jeaux a message. Then we just hung out and watched Chasing Amy, after which Joe arrived. We b.s.ed for a while and I told "the Ken story," and then off to Napolitano's for karaoke. I sang 2 Alanis songs, one Aerosmith song with Meg, and the fucking Locomotion. Ian stumble-sang and Meg did "Criminal" and "Torn." We left and b.s.ed at my house after. :)


How long can a day BE? This morning seems like three decades ago! Argh. Sooo. . . . Meg took me to work. I ate oatmeal and then punched in, and "agreeably" put out truck. Well, a couple . . . then I spent the whole rest of the day COMPing the goddamn Craft section. Fuckity. It was fun, though, I wasn't supposed to be doing that. I got away with it by pushing a cart around into the section, which would eventually get loaded into the New Age section. I had to cover Customer Service (at which I did a bad job), and Diana's break. Then I changed a couple shelves, threw Nostradamus around, and went home. I gave Diana cookies and then called that survey place back and answered a shitload of questions. Mike came in the middle. After, we talked, and made Fried Bread & Eggs. It was very good but BAD FOR YOU! We also made deviled eggs and watched an AMV or two.


Work was boring today 'cause of register; I read A Brief History of Time, daydreamed, and doodled until they brought me shit to sticker. I had no time to do Kids' but I brought St. Patrick's Day cookies. I had some crappy customers, and Damien made some crack about my new Pagan book being "Satanic." Whatever. I biked home and shaved my legs and made them ouchey. I slept, and was awoken by Allison, who was in town wanting her tapes. Wahoo. I cleaned up a bit and then she arrived, and I gave her a tape and some promos. Then she left and I went to work on the 'puter. Tippity-tap. I did Web work and noded a new candied flowers recipe, and updated my journal, and finally invited Ian over. We ate at Beef O' Brady's and went home, and sang the D while making hot cross buns, and then we just talked a bit. Then he left, and this giant orgy began.


As a pleasant surprise today, I didn't have to do register. I did Kids' books all day! It was pretty awesome. I also had one New Age tote and I arranged New Age books. I had great fun and even managed to avoid covering Tammy's break just 'cause I decided not to. :)

I came home on the bus and did some Ostara planning, then invited Ian over to take me to Wal-Mart (to get planting supplies) and Kash N' Karry (to get feast supplies). It was fun and I bought a big bag of dirt, and came up with the idea of using different colors of tape for the plants' identifying markers. :)

Ian and I ate artichokes and watched Clerks, which he seemed to enjoy! Then he decided to go study. I was kind of achey and fuzzy at certain times today, like I am trying to fight off a cold. :(


Not bad, overall. I bussed to work, worked the register, and planned a Kids' Reset all day, plus straightening up the Journal table and pulling some Ortho books, and generally dealing with customers at the register, some of whom were a pain in the ass. I had a bitchy customer be too lazy to go to C/S to ask for the other store to call and see if they had a stupid bookmark, and after all the trouble I went through to help her, she just left without thanking me, just said "Okay" and left. (She knocked the bookmarks over earlier too.)

Anyway, I got out at 3 and went home, dozed off, woke up again, and taped some shit for Ally and separated the cartoons Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Spaceghost Coast to Coast, and Sealab 2021 onto their own tapes. Hooray. I went through all my e-mail and cliques (even got a new review, for "Grace," it was), and ghost-skeeped in Lemmer's Lament. Then I made punch, iced my hot cross buns, bathed, and prepared for bed.


Yay. Workywork was not bad at all 'cause I did bad things. I read at the register. I doodled at the register. I ate at the register. Then when I got bored I got Patrick to come and watch while I "cleaned up Kids'," which took a long time since I was helping Emerald in New Age and organizing the New Age books, and Pat asked me to do a project. :) I took forever until finally he made me come back. :( Oh well, was fun while it lasted.

Joe picked me up and I gave him his funny "Isn't it great your parents don't know we're fucking?" card. We headed to Dairy Queen where I got a 99˘ Terriermon! :) Then we bought a Billy Joel karaoke tape for Joe to practice singing with, and then we ate at Carrabba's, where I got minestrone. Whee. After, we went to my place, watched South Park, saw anime at anime, went to my place for Digimon, then the movie Ice Age, then brief nap, then Buffy and the Adult Swim stuff, plus karaoke and SpaghettiOs. :)


Woo-wee! Pretty good day! I got up kinda late and stuff. After writing down a dream, I read some Ivy, ate some stuff, and prepared for my Ostara ritual. It took a while to prepare 'cause I took my sweet time. Then I did E2, and then the ritual itself. After that, I nibbled and cleaned up. Ian called, then Phred, then Victor. :) I was kinda busy. I kept making tapes of stuff. Fantabulous. Ian and I talked about a bug, and some crap. Fred and I talked about the usual stuff, and then, with incredibly good timing, Victor called about a second after Fred hung up. Our conversation was great. I still have dishes to do. Argh.


Good day! I got up and catalogued episodes from Ian's Adult Swim tapes while cleaning up, eating, and planting my garden. The planting was fun, even though I got dirt under my nails. I prepared the soil for all the pots, and I placed some seeds in eggshells full of soil, and I soaked a couple in water to aid germination. I also arranged my butterfly garden. Oh, fun, great fun. I did my E2 and then my computer fucked up so I signed off and got Ian's message and left him one, then went online and did most of my mail. I freaked out 'cause when it got cold and it was time to close the windows, I encountered a dead lizard half in my window! :( I cried about it and told Ian when he signed on, and he came over and pulled it out of my window while I cried. He said it had apparently been dead a while 'cause half of its body had been eaten. Yum. We ate at Las Margaritas and rented Mallrats, and I planted my soaking seeds and stuff.


Today warn't tew bad. Unfortunately I was on register, but I ran back and forth in the early morning and cleaned Kids' up! I freakin' rule. I got it pretty well straightened, too . . . of course, then jerks jumbled it up again. *sigh*

Nothing too interesting happened at work, except that Linda was expecting me to know things she hadn't told me again. Oh well. I took my stuff home and cleaned up a bit, and then took a nap, and then Mike arrived. We talked, watched a Chess video, and made potato bread. . . .

Mike and I talked about names and my book, and then he left, and I got online, checked mail, and prepared for bed. Oh, tiredness.


I really liked most of today. I got up and to work in plenty of time even though I was on my bike, and I worked the register. Despite crappy people and confusing discounts, I had fun, stickering shit and doodling and reading. Joy.

I biked over to the mall after depositing my check, and I got some candy and a dragon egg thing for Brendon's birthday. I also picked up some rocks for Mike for the hell of it. I like random presents.

I came home, watered my garden, and took a shower and a nap. Then I did miscellaneous shit on the 'Net and avoided housework until Brendon arrived. I'd had no lunch but pickles in attacking juice, so I was pretty hungry. We ate at Friday's, where I had broc & cheese soup and a potato. I gave him his presents and it turns out HE LOVES EGGY THINGS. I rule and shit!

We came home and chatted, and then I did more crap online and got my ass ready for bed.


Everything went according to plan today. I got to work on time and did Kids' and New Age all day, with a fair bit of fucking around, covering other positions, and looking at the books that came in for me. I couldn't believe how slow the day went.

The big managers' meeting was today so since they were holed up in our back room, I had to act as manager and do a paid out, do a return, refuse a return, and arrange everyone's breaks. I cleared the Kids' reset with Linda and she's okay with it! And we get 6 AM shifts back next week, maybe. Thrills!

I came home and got Ian to come over, and we ate at the mall and went crystal shopping. Then we came back to my place, watched 2 UCB eps, and then saw Fight Club, which is one of my new favorite movies.

I went online after Ian left and did cliques, e-mail, and shit, talking to some freaks who found my IMs page funny. Now bed.


This was a pretty fun day! I cleaned up and prepared until Joe arrived, and then we watched Zim, Digimon, and South Park. Finally, we left. We ate at Dairy Queen to get us some Digimon; I got Impmon and Joe got Guilmon. They are cute! We listened to Alanis, got lost, and found our way again, and I gave Joe music lessons. Then we arrived, and were late, but we made it to Sarasota soon enough, with Dad driving. We kinda went right into the Seder, which was kinda weird but fun! Hah! We did all the usual Passover things and had yummy food! Then we played around there and finally left. We drove back and listened to more Alanis, then ventured to Good Time Charlie's for a karaoke good time. I sang "Thank U" by Alanis but that was all the time I got. We went home and got slowly ready for bed, and I showed him stuff in the house and pictures, and I saw L and Mom! And THE END!


Now I feel like I should get two more days off. :) Anyway, I woke up and talked to Mom and did dishes, and when Joe got up we talked more and then did stuff on the computer while she messed with people dealing with house-selling issues. After, we roamed the house claiming stuff, and then we took off. We went to a used book shop, where I bought two Pagan books, and then we looked at Merlin's, where I saw Max (!), and then we went to the Mall and Hot Topic, where I spent $40. Oh, and we had excellent broccoli cheese soup (and fries) at Bennigan's, and found out there might be karaoke! So finally, we left town, and listened to good music while talking some. Upon arrival in G'ville, we watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Buffy, then bitched about work until he left. THEN I went online and fixed my IMs page and handled [dangerousangels] stuff, and that's it.


Overall, not bad. I got to work on time, covered a lot of breaks, and put out Kids' stuff. I still don't know what I'm gonna do about the reset. It seems to be off again. ARGH! Stupid. I wish they wouldn't do it so I could do MINE. Stupid reset.

I made Diana's computer "erotica" today, and I forgot my lunch (part way) so I had to drink hot chocolate that Ariel made. :)

Diana drove me home from work and I did E2 and organized my stuff, randomly getting IMs from people who saw me on fazed.net. It must be a well-known site. I'm getting loads of traffic. And lots of hesitant IMs.

After rearranging my life, I invited Ian over and he fucked with his glasses too much. Then we went to Wal-Mart (where I screeched like a velociraptor) and Kash N' Karry. I got food. Then we watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on video and fixed a spear while making scones.


Decent day, despite all expectations! I had to get up for El Evil-o meeting-o. But it was okay and I worked a shift on the register 'cause Diana was called to count shit in the back. I sold 22 club cards. I effin' rule!

Anyway, I had LOADS of jerks, but this journal just doesn't have enough room for the likes of them, so on we go!

Diana took me home, after I delivered some scones to Javier! I did my E2, noded a dream about playing the role of Silent Bob, and took a stupid nap. Then I got up and did e-mail after reading some Ivy stuff. I avoided my dishes and my laundry 'cause I'm a dorko! I also need to clean my toilet . . . badly. I mean that I need badly to clean it, not that I need it to be cleaned badly. Ooh, my nasturtiums are sprouty, my moonflower is enormous already (!), my eggshells still aren't flowering, my ivy needs repotting, and some sweet peas and butterfly plants are sprouting. :)


Snoogans! Work was a LOT busier than I expected! It was slow in the morning, and I cleaned Kids' and New Age, and picked out some books to buy and read. I decided I wanted to look at used stores before tomorrow's big buy, and I anticipated collecting said books. I had to be on the register 'til after 3 'cause Charlie was late, but then I took off, and attended to my bike, and then coasted around G'ville to the Goodwill (it was closed), the Omni Books (got some stuff), and the Book Gallery West (got some more stuff). It was fun looking at all those cheap books, even though I paid for it with achy knees and buttcheeks later. I only got lost twice.

After I got home, I took a walk to the store to get quattahs, then I put my laundry in after Brendon arrived on a surprise visit. Despite attention, I managed to clean the toilet, do my dishes, take out my trash, and do my laundry. Whee!


Okay, so, as an exercise, I'm writing about my day backwards.

I'm writing in my journal and I just packed my lunch. I was online for a long time. Losers IMed me some tonight. I talked to Phil, Joe, and Ian, good IMs, and had some nice ones as well with new folks, but a lot were annoying, like Harvard boy, who I want to Jerkify, and the guy who accused me of having too much free time. Ian was at my house reading dirty jokes over my shoulder and urging me to ignore the IM jerks. Before that, we came home. At Blockbuster and Hollywood they didn't have our video. And before that we were at Friday's deliberating over dessert. Our food was good, and then it arrived. We talked to the waitress, Laurie, about finger snapping for attention and how annoying people are. We arrived at Friday's and Ian couldn't understand what the seating guy was saying.

Before that, we drove to Friday's, and decided to go to Friday's, and Ian arrived, and I cleaned up a bit, and Ian called, while I was trying to tape Eva and eating salad. I made a salad, after I cleaned my sink in the bathroom. I put on my glove and got to work. I came home with a bag from Goodwill. I bought two skirts, two dresses, a piece of wood, a tie, and a book. I tried on the clothing, the silver dress, and before that got the other articles in the room with me, and arrived at the store and asked what days they accept donations.

I rode to Goodwill, and before that I was online fielding IMs and trying to do E2. Before my votes were done, I worked with some e-mail. I watered my plants, and repotted my ivy. I talked to Leanna, got off the bus, got on the bus, walked from work and witnessed strange stopped cars, bought lots of books, punched out, and went off the register. I put out bookmarks and assisted register customers, and before that I stickered books while helping customers. Some jerks interfered with my day. I munched at the register the whole time. I got annoyed when I found out I had to do register because it was Tammy's day! ARGH! I read a tiny tad of Book of Shadows. It is very good. I arrived at work. I ate a banana and rode el bus. I walked to the bus stop and before that I got my stuff. And I got ready for work: My hair, my socks & shoes, my pants, my shirt, awakening to the visual world through the miracle of contact lenses, rolling around in bed somehow amused. Stuff I forgot: I nanced about in my new silver dress at Friday's. I told Pat I was half fairy. I looked for 4-leaf clovers.


"Exhausted" just about covers it. >:P

I went to work and put out more kids' stuff that had been sorted since yesterday.

Nothing great happened. No one expected it to.

Jeaux picked me up at work once. That was cool.

Eventually, they had to fight and Buffy (duh I won)

Anyway. bedtime.

Oh, we ate at Waffle House late at night, discussing the scientific theories of the universe, like 1) matter only exists because motion makes the electrons exist in the equivalent of several places at once; 2) things with almost no mass or no mass begin to acquire "mass" when going at very quick speeds, and therefore for us to measure still no mass from neutrinos, they must have NEGATIVE mass, and be affected by repulsive (negative) gravity!; 3) to film the electron cloud, we'd need many cameras being just a tenth of a nanosection off the mark at all; 4) that since mass approaches infinity as its speeds approach those of light, actual macrocosmic bodies like ours have no business saying that "the laws of physics" are particularly a normal state of affairs; 5) funny, we figured out the universe's secrets in a Waffle House. Oh, and our usual everyday eating place: McAllister's, really nice.


Note for the online journal: This is exact transcription. I am aware that a lot of it makes no sense, especially the line about Buffy, and what the hell is a "nanosection"? No I didn't screw up typing. :)


I got up noonish and took a shower. While in my skivvies I updated my BoS a bit and called Dad for Happy Birthday. Then I got dressed and cleaned and ate some "breakfast." Finally I did E2, looked at some e-mail, and made a wand for Mike. Then Javier came and we ate at Friday's. We stayed for like an hour and a half eating & talking. Then at my place we watched my favorite episode of UCB and then just talked more, about computers, life, witchcraft, diabetes, ritual, Catholics, and jerky people. I showed him some crappy stuff on my 'puter and then we just chatted. Away went the night. He accused my toilet seat of looking at him! :)

Victor called and I talked to him while falling asleep.

It didn't rain.


Fairly weird day. I woke up and decided to get ready for the day because Leanna was supposed to come over for her reading. She didn't come, so I ate some oatmeal, read some Ivy stuff, and went back to sleep. She finally showed up, though, so I got up and gave her a reading. Then she gave me one, saying I should not sacrifice my friendships to bring my work to fruition. Then she left in a hurry.

After she left, I listened to music and painted/carved a pentacle for Mike. Then I worked on my list of everyone I know. It took hours! Finally I took a break and did E2 and looked for The Burning Times on the 'Net. I found it, and many other chants. :)

Then I went online, played, and went to the mall with Ammy. It was boring but necessary, and I got P a peasant blouse! :) Then I came home, finished my list, and played more online. :)


I feel kind of like there's some kind of newness going on here.

I got up kinda late but got to work early. How's that for coolness? I got to clean Kids' but I had to go on the register for part of it 'cause Diana had to take her cat to the vet. Then I went and cleaned Kids' again. It sucked and I got nothing done really. It was Damien's bad apparently but he apologized.

I got off work after buying cards. I came home and Mike was immediately there. We hung out, shopped, made shribble soup, and hung out more. It was cool and I got to give him a wand and the pentacle I made him. I also told him about the friend list.

I got tired and finally after reading some of Young Adults, he left, and I got busy online, answering all my e-mails except cliques, which I hope to do tomorrow. Yay. I set about preparing for tomorrow and now you're lookin' at it.


Arghlets. Work was annoying as usual. I was on register and Linda was rude to me when I came back from break, saying I shouldn't have cleaned up Kids' while Patrick was working on the register. But it was such an evil mess. :( Oh well.

Only a couple jerks, talked to Marcella, met Emily, took lots of stickers off of books and put other badly cut ones on. Stinky.

I rode home (with a little back-tracking to find a lost streamer), and watered my plants. Skroink. Then I called Mom and did dishes, then got online a bit to do e-mail, E2, and IMs with cyber weirdos who liked the cyber page. Then I got off to talk to Pat, and Mom, and Victor. I cried on the phone 'cause he said some depressing shit and he's so sad and I love him. Anyway. After I got off the phone, I went back online to do an article, and did more IMs, including a couple really interesting ones and an ass who said I "sounded" overweight. Yeah, I'm such a fat nerd.


Umm, it seems like I just did this and I'm already doing it again. Weird. Anyway. . . .

Pat picked me up. I was right and I did sleep through my alarm, so it's good that I knew I would and went to sleep dressed for work. I just had to put in my contacts and put on shoes and we left. Pat and I voided in Kids' together for a while, discussing Paganism and things related. She's Pagan too, so it's nice to know someone else is down with my stuff.

I voided all day. It was pleasant enough but exhausting, and at the end Linda acted like she didn't know why I would think I should stay 'til 3 when she's the one who made the goddamn schedule. Grr. Anyway, I came home, napped, missed E2, did some e-mail, got prodded by IMers and did duties in SpeakEZ, and then I uploaded some crap and signed off.


Worksy was frustrating today, but it turned out okay. It was frustrating because they didn't finish Kids' scan, plus they took me off Kids' and put me on REGISTER for like 3 hours while Diana ran around collecting overstock suggestions! Argh! Why must it be ME? Suckassy. I also had a jerk who thought his Winn-Dixie card was ours. Not cool. I can't believe that happened.

I did New Age and did 2 endcaps and rearranged Baby Specialty to put a shelf in. I didn't have enough time. Grr!

After work (Tammy took me home), I got stuff together and went to the post office, then got home and had a package. Then I bathed and did E2, and e-mail, and later talked to Meg-alicious. After getting off the phone, I unpacked my CDs and listened to Clannad while working on descriptions for my BoS. I do rule.


Yay, today was niceish! I got to work on time and Damien saved me from Linda's ridiculous decree that I should do Customer Service cleanup. I did the Kids' stuff and rearranged Baby Specialty. It was good, and I had Mike to talk to. I spent my break with him and then he left. I spent some time doing Diana's break and then putting baby books in order, and then Jeaux came and helped me put up the butt fairies. Finally we left.

We went to the Toy Consortium and then got waited on at Leonardo's. We ate not-too-great pizza and talked about dreams. Then we went to my place, and I used votes, and we watched Zim. Then to Anime, then to my house to see South Park, then to karaoke! I sang "La Isla Bonita," "All I Really Want," "Cornflake Girl," and "You Oughta Know." Then we watched Digimon and Buffy and Greg the Bunny. Amusing!


I need more days like this! It was nice and refreshing and SATISFYING! Because I got stuff done that's been waiting for-freakin'-ever! Allow me to explain.

First of all, my body got the sleep it's wanted. I slept until like 2:00! And it felt great.

Then I got up and taped the Adult Swim tape, and while I did that I dug up stuff for my BoS, and did some exercises. Finally, after I did E2, finished taping, and watered my plants, I got to work on my Web page. I fixed and added to Ivy's Pentacles, buffing up the tracts, fixing the book list, tweaking the crafts, and adding techniques. It was great! Finally when I was done, I updated some crap and got my e-mail out of the way! I only dealt with two friends and one jerk the whole day! Then I cleaned up my place and went to bed.


Begin day: Awoken by knock at door. Enter Squirrel, here to entertain bleary-eyed sprite thing. Discussion and gift-giving ensues. Out to IHOP, where Squirrel consumes cheesy eggthing that makes him queasy while sprite thing consumes eggs, pancakes, and horrid hash browns. Back to dwelling after acquiring fun items from Wal-Mart and acquiring very strange movie on video. Watching of UCB follows. E2 votes are distributed, and then the Kash N' Karry is patronized, exchanging food items for virtual money. Back at dwelling again, 7UP cake ingredients are mixed and placed in oven. Strange movie Brazil is shown. Sprite thing and Squirrel boy watch, transfixed. Then cake is consumed and Squirrel departs. A phone call with Javier lasts an hour and a half or so, and then the Internet is accessed, to the delight of some and the despair of others. End day.


Today's one-day sale was frustrating, because I was backup register so not only did I have to tear myself away from Kids' but I had to hear the same customer confusions, misconceptions, and complaints because they can't be bothered to read what the ad in the mail said. But on the bright side, I got Baby Specialty, Baby Picture Books, and a Pooh and Barbie section organized! Such wonderfulness. Hopefully soon I'll get to do more stuff. But probably not tomorrow because of register. Linda's totally trying to run Tammy off. I'm mad about that. It's so ridiculous how she persecutes her. She does that to me but I am hard to insult. :)

So. After getting off work late, I spent time with Mike, and we made Luminous Crescents and rocked out listening to Rent. He was surprisingly cool with the fact that there were gay men heavily involved in the plot. We napped by accident, then he left and I worked on e-mail and stuff. I had some IMs and then I left. Oh, and I had an amazing visualization today!


It was a decent day today. These strange days where after work I have time to myself . . . they're very therapeutic.

I had to work the register all day again. No surprise. It was okay, though! Fun. Pretty boring. I read a lot more of Book of Shadows today, intrigued by it. After work, I came home on my bike, and added some fixin's to it. (A new horn and mirror.) I went inside and set about the odious task of cleaning the bathtub, and then after I was done I took a shower. Then I came out and dealt with E2. Then I did the whole name-switch thing and uploaded some stuff, then left. Later I answered mail. In the middle somewhere I had a suggested candle ritual, but nothing really happened. After messing around online and checking cliques, I signed off and worked on my silly language violation chuckle . . . then I revised my résumé, got nervous, and left the party.


Today was okay. I didn't sleep well and got up at 3 mistakenly getting ready, and then Damien picked me up, though I was expecting Linda. When we got to work, I searched totes for "my" books, put them up, worked on merchandising, then got drafted by Pat to put out some new releases. After that, I talked to my co-workers some and then back to Kids'. I got interrupted in my project 'cause of Pat and Damien insisting I COMP World History. It took forever, then back to Kids'. After everything I raced to the bus, balancing a plate on my head. Then I did some online stuff, but the damn Winsock messed up and I have no AOL now. After finally downloading "Air I am," I got off, went to Chili's, and watched Samurai Jack. I deleted shit on my list and . . . bed!


Strangely off day. It was not very well spent because I had so much grief with my 'puter! I was going to download stuff and play until Jeaux arrived, but inability to access Web pages prevented, and then inability to interpret recipe directions caused more annoyance. Jeaux came, and we had fun eating at the VIII Buffet and going to the putting place. We got Digimon at Dairy Queen, saw pretty trees, and came back for anime. Three Sailor Moon girls were there. We watched the Sakura movie. Then we shopped, and watched Zim, Greg the Bunny, South Park, and Samurai Jack. Then we dealt with my computer for hours. At present I still don't know if it's going to end up working. :(


Strangely working today. It was mostly nice, except I worried all day about 'puter. Damien was manager and in a good mood! He let me do Kids' for 3 hours and I, with an incredible sense of accomplishment, restructured Kids' Education. :D Then I COMPed American History. That wasn't fun. I had 2 assy ladies: One who asked me if I worked there and did I know anything about the books, and the other friggin' wanted to ask Jim instead of me just 'cause he's old. Anyway. Diana took me home after we bought James a dirty card, and then I set about trying to fix my PC. Needless to say, I cried a lot and talked to four different AOL techs, all of whom thought I didn't know what I was talking about. Finally I reinstalled and did the one-shot deal, and bought a 'puter on eBay!


Today was such a wonderful day! I really had fun. I got up when Mike called so we could go to Cracker Barrel. We did that, and I had my bun hair again. He and I talked a lot and ate 4-side meals, and spoke with British accents a bunch. Then we biked home and watched Samurai Jack, and afterwards we chatted. Then he left, and I got online to do my thang of choice. I paid for my 'puter, got e-mail from Ronni which weirdly confirmed a daydream I'd had about her being pregnant, and answered other mail. I downloaded some files and wrote up lyrics, bathed, read a little Margot Adler, and got ready for my skeep debut. It went well, except for a couple times when EZ wasn't clear about what I should acccept as an answer. After skeeping and posting my required paperwork, I downloaded more Pagan songs and rejoiced in being alive.


Well, today was very happy, but kinda ended on a depressing note.

I biked to work 'cause I thought bus wouldn't come in time, and I was right. :) I was assigned to C/S but didn't do it much . . . I cleaned Kids' and put out Business, and secretly COMPed Family! Happy Joy.

Um, I deposited my check and rode the bus home with my bike on the bus. British Bus Driver was there. :) I got home and avoided chores to go out with Ian. We ate at Las Margaritas. Then we came home, watched Samurai Jack, went to Wal-Mart, watched Zim, and he left.

Then I got the depressing news that my HOST name has to be deleted. Why wasn't I preparing? Grr. I hate this crap. So now I'm gonna be scraping files for eternity. :(

I am happy about money and lack of shite. :)


Hard day. I was at the register and I attempted to sell those mags.com things. I hate them. I also had evil miscommunications with Linda; I was right and she didn't understand why but couldn't be bothered to listen to the story of WHY I did the stuff I did. Bitch. She just blows me off when she wants to believe in her own little world that I am wrong.

Anyway, Tammy took me home and I did dishes and made a wand, and spent the entirety of my afternoon fixing my Web page. It's gonna take a while. (Duh.) But I finished a significant portion today!


Yay! Good day today. Linda couldn't yell at me 'cause she was busy in a meeting, and since they were all pretty much doing the meeting thang, I was left alone. I "cheated" by COMPing one shelf of Family for every pile of books I was putting out. Hah . . . isn't it sad that I have to sneak around and go against orders to get my section in order? Argh. But Family's done. Mike stopped by and told me he was gonna get stuff at the library book sale today. :) I got to buy Fred presents and myself the newest Remnants book! :D I read it already. I rode to the post office with Mike; he gave me books! Then I took a shower, read Remnants with SpaghettiOs, and YAY FUN! Then I let the Web page consume me . . . and I am done except for pictures and other people's cliques! That wasn't so bad. :)


I was a tad late to work 'cause I missed the earlier bus. No matter. I put out truck and made Diana a recharge.

Um, I spent lots of time at work trying to not kill people.

I just added stuff to my Web page all day. I cleaned and did laundry too!

So tired.


Yay . . . no work, but yet so much work! I woke up early for some ungodly reason, and went with it. I cleaned and prepared, and fixed a bunch of shit on the pictures page. It's grueling work. :( So after working for about four hours, Joe came, and we talked a bit and then watched Greg the Bunny and went to Cross Creek for lunch. It was nice. We had too much food though. Then we came back to my place, I used votes, and we ventured to Hear Again, where I acquired 6 new CDs. Surprise. Then it was anime time; we saw VanDread, Love Hina, and Video Girl Ai. Then we shopped (I balanced shit on my head), came back, and watched Buffy, and talked a long time, and saw Greg the Bunny. After all that, we did a music lesson. It was a good one. Then I gotted tired and I must sleep.


What a bummer. I have to work tomorrow. XP

I got up today shortly before Meg came. She wandered in with Katie. We horsed around and called Ian, and really we didn't do much all day except talk, watch taped TV shows (Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, and South Park), and eat food. We ordered pizza and for some reason Katie laid claim to Ian's pizza again, and insisted on having two plates. It was funny. We played with the Whoopee Cushion I bought Katie and I gave Meg presents, and we went to the grocery store where I chased Katie as usual. Umm, I think my favorite part of the day was teaching Katie about my flowers.

After Katie fell asleep and I'd gotten off the computer (I was fixing my pictures page), we all talked. It was nice.



Satan called me today at work, to inform me that the pilot light was out down in Hell and everything was freezing up. Then Linda was nice to me and told me I could work in Kids' and let me do so all day! <:P Ohhkay. So . . . I did. I organized the Kids' Education section and the Caldecott, Newbery, and Kids' Bios, and then got started on Beginning Readers until it was time to leave. I started reading Conversations with God.:)

Meg & Kate picked me up, and we got Ian and went to play on the playground. I tuckered myself out chasing Katie and flying around. Then we went back to the house, and Kate got a bath while Ian and I acquired cauliflower. We made artichokes and Full Moon Cauliflower, and watched lots of TV, and I pursued my cliques endlessly. We all talked and played and Katie yelled "chocolate butt!"


Today wasn't exactly big fun. But it was okay. Diana came and got me, and we went to the STUPID meeting. The only good thing about those goddamn meetings is that we get free food.

I cleaned Kids' and organized Beginning Readers. I did customer service. Linda yelled at me for making a "smart comment" when I didn't. I swear she just makes up intent. I really dislike her way of talking to me like I am her child. Actually, I really dislike HER, period.

When Diana drove me home, Mike was waiting. We made honey cakes while I used votes. We talked and ate and listened to the Pagan mp3s I downloaded. When he left I napped and listened to more and organized my files. XP


This has not been a good day. But I will live.

Work is okay. I was late. But that was okay too. I was at the register. I had an asshole tell me it was "impossible" for him to not be on the list. Grr. I hate that.

I got to do Kids', and Jeaux picked me up. We went home and embarked on a frustrating struggle toward getting my computer to work. It won't, and the CD-R is busted. Joe put my old CD-ROM in it. That worked and I got online and installed just in time to do my hosting. The hosting was somewhat boring. I got off and there was more annoyance. My head hurts. We had pizza.


A slightly better day today, but still very annoying. I got picked up early and had to re-scan some shit that was wrong in the void, instead of putting out the 70 totes of Kids' I have. Damien acted crappy over the scanner when he thought I didn't download stuff to it right, when it was the scanner's fault for having the clock set wrong for our purpose. And some bitch acted inappropriately because we didn't have The Vagina Monologues. So. I did put out some Kids', and I cried a little bit because I thought of some really fuckin' sad stuff for my book.

Finally, when work was over, I went home and used votes (new 'puter, woo-hoo!), and Joe came. I e-mailed the guy about my CD-RW not working. Joe got my Zip disk working and then we watched Zim and ate at August Moon. I read a little Artemis Fowl 2 and took a bath after he left, then proceeded to install and transfer stuff on my computer. I wasn't very successful.


Today was good! It really was! I got to work and did my thing, putting out Kids' 'til my nose bled and still hardly putting a dent in it. (Which is bad since the RESET theoretically starts tomorrow.) I dealt with Kate, the woman who seemed to think a first name would help her book get found. Eventually I went home with Diana, to whom I'd given an eggroll wrapper.

I cleaned my apartment and transferred files all day. Ally and Stacie made an a surprise visit. I entertained them and made After-Dinner wafers. Then after they left, I made Maple Hearth Bread. Ian, Phil, and Phred called me. I went online after. I caught up on mail and tweaked a bit of homepage. And I prepared for Beltane of course!


This is being written by ONE TIRED HO! Well, the "ho" part isn't true. But the "tired" is! (Duh.) Today was really neat. I was all dressed up and armed with maple bread at work . . . and I got to put out Kids' stuff, but it got annoying . . . and then Sue, PJ, and all the managers began their random "walk around bitching" disease. PJ and I laughed at Linda for having had a "temper tantrum" and removing the Kids' table! HAH! PJ also suggested that our section was missing monkeys. :) I got to put all the kids' totes in the back 'til after the reset.

So. Then Joe came and we ate at Bajal or whatever that Indian cuisine place is in my complex. It was good! Then, at anime, we saw a crappy movie called Metropolis and Those Who Hunt Elves. Then Joe and I shopped, had an ice cream adventure, and saw Digimon and Samurai Jack. :)


Arghlets! Assmeats! What a day. :) I got up and spent a bunch of time preparing for my ritual . . . and downloading nice classical songs on Audiogalaxy. :D The ritual went fine, a little slow, uneventful. Good food though. I spilled bird seed while cleaning up. People were looking at me when I buried nuts. >:P

I cleaned up, did E2, did dishes . . . and went online forever and ever! I worked on the homepage and really made a dent. It's good. I read a tiny bit and I just typed and added a couple new things I'd been meaning to, et cetera . . . did cliques, answered e-mail. BLARGH! NOW it is 7 in the morning and I'm FUCKIN' TIRED. :3P


All in all, pretty good day. I didn't hardly sleep last night, so it's surprising I did not nap. Solicitors woke me up twice, and then Mike called and I had to go meet him at Best Buy. I got lost, of course, but made it, and we went to Cracker Barrel. :) After, we came back, talked about musicals, listened to classical stuff, and talked about the Ivy graphic novel project. He wants me to do another. >:)

Good news: 'puter guy is going to send a new CD-RW drive to me! :)

I went to Ammy's Order of the Engineer ceremony and hung out with Nikki and Suzanne. I doodled on my program and gave Ammy a giant lolly. When I came home, I fixed the Web page, pretty much entirely. I LOVE LIFE!


So . . . day. Yes, a day. I worked. Mostly I did nothing productive! I was C/S so I could just hang out. I messed with Kids'. No one started the RESET! I might get overnights though, to do it. Grr.

I did Diana's break and just helped people all day. A kid asked me the same question twice: "Do you have any Pokémon folders?" as if the answer would be different if he asked again. XP Uhm.

Diana took me home, and I cleaned up and Mike came. We listened to Les Miz and saw stuff on my computer. Then I kicked him out and Aunt Diane came over with her doggie Cooper! I was not expecting the dog part but that turned out fine. Diane and I talked a while and then she went to sleep and I read.


Well, the only thing that kinda sucked about today was Patrick pseudo-yelling at me to do truck stuff even though he'd told me to do truck stuff when I finished cleaning Kids' and I wasn't done cleaning Kids' yet. Grr. Other than that it was nice. Chris drove me to and from work. I did overstock, straightening, and one cart of truck (haha, PATRICK). I also covered C/S and register breaks. Boooring. I read more of Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging. The girl really has issues. Heh. I'm glad I was never that way, all goofed up over boys.

After I got home, I took an accidental nap, woke up when Phil called, did some E2 and online updating, messed with cliques, talked to Dad for a while, and read the rest of Artemis Fowl 2. It was great! Oh yeah, and I did a bunch of guitar lessons. It seems pretty easy. Strange, since last time I tried this it was beyond me.


Not a bad day all in all. Work was mostly pleasant; Linda was manager but was in a funky good mood for some fucked up reason. (Maybe 'cause she's off 'til Friday.) I was late today but she didn't say anything.

I got to move the Kids' Religion books entirely out and put Family in their place, but it's not done. Fug. I also did secret overstock (HA ON YOU) and I covered breaks. Tammy drove me home. I encountered Lemony Snicket's autobiography and I LOVE IT! :) *sigh* Artemis Fowl 2 came out today. Umm. After workies I talked to Leanna and brought her exercise lists I'd promised, and I napped a tad, and I got online and did a few updates, wrote nodes on Artemis Fowl, and wrote a fake résumé for Charles H. Toadie. :) Then I became stroppy. :)


This day definitely wasn't bad. I was late-ish to work again (only 'bout 15 minutes), and did C/S and Kids' shit. I was also in charge of breaks. Woo me. I balanced a shelf on my head. I'm dissatisfied with Kids' but what can I do? I wrote a new plan. >XP

Joe came and got me, and we discussed Artemis Fowl. Then we went home, watched an excellent episode of Digimon, and Samurai Jack, and my drive came!

Then we went to Miraku for Mark's bye-bye. I hope he does well. :) I got veggies w/ no onions.

Then we went back, installed the drive (with one slight mishap), and played on the 'puter 'til it was fixed. Then Joe had to go to overnight work, so I played on my puter and burned my first CD! (It's for Mike.) :D


Sadly, a largely unproductive day. I just downloaded songs, did E2, edited, ate, bathed, did dishes, sulked, and did laundry. I had a little annoyance with the girl who was subbing for Leanna--she was kinda clueless about a couple things, like when the dryer fucked up on my bedclothes and I tried to get more quarters from her, and she said that the key was at some other apartment complex, but then realized that it was only there because Leanna was emptying out the quarter things. Therefore she was like "oh, they're all empty anyway, never mind" ignoring of course the fact that they had my money in them. XP Also I joined a cooking club. I did not touch e-mail. Later Javier called and I talked to him forever after, ranting largely about my book, with some religious shit, computer shit, and jackass-people shit thrown in.


Nyo! Work sucked today because I was given strict orders not to touch my section, so I did customer service and totally slacked off. Fuck you all! I don't think I've ever slacked so hard on purpose. I doodled and chatted and played with the computers. And cleaned Kids' and made a game plan for the mythical reset that may never happen, which began with "Move Activity books" and ended with "get drunk." Arghlets! I came home on the bus and got online to do stuff. I did indeed do stuff. I worked on the cliques and my e-mail, and took a stupid-ass nap. Then Victor came on!!! And we talked. Finally. I dealt with most of my e-mail and finished the offensive cliques, and looked at Anime con pics. Not much got done in the way of being productive.


"Nooo!" says the hand. "No more writing!" But I must, I must write in my journal, even after I have written all day.

I biked to work and ended up on register, and faced with the possibilities of separating the Pokémon cards or reading paranoidly on the sneak, I chose a third option. I started Book 5. Right there at the register.

It made the day fly by. I wrote five small-printed pages, but somehow it took all day. Dratted customers with their PURCHASES! I bounced all day, and talked to Newspaper Guy about writing. We exchanged e-mail addies.

I came home and did e-mail and read a selection of Book 4 and used E2 votes and wrote a node and caught up on my friends' journals. Then I left and began writing. I got interrupted by Megs and Brendon and Ammy; all were fine and good, but Ivy was calling, and she calls loud! So, I heeded her call until about 12:30 at night, when I finished Book 5, Chapter 1. Yay.


Ahh, what a joke. I was picked up by Damien today and I worked in Kids' 6 to 2:30. Actually that's a lie, I worked until noon in Kids' and did the register from then 'til 2:30. Kids' was frustrating, and I felt so sad while doing it that some lady commented that I looked sad. REALLY? Then she kept trying to cheer me up and was really fucking annoying, saying "Huh?" and "Okay?" in this horribly grating way to this kid she was watching. I moved shit around and sulked. And at the register I wrote a page and a half of new Ivy stuff. Damien asked me to stay 'til 3 but I decided I'm not taking one for the team again unless I'm considered an important part of it and they LET ME DO MY RESET. Grr!

After workees I slept. Then I got up and talked to a rude telemarketer, and then I read and did e-mail. I ranted to Joe about Damien and Linda being unfathomable bastards. He says he'll talk to Tony. And I want the mystery binder! Grr.

Uh . . . my eggs froze!


More unhappiness, but now I'm calm. I was prevented from doing any Kids' Reset by stupid lack of slot walls, and Damien told me I was "wasting hours" by trying to "fix something that wasn't ready to be fixed." Grr! I called Jeaux and bitched a lot. Oh, and the store opened late. It was fun.

Umm, but anyway, PJ and I talked about the reset and I will work overnights some week. :) Soon, when the shelves get here. I hope I hope it's soon. Sales are gonna suck asses. XP Anyway. Uh. . . .

I did breaks and did as little truck as possible, and my ass rules. Then I went home on the bussy-wussy and slept unproductively for several hours. I had crappy dreams that Damien was doing shit in my house and then that the computer register was broken and everyone was annoyingly ignoring me when I asked for help to fix it, as the customers lined up and bitched! Argh. I got up, took a shower, ate at Rafferty's with Ian, played and showed Ian stuff, and did e-mail krapp.


Me likes Wednesdays. I worked like normal, and put out truck. Linda was in a rare mood. She yelled at me for doing exactly what she asked me to at one point. (DUH.) Stupid crap! "I would have rather you put out truck than waste time filling those out." Whatever.

Work got over fast enough and I got picked up by THE JOE. I like him! Heh. We ate at Northwest Café or something--very good. We ordered lots of excellent food.

Then we went to my place. I used votes, then we did Anime for half an hour (one episode of Love Hina).

We shopped and waved at babies, then went home and watched Zim and Samurai Jack. Then we decided to go to karaoke at Lillian's, and I got kinda sickish 'cause I drank a screwdriver. I sang "Right Through You."

Then home we went--more Jack and TMBG CD burning. :)


Dad left early this morning, and I went back to sleepie. Then I got up on time and rode the bus. Work was shite when I got there and that's because Linda got mad at me twice really fast. She also jokingly threatened to hit me. She said I was driving her crazy asking her questions, but it really wouldn't be such an issue if she'd answer them.

We moved Kids' shit around, and at the end I packed up Thomas garbage and left. Diana took me home and borrowed Forbidden Zone, and I was doing E2 stuff when my power went out. I read by candlelight 'til Mike arrived. We b.s.ed and then Fred called, and while I was on the phone it came back on. Mike and I got cheese and bread at the store, and after that we discovered my VCR is broken. :P Ugh! We cooked our meal and ate it, then watched Les Miz concert stuff while I prepared an artichoke. We munched that, then I hosted, and Mike and I watched Moulin Rouge, and then he left and I talked to Victor a while.


Another day of having love beaten out of me by store management. It takes me about one minute to put on my store apron and put away my purse and lunch after I've clocked in, but today that wasn't fast enough for Damien, 'cause he yelled at me to get my ass on the register. An impatient customer was there as well. Gee, we opened exactly at nine and I walked in the same time as this man. He didn't fucking have TIME to get impatient! XP Anyway, later Damien told me I have trouble "thinking outside the box," which is so untrue it is insulting. Yeah, Mr. Corporate Weasel Man, who does everything (except stuff that applies to his personal pleasure) by the book. He accused me of being unable to think outside the box because I didn't understand the purpose of having an outside phone line installed at the register so that the register person could call customers whose orders were in. That makes no sense 'cause it's the customer service person's job, not mine, to be on the fucking phone, and the books about which we need to call need to be STORED AT CUSTOMER SERVICE. It just makes more sense to let the C/S person do C/S duties and not make the register person do things that impede the ringing up of customers. But oh well, I must be a rigid thinker. Ass!

On my break Chris and I commiserated about the state of stupidity in our workplace. Damien got a couple of really ridiculously rude and jerky customers to pay him back. I wrote Ivy stuff at the register, and Steve dropped off his manuscript.

Home! I rode my bike (it was a bit cold for some freaky reason!), and got online to do E2 and chat after spending some time doing dishes, eating, and reading Book 4. After chatting with Jeaux, Victor, Meg, Ally, Dan, and, briefly, Mark (who didn't seem to care much that I started Ivy 5 last week, oh well), I got offline and wrote my ass (or rather, my hand) off. Chapters 2 and 3 are properly done, and I had an egg to celebrate.


Early day. Chris was slightly late picking me up, but I didn't care. We got there and I tried to clean Kids' but Linda yelled and made me put out truck. So I did, and cleaned later. I tried to sneak in some shelf-adding for the Kids' section but I ended up making a mess and damaging books 'cause I couldn't be bothered to take the books off before attempting to move the shelves. I thought it'd save time. It didn't. >:P

Chris took me home and I traded CDs with him. :) Sklarb. Then I ate tomato soup and boats, and went to sleep. Yay. I woke up, did E2, and chatted with Meghan and Ian on the phone. Then I did a smattering of e-mail and took a shower, and read my book until tiredness overwhelmed me.


Work was fairly crappy. I did Kids' Action Alley and a bit of moving shit around. But really it was shite because managers kept insulting me! Here goes.

#1 Damien--he asked me why I looked "bewildered at the thought of doing Action Alley." I only looked confused because when I asked him where the list was to do the Action Alley, he was vague and then got on the phone, so I had to wait for him to finish.

#2 Linda--yelled at me for not helping move a fixture when she and Damien were already doing it. There wasn't even room for me to help, but of course I'm still wrong. When I didn't help, she commented to Damien, "She just looks at me." Like I'm not there.

#3 Damien--When I asked where the Kids' Reset clipboard was, he told me to check on the cart in New & Notable, and I did, and it wasn't there, so I told him so. He said, "If I come up there and find it I'm gonna kill you." Grr! That insinuates that I'm so clueless that I don't know how to use my eyes! (He did come up and did NOT find it.)

#4 Linda--I asked her where the clipboard was and she said, "Huh?" so I repeated it and she goes, "What are you talking about?" So I told her, more slowly, what I was looking for, but she interrupted me with, "Just spit it out!" Uh, I DID, twice, but you didn't understand!

#5 Linda--She wanted me to set Kids' Fiction, so I told her to do that I'd need to take out Intermediate Series and for that I'd need to replace glass shelves with wood shelves, which we didn't have. I asked if it was okay to steal them from a section we haven't set yet. She yelled, "What did you think I was asking you to do? Why do you ask me these silly questions?" I told her I ask for clarification because every time I do something she comes out and yells at me for doing the wrong thing. Then she yelled, "I do not! Don't even go there missy!" Agh! If I hadn't run that by her, I probably would have been criticized for not setting Kids' Fiction or taking shelves out of another section!

#6 Damien--When I was waiting for Diana to come out and drive me home, I called in the back to see what was keeping her. He was like, "Diana's DOING her JOB. WHY ARE YOU BUGGING ME?" Why is it that I don't deserve a civil answer?

I think my managers are out to get me. At every possible excuse they give me shit. Oh well. I'll outlast them too.

So, after evil evil work, I went home and partied with Ian. We went Goodwill shopping (where he got a Care Bears shirt) and pawn-shopping (no VCRs), and then we got food at Roly-Poly and cinnamon sticks at Court of Hero's. We ate them and watched Zim and Kodomo No Omocha. Then he left, and I talked to Phil, and unexpectedly fell asleep.


Well, last night was all early-tiredness. I slept and kept waking up. I had a random dream that my sister was pregnant. :) (Patricia.) Then I woke up and got clean-up from the night before and got ready for work. Then I went. Linda was in a good mood. (Well, as good as SHE gets.) I got to do Kids' all day and she did not yell at me once. She is like Jekyll & Hyde, I swear. Okay! So I moved Kids' stuff around and I got picked up by Joe. (First he and a little girl and her mom helped clean up a mess a little boy made. :) ) Then away we went. We went to Wal-Mart and McAllister's for food, then back out to Best Buy and finally a pawn shop that had a VCR cheap enough to buy. The *porn*shop guy was nice enough to lower the price for me! <:) Then Joe and I went to Dan's for anime, went to the Star Wars movie and saw Yoda fight, and then home for cake, Digimon, and pop. :)


I got up (late-ish) and made a CD for Mom (with some crappy difficulties . . . a few of the files refused to convert right, so I had to get a better converter. Blah.). Then I went to the Post Office and sent it. Blargh. I hope she likes it.

Then I came home, took a shower, and braided my hair. Didn't have much time for anything else once I was done; Javier came over and I finished E2 votes. Then we went to Semolina's for macaroni & cheese cake, and Diet Coke. We went to my place and watched Clerks and one cool episode of UCB. Then we chatted a bit and looked at bad drawings, and he went home.


Work was good today, despite raunchy foodless Saturday morning meeting! It was kind of pointless as always, and although Linda was a jerk to Neil she didn't act like a jerk to me for once. After the meeting I done worked. I did Kids' stuff all day! I was Customer Service and did a fair amount of that (including some crappy lady who wanted "the Angelina ones"), and I cleaned off the other half of the shelves and moved Intermediate Series in. Soon I can set Kids' Fiction! :) Such coolness. YAHH!

Diana took me home and I cooked dinner with Mike. Such really good dinner! It was potato pancakes and they were supreme. Then we watched Evita and that other stupid movie with the guys switching places. I wanna buy Into the Woods so Mike can see it.

After he left, I went online and FINISHED cliques! I just hafta send out the mailer.

I had cute braids. :)


Today was a sweet day! :D It went nice and slow--it seemed to last forever. Just how I like 'em.

I was on the register at work, lovely. I wrote Chapter 4 in part. It's decent, but man, distractions make me write so blocky! :( Ivy's so fun . . . but sometimes I'm glad I don't have her problems. :)

For the latter couple of hours I trained the new girl, Megan, on the register. She seems sharp and nice and calm, and I was extra hyper today because I was just all excited at writing again. Blah.

After a fiasco with counting the drawer, I biked home and prepared to do a moon ritual. I decided not to have a traditional ritual and just baked the crescent cakes, then lit a flower candle in my cauldron, fired up some vanilla and moon incense, and drank some soy milk with the cakes, as I sat at my computer dealing with my Pagan song collection. It was fun. Then I tried dealing with cliques and got booted and password-jacked. *sigh* I finished Chapter 4 and obsessed over my ability to rule.


Heyyy! Okay, work was all right. I unfortunately had to work at the register for the damn sale day, but I did well and sold lots of club cards. I tried to write at the register but Linda tried to eat me so I stopped. She also yelled, "Get up! Up, up, up!" at me in the office when she needed to get behind my chair. That's just rude. Oh, and when I called for assistance to Customer Service once, and she was the one doing it, she acted like I was ludicrous because she had been standing there and no one had come. Does she not understand that calling assistance to meet a customer is totally standard? GAWD.

So. I rode my bike home and it did not rain. Then I messed around with cliques, mail, and shtuff on my site. I chatted to ferndlies and got IMed once by a jerko, and beyond that I did nothing exciting. Boring day for little me.


Today was decent on many levels. I got to work on time, and worked in the Kids' section all day. I got Kids' Fiction set and began moving MD books in. I had to play Linda when she left for the bank and accept 2 returns. I do not play a very good Linda 'cause I don't look much like her. She was nice today. Sometimes I love work. I get off early tomorrow.

I got home and called Ian, but he was tired and didn't want to play, so I cleaned a bit and did crap online. I did E2 and the E2 survey, and IMed with friends, and eventually I went offline to go write. The writing is going okay but it feels a tad forced. I might stop for a while.


Booty suck! Today at work I got to do Kids' again and I moved Middle Reader stuff into Kids' Fiction more. Nothing really happened. A girl complained that our store was messy. I want to beat her. I had the Moxy Früvous song "Kick in the Ass" in my head all day today.

Joe and I went to my place and went to Media Play and Hear Again, and Spec's. I got Into the Woods on video and a Moxy Früvous CD. Then to the party by my pool, where they had attempted to cater to me but had lettuce and shit in the sammiches. XP I ate anyway and Jeaux and I watched ants and talked about writing. Then we went to my place, and I used votes, and then to Dan's. We watched His and Her Circumstances and Video Girl Ai. Then we went to Wal-Mart, where I broke my plate, and saw Spider-Man, and then ordered pizza and watched Zim and Samurai Jack.


Well, today I awoke shortly before Mike called. He called & came over, and we went over to the nearby Indian place and got yum food. Then we biked back and listened to Forbidden Broadway and the "Kick in the Ass" song by Moxy Früvous, and finally we watched Into the Woods, which was great. We played a little guitar and practiced writing with our uncoordinated hands, and then shared doodles. Finally we had leftover pizza and listened to They Might Be Giants, and he did my dishes, and eventually we just started talking. Mostly about book things. We talked until he was tired and had to temporarily nap on my beanbag so I let him. I read Steve's "The False Dmitri" story, which was a bit academic for my taste but had good style, and then Mike woke up and left. I did e-mail and typed my Book 0, and then all tired. . . .


Wasted most of the day in bed . . . finally got up and read some stuff and ate food and took a shower. Then I braided my hair and read some more. I went online and did E2 and e-mail and added myself to a few cliques. And I did my bills and balanced my checkbook (and it balanced for the first time in forever, surprise surprise). I ran around briefly in the rain and marveled over the beauty of being able to stand up (for some reason I think that's really cool), and I didn't do much that was productive. Oh yeah, I cleaned the bathroom shelves like I was supposed to, and listened to Britten and Tori and Lord of the Dance. I got discontent and really wanted to write, so I did some research on what needs to come next and played with that, and found something funny Mark said once, and then went off to write. I wrote a few pages, and then was satisfied that I'm not dead-ending and decided to go to bed.


HAHAHAHAAAA! My shelves came today! I hugged them! When I got to work, Damien acted all surprised that I was on time. Sometimes he is the biggest prick.

Today I worked on Kids' and got all of Middle cleaned out. Ya know, sometimes I totally rule. I had to stay late to do it though. Customers were frequent today and we were quite busy. Wah.

I came home on the bus and Mike was waiting. We went in. Then we talked a bit and fixed din-din. He taught me to make eggs in the microwave, which was great, plus we had mushroom soup and biscuits. It was quite yum scrumptious. We hung out more and I used votes and played him "Fish Heads," and I drew an Anime Mike, and we talked about asshole people. Finally we talked about Animorphs and he left in a cab, and I did some writing, then got tired and prepared for bed. Oh yeah, Damien was Peter Pan today.


How nice that I was not on register today! :) I got to work in Kids' and I got a lot done! It was pretty fantastic. The only thing was, Linda yelled at me for not filling up the shelves fast enough. Jeezus! I just got the freakin' things! *sigh* She's full of shit. She yelled at me for arranging the First Readers when I DIDN'T TOUCH THEM! I got Kids' Audio set, and moved Baby stuff, and got Caldecott & Newbery set. And I made a Thomas section. Yay for moi! Ally visited me with brother John and friend Mike. They went away and I continued working. I finished The Golden Goblet today. It was yummy. I will read her other book soon.

I came home on el bike and had my visitors, Ally and co. John was pretty obnoxious about touching shit on my altar and doing crap. He watched South Park and was amazed by my fast-forwarding abilities. HA. Oh, and at work I balanced Steve's binder on my head. Okay, then I went online and did e-mail and homepage crapperz. Now it time bed.


Good day! Except for four asshole customers and C/S being so busy, it was a good, good day at work! I had a cherry pop and drank it while working, and Chris bought me hash browns! I rearranged the Baby section like I wanted to--early so Linda couldn't see me "organizing" and freak out. XP Then I got stuffed animals pulled out and Kids' education set, and everything's gonna be SO cool. Maybe I'll be done soon! <:P If tomorrow I can get the rest of Kids' Ed and Activity done, then the next day Storybooks and Favorite Characters, it will ALL BE DONE! And I will rule the world! HAHA! PJ was bitchy though; she said she was "more important" than the newspaper guy. Linda fucked up Chris's plans. XP

After work, I did online stuff, and had an accident: I tipped over my wine and got sloe gin all over the kitchen! I had to clean it up and now my hands are stained. After that I had Roly-Poly with Ian and saw Zim. Then I wrote. :)


Snarfie. Work was both disappointing and satisfying today. I got my storybooks set and my Favorite Characters in place. But I didn't get the boxes of crap out like I wanted to! I HOPE I get to work on it Saturday. I'll die if I don't get to. When the store opened the air conditioning wasn't on!!! I was going to die! But it came on and I lived. I stayed an extra hour and Amber from #397 came to help. I told her what to do and she's down. :)

Jeaux and I went to my place and I used votes and we watched Digimon, which was so freakin' good. Then we ate at Copper Monkey and had mooserams and I ate grilled cheese. We then ventured forth to anime and Avery didn't come so we watched Nuku-Nuku. Then we went home and watched Into the Woods. It was fun, and I surprised Joe with Act 2. Then karaoke-ing we went, and I fucked up an Alanis song. Then we went home for music lessons and eventual sleepies.


Weirdass day. I woke up before it was time to, but went back to sleep, then got up again. I did dishes and then Mike called. We went out for food at Roly-Poly. Fun! Then back to my place, and we talked and watched South Park. It was good! Then he left, and I got sleepy and did kind of a random nap thing, but didn't feel like I slept at all. I was waiting for Hobbit Mike to call but he didn't and I cleaned up and printed out my latest poem "Moonflower" to read for Pojam, but he never called. Meg called, though, and I chatted with her until about ten, and doodled a comic cover for a new graphic novel. It's gonna be cute! Finally I got online and answered e-mail and added a clique, and doodled more and did an outline for the comic. I unbraided my hair while reading and decided to go to the store, and as I arrived some guy yelled, "There's nothing that makes my day more than a girl with a light-up ass!" Referring to my bike light, of course. I shopped, came home, showered, and went to bed.


Today was an entirely directionless day. It's so strange, I have TIME, and am not doing with it what I should. Well, I must say I wrote today, and made more of my comic, but I felt just kind of lazy--sort of blarghey. I need a vacation from myself.

I got up today and did laundry and taped stuff for Ally. I just went back and forth between checking Web page links online to the comic to eating to reading to downloading and arranging songs . . . man I feel fuzzy.

I finished Chapter 7 today and don't feel good about it. I watered my plants and jumped in some mud puddles 'cause it rained today. Blaaah.

I really need a scanner and new printer cartridge. I'm a jerk.


Skunky. Today was no picnic 'cause I had to clean up a HUGE mess in the Kids' section. It looked like people had kicked stuff off the shelves or something. I swear I hate it that no one touches my section when I'm gone.

After cleaning, work was okay. I got to put away all the crap left in boxes, which was kinda nice after all the time I spent boxing such things up. I can't find my cars though--the wheely books. Oh well. I had a woman ask if I could check if her Barnes & Noble card was out of date, and another brilliant person asked if there was a BOOK for Harry Potter. *ahem* Anyway, huge blarghs all around.

I came home, got online, and talked to Victor, and then Ian invited me to go for pizza so I went. We watched the movie Slackers (which was hilarious) and ate pizza, and then I kicked him out so Fred could call. Mike's Animaniacs tape is now begun. It's cool. :) Fred and I made our plans for vacation and then I got tired so I prepared for bed.


I'm so damn cool. I do whatever I want at work now. I rearranged my First Readers when I was supposed to put out my Kids' books and nobody said anything about it. I need more space in Favorite Characters though. :( Tomorrow I'll tackle that! Maybe. :P

Okay, so, today PJ called Neil "Javier." And a little girl trying to imitate me scattered books all over. :P Fuckers.

I went home on da bike and it was good. I took a shower and boiled eggs. And I worked on the comic and did my usual online shit, and taped more Animaniacs for Mike. I also put in for my vacation. YAY FOR MEEH!

Oh well, early workees tomorrow. Let's get some dreams in me.


Pretty cool day. Customers more or less left me alone and I got to put out Kids' truck. A lot didn't get done though for some reason. XP I guess it just doesn't seem like I did much because I have so much still to do. Okay, so I went home after work and I took a short nap and did e-mail and read my book and ate mushroom soup. I also went to the store. And downloaded some Pagan songs and talked to Phred--our vacation is set! Such fun. I gotta tell Mom soon.

I worked on my comic and that's about it. Oh, Ben at the grocery store seemed surprised that I said I didn't have and didn't want a boyfriend. "But you deserve to have somebody" was what he said. Oh, BLARGH!!!


Waarghh . . . just more putting out Kids' stuff. Linda took me aside to "talk to me," and said PJ wanted to know why my section was completely out of order. Of course this was a bit flabbergasting because my section is in very good order! Apparently when Amber was there last week, she mentioned that like titles were not together in Favorite Characters (which is a bit anal anyway, but I would do it if I had not been screamed at constantly during the reset if I attended to a reset task). PJ took this to mean there was no rhyme or reason to my section and wanted Linda to CALL ME AT HOME TO REPRIMAND ME for such things.



Anyway, Diana took me home and I spent some time making CDs and doing my comic and doing dishes and e-mail and reading. ARGH.

Annoyed I am.



Today was decent. Silly, but decent. I had work and just put out Kids' stuff. I didn't get that much done. Just a whole rolly-cart. Bleargh.

I cracked up laughing because one woman claimed she hated books that just had "pages and pages of writing." OKAY. Finally Joe got there, and I got to leave a tad early. Linda made a weird comment that Joe should help if he comes, without getting paid. Freak.

Joe and I watched the season finale of Digimon, which rocked, and then we ate at Dave's BBQ after getting stuck in traffic. We went to Dan's after that and watched GateKeepers and Excel Saga (Excel Saga is now one of my new favorite animes). Then we went home, listened to some music, and went to the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. It was pretty good and true to the book, which I read a year and a half ago. Yum. After movie, we Wal-Mart-ed and made cookies, and I got tired. I inked my comic and we talked, and then he left.


Notebook paper graphic used in the title image: Made by Heather and Warren's Gif Pages.