May 2001 through October 2001


I have a bit of writer's cramp right now, but that's for a good reason. That comes later. :)

So, I got up today at a reasonable hour, typed chapter 44 of Book 4 into the computer, did my dishes, and took a shower. My eye bugs me. It sucks. Grr.

Uh. So I got online and did a fair amount of updating and whatnot. I put my CDs online and updated my lovely journal, and ate lots of donuts. I didn't do much that was interesting. I talked to Victor and whatnot. Then . . . signed off.

TO WRITE! I was adamant that I'd finish Book 4 today . . .


I wrote chapter 45 and I couldn't be happier. I think I have to go cry now. It's so cool how THINGS just randomly appear in the manuscript that I totally did NOT plan! What an archaeological find THIS is.


My, my, my, well aren't I just a productive little bitch today? Hmm!

I went to the work meeting on 3 hours' sleep. It wasn't bad at all. No bus came but I got picked up by weirdos from work! :)

We had our BORING meeting and I ate donuts. It was smoky outside from fires so it stunk in BAM for a while. I had to run Pokémon League. A kid said to another, "You're so fat, 80 King Kongs could play football in your ass!" The things they say. . . .

I didn't do much today, and went home fulfilled. It's so nice to know I finished my book. Now I long to have another in progress. But it needs some definition before I can start. I must do my homework.


I really didn't work very much today. That sucks, 'cause I should have. I hung out and talked to Diana, slowwwly cleaned Kids', talked to Jeff, talked to Lara, you name it. I finally managed to get 3 Kids' totes out. :)

I came home and answered e-mail and checked E2, where I'd gained 28 points in the night. :) I didn't do much but sort stuff and fight with children without lives. I felt too grumpy to do a whole fuck of a lot else.


It's so weird how even when my day has not been particularly good I just have these rashes of love for everything. Life is so interesting. . . .

P and I got up today and hung out, ate, and waited for Yuichi to call. He called, and they talked, and P did her e-mail. Then we went to Ross, and I didn't buy anything. Then we went to Hear Again CDs, where I spent thirty bucks 'cause I suck asses. I got good CDs though. :) Then we came home, baked bread while listening to great music, and ate some of said bread, followed by pizza. We played the X-men board game. Then P and I talked a bit, and she left.

I went online and caught some of my important or old e-mail, and then played in IMs, updated the homepage just slightly, and edited Book 1 'cause I'm fucking obsessed. >:D


Suck ass.

I went to work and was annoyed by the sheer messiness of the Kids' section. I had to run Pokémon, where little monsters attempted to sucker crap out of me even though I never respond to that shit. Grr. I read the rest of Animorphs #4 and also read 5 and 6 today. They really are good. I wonder what the TV show was like?

I went home and used votes and ignored e-mail and dishes because I suck. I tried to type Book 4 but my left pinky got tired. So I took a nap. Scott called, then picked me up later and took me to Ryan's. It was a good din. We went to my place and watched The Emperor's New Groove, and he fixed my sound. . . .


Boringly today I worked. I put out Kids' books after cleaning the section. An old man told me I was cute today. Wooers. Uh. The Animorphs book I'm reading now is so funny because it's from the point of view of an alien, who cautions you not to eat the bookmark that comes with the book. :)

After work I came home on the bus. Annoying women at the bus stop were asking for cigarettes and yelling at cute guys. They were gross . . . their kids were cute though.

I came home and Kari arrived. We watched Zim and ate pizza! Nummy. Uh. We talked and talked and Ammy briefly visited and we had a discussion about my book.


I missed the bus this morning, so I was forced to go back to my place, kill half an hour, and catch the next one. Chris was asleep when I got there too. Heh.

I straightened Kids' books and did customer service and Diana's break. It was good--a fairly good day. Then I left, and took a mini-nap at home, and Joe arrived. We had fun! We watched the new Zim he had, and then we went to Roly Poly for lunch. So cool! I enjoy Roly Poly. We laughed about studying the menu for 10 minutes and then asking the chick where the menu was. :)


Today I got to work on Kids' truck for once. Kids' section looks pretty good! I'm pleased. Fred brought in Animaniacs Tape 6 at my request and Melissa and I watched it on the Kids' VCR! :) Heh. Armon is a dumbass, but today I have no particular reason to call him so. Diana threw up today in the potty. Yuck. Uh, Fred and I went to the mall and shopped for a bikini for me (I got one), and got a dress too. Yayish! We also looked around the mall and this Blown Glass place turned out to have oils, incense, candles, and spellcraft type books! Happy. Weird!


Today I got up and went to the doctor after a small breakfast with Fred. It was easy enough, but he had no idea what was wrong with me and charged me 30 bucks for that. I got an anti-inflammatory thing for my eye, though, which Fred bought because he's way too generous. Some lady was wearing a shirt made from the material that our pillows are made from! :)

So, we went to Moon Goddess (I got Jes a CD and 2 dragon's blood oils for Megs and me), and we stopped in a couple shops and then went home. Fred nappedish while I E2voted (and found MY cliques on CORIE'S page, and wrote her a mail about it), and then we swam and I got photographed in my new bikini. Ylah. It rained on us. Then we bathed. And I got saltburn. And we ate at Sawamura's and had YUM food, and went to Pojam where I sang and read to a CLUSTERFUCK of people! :) Steph has my Dar CD.


Yeah! Today was decent. I worked, and it seemed like the day might go bad. I forgot my wallet when I left the house and had to go back for it, but I didn't miss the bus. The bus driver forgot to stop at my spot, but I wasn't late. And I had to work late, but I didn't have anything pressing to do anyway. I sold 12 club cards and finished an Animorphs book. Then after work I took a nap, worked on e-mail and my Web page, and did laundry. I also taped some DBZ. Corie decided to take my cliques off her page, luckily, because I seriously didn't want to hit her with my secret weapon (heh), but apparently this agreeable cooperation balanced out my receiving 3 bad guestbook entries--dated the same time (about) as her e-mail--and all with the same IP address. Someone must think I'm oblivious. We'll see. Anyway, I talked to Victor and some others, and worked on my book 'til bedtime.


I must say I've never been elbow-deep in peanut butter before. But that comes later.

Working today was nice, except I had a couple random bloody noses. Blah. I listened to TMBG in the morning and Jack and Damien hated it. Melissa seemed to like it though--she's TMBG-friendly. We watched Animaniacs in the Kids' section some, and I cleaned, put out Kids' truck, and covered breaks. I also finished another Animorphs book.

When I got home I immediately went out and got groceries, looking in vain for cookable paraffin. According to a Web site I researched later, you really shouldn't eat it, but use Baker's Wax or just dipping chocolate instead. I asked for it at Mother Earth in an English accent. :) Then I got cherries at Publix, and a very nice guy helped me out. I came home and made "Buckeyes," which had me elbow-deep in . . . PB. :) Then I wasted time on the 'Net, 'cause I suck! I talked to Emma about Paganism & Victor about my bikini pictures.


Exhaustion has almost overwhelmed me so I'll have to make this quick.

I was awoken by Meghan, bearing the good news that she acquired a car. Then I cleaned up and got dressed, and made cherry pottage. I also found out I can't make a real garden 'cause of my bushes. Grr.

I made crafts for Midsummer and then I celebrated. It was a decent Sabbat. Enjoyable, but at the end I HAD TO PEE! Grr.

I spent some time cleaning up and redecorating, and then biked to Pojam. Steph hadn't brought my CD though. I read "Exploding Stars, Lionel Ritchie, & the Nature of the Universe," and "Keys to the Past," and sang Loreena McKennitt's song "Stolen Child." Then I biked home painfully. New joke: "tweet tweet" "fart fart" "I HATE YOU!" Heh. I look like a mass murderer 'cause I still have cherry guts under my nails! Heh. We had Pojam circle too.


I was forced to do PokéLeague again today. But it was easy. The children were calm and no one acted freaky or tried to steal. That is good.

SO...I finished reading Cirque du Freak today. It was okay but freaky. I started Stranger in a Strange Land and it's freaky too, but in a Heinleiny way. Which is better than a Shanny way. Nehhh.

We had pizza at work today. It was from Hungry Howie's. I ate 4 slices before I decided it tasted like asses! I had Coke too. I want more Coke right now. Damn.

After work I slept, then got up to do E2 and e-mail and homepage. I fixed my site map and added my new story "The Escape," got guilt-tripped, hosted, chatted with Victor, and steadfastly ignored my chores. That's how it should be. YAH!


Good day. Got up early, got to work on time. Got my way and got to straighten up Kids' a lot. Some atrocious family filled the train with books on real estate. Fuggin' blargh! Unacceptable behavior! PJ and Sue and Cindy came! Armon kept losing his cool. Poor Chris. Armon sucks, losing his shit. My section looked great when the managers saw it. <:)

I came home and slept a bit. Then I got up and it was raining, and I taped some stuff and cleaned my house. And went to the store for apples and Coke, and got laundry quattahs. I did laundry too. It was such a joy. I cleaned my floor too, and paid my bills. And balanced my checkbook. And even bathed! I wrote the new part of Round Robin and talked to Phred and was strangely, extraordinarily happy.



Today I got up earlee and was actually on time for work. I cleaned up Kids' and was successful in my workee! I RULE! I ran Customer Service and was rather boring and hard-headed. BLAH, it's just not interesting to write about work if nothing interesting happens.

I went home and used E2 votes and took out the trash and watered the plants. Yay. Then Joe came. We went to Final Fantasy, which was good except it was more like Final Science Fiction. >:)P Then lunch at Bob Evans and Anime club. I felt sick but aspirin and candy cheered me. Then I went shopping and videostoreing with Joe-ish-one and read Squee. I then hosted, and we read while hosting, and then it was time for The Breakfast Club and High Fidelity, but we didn't make it through the second movie and I ended up kicking him out. :)


Today was so satisfying! I did stuff I've wanted to do for so long. BLAH! First off, the pest man woke me up, so I got out of bed. I began to make a CD list, and when it was complete I ate and read. Then I began to multitask on three things at once: 1) Drawing my new Ivy-House pic; 2) Scanning pictures; and 3) Making the "Intense Tapes." :) I'm finished with all.

I went to Wal-Mart to get supplies and found a nice gift for P. I came home and worked on the finishing touches of projects 1) and 3). :) Meg called, then Fred. I entertained them with vacuous chatter, and then went online to talk to Joe & Victor. I showed V a bunch of pics.



Oh boy! I felt panicky today because I wanted to get everything done, but I suppose once you realize it isn't gonna get done no matter what, you relax. :)

Lessee. I answered e-mail and SORTA cleaned my apartment a little. Then I finished up "stuff": I added Pagan things and joined a Sandman ring and finished a new bit of the Round Robin and didn't eat all day and read my own stuff and sent my picture of Ivy's "family" around and uploaded new pictures for a new photo page....

I talked to Joe and Victor and BUNKY and Steve and Phil and Bryan and Brendon and some dude and some other dude and boy was I silly. I didn't get a faerie page done 'cause I was finishing other crap. Oh and I read a couple pages of JTHM.


Today was unreal! Nothing spectacular happened, but for some reason I kept drifting in and out of bliss and into mere satisfaction. It's weird how there's nothing fantabulous in my life, except that it's NOW and I'm actually living it, and nothing is WRONG, and it just fills me up sometimes how glad I am to be here and how sad it is that I won't be forever.

I worked register and stickered and finished Stranger in a Strange Land (whoa freaky), and cleaned up after Mary's mess-ups and began Wicked, and my JTHM and Squee came in today, and I LOVE IT!

I came home and used E2 votes and tried to tape Breakfast Club but failed, and Meg called and I had potatoey things and then I watched the end of High Fidelity, and returned videos and shopped, and came home to play online. :)


Today I played manager. I wouldn't wear my apron and I told Mary what to do and I ran the show. :) Heh, I so rule. I put out Kids' truck and Clifford merchandise, and covered Customer Service. It was cool! I showed Diana my comics JTHM and Squee. Yah.

I came home on the bus and joined the BMG record club, and while I was doing that Joe from apartment 61 came to ask if I had a blow dryer. He's new. I said I would bring him chocolate death balls. So, I made the death balls and waited for Bob. He never called or showed up. I still don't know why. He sux. So, I brought death balls to Joe and met the mom & girl friend (Angeline?). Then I went home, E2ed, and created my portable spell kit. Yay! I rule. I'm so cool! Anyway. I got online and was up to no good all day, and TheKobald and I messed with a pervy phisher. :)


Happy birthday, Ivy! :) I had cupcakes in miss ivy's honor. Yay.


Today was long! I got up early so I could do my ritual. I set up the living room and cooked my food (and had a few slight mishaps with the faery butter). I got it all together and I did my ritual, and all went well. Then John called after I took a clean-up break. He shared his faggy life and I shared my nonsexual one. :) Weirdly, right when he was asking about Meghan, she called on the other line. :)

I went online and updated my cliques and journal! And checked a few links. My house is very clean.

Meg showed after 8, and we hung out, then ate at August Moon and went to Pojam! I read part of "Bad Fairy" and she read a made-up-on-the-spot really cool "Things I've Learned" piece. We came home and ate sweets and blueberries.


I feel kinda wastee. Ugh. I got up kinda late compared to Meg, and we puttered around and then got breakfast at Chesapeake, where I ate a rather yucky egg bagel. Then we went shopping at Hear Again CDs, Iris Books, Side Effects, and Books, Inc. I bought some CDs at Hear Again even though I am essentially moneyless, and got a "free" book with my credit at Books Inc. Meg and I shopped at K + K and got snackies for later, then we went home and watched South Park and Tenacious D. We then baked cookies and listened to Moxy Früvous (WOW!) and the Shrek soundtrack. Whee. Joey ate a cookie when he came by to get quarters. Then Meg and I went to Books-A-Million and Media Play and Mother Earth. Meg bought me stroopwafels! :D We came home and ate veggies and watched Maho Tsukai TAI!, and got greens. And that's it!


Ugh, I hate being broke! There are many things I want, like those books in my hold pile, and the Lammas book at Media Play, and the new Tori CD, and Moxy Früvous CDs, and the new Francesca Lia Block book, and Björk's new album, and to send off those tapes, and tapes for Ammy, and to get anime from Joe's friend, and a Tori piano book, and and and...I'll shut up. <:s

Okay, so here I am. Saturdays suck, and I do Pokémon League. Lara's gonna make me a red badge. Yay. I need money! I eat too much. I feel puffy. I think I'll take pictures of my altar for every season. Yeah. At work I didn't get to read during PokéLeague. I had to do sale books. And clean Kids'. Mike thinks he is a manager and he is not. Jeff is quitting. PJ's a jerk. Mike C.'s CD player disappeared! Uh. I have to work a 6 AM shift twice this week! GRR! Uh. Fart. I came home from work and was tired. I ate pizza and bought 2 lottery tickets but had to go back for my ID 'cause the girl believed me to be less than 18. Blah. I didn't win though. I did dumb things and then called my daddy. Which ate my day. I talked a lot and Dad talked a little. <:o Then I got off to host. I made a schedule book, partly. I hosted and played with my insult generator and checked cliques. And talked to Joe, Phred, and Victor. Ooh. Then I got off to do this here ritual. I'm in Esbat circle now and ya know, I'm gonna be late to bed.


The good news is that I sold 16 club cards. The bad news is I sold so many because I had to work an extra three hours. Ugh.

I had to run register. It wasn't bad, but Mary gave me my break really late because she felt sick, so on my break I made her a health charm. :) Hmm...I had a customer who tried to talk me down on a price because she didn't have enough money, and another lady who said God was trying to tell me something because weird Christians keep suggesting I read The Prayer of Jabez. Hmm. I don't think so. PEOPLE are trying to tell me something, and I don't appreciate them putting words in God's mouth. A bit rude, at least.

I finally got to leave at 7. My drawer was over but oh well. I suck. Liz N. might be coming back! But I kinda hope not, because she...left us high and dry when she quit last year. Hmm. Again.

I biked home, cleaned and rearranged my bookcases, and got online. Now I'll just work on my BoS.


Ugh and yuck, I got my period today. Fuckaroni. Haha! FUCKARONI!


Today was somewhat ridiculous. I wore my rollie shoooz! And I was funny at Pokémon! :) Nyo...I did Tarot with some dude, and Kevin made a Diana paper doll on her register while she was on break! Some assy bitch barked at me because she was too oblivious to go to the right register. Yo mama! The children laughed at me being funny at League and Aaron and Bry-dog came and took me to Burger King! Nyo. Then Jes & Seth took me home. We hung out and then Brendon came over, and we watched DiGi Charat, Neverwhere, and Zim. Nyo! :) Okay. Then we sat around listening to tapes and playing with the Captain Underpants Name change thing for like an hour. MASSIVE CRAP!


Haha! Today I got in to work at 6ish and went to sleep in the back room! I got a pile of paper towels and used it as a pillow and drooled into dreamland on the receiving desk! Hah. Then I spent the day slacking off, doing errand-like things, and anemically messing with the Kids' section. :) Sleep at work is good!

I came home on the bus and took a nap after taking care of my BMG payment. (Yay.) I slept longer than I meant to, then got up, did my E2 and homepage update, wrote a node, and finished my memory box stuff. I took a shower after taking all the crap out. It was refreshing. Then I went online, wrote Joe e-mail, stopped to talk to Victor and Wuukiee, and then prepared for the bedtime thing. :)


Today seemed long and short at the same time. I mean, this morning seems like a long time ago, but still it's too damn early to go to bed. Some utter suckage lurks here.

I woke up earlyish and prepared for the day, and decided today would be dedicated to printing out selected parts of the Book of Shadows (i.e., most of it). I promptly found I had no paper, so I went and bought some with my nonexistent money. I printed a bunch of stuff and ate breakfast, and then eventually ran out of ink. So I got this neat ink injector thingie. I performed surgery on the cartridge and got ink in it, and printed more shiznit. I cleaned my computer desk and keyboard (not a light chore), and listened to music. I found out I have a meeting tomorrow! GRR! And PJ is running it and will fire those who don't show. Fuck me! If Joe hadn't mentioned it I'd be so fired. So I made my tomorrow menu and now it's already BEDTIME!


John says I'm getting a red badge. I like that. I generally like him. He's cool. Inventory's tomorrow. What blowsome asslickingness. I have to go there on my day off! FART!!!!!!!!!


I woke up and just stayed up even though I was tired and had like 2 hours' sleep. I got up and took a shower and did some stuff with my BoS. Umm . . . so then after I was frustrated with the printer a while, Phil came. We sat around talking a bit and then went to Publix to get picnic food, which we ate at Devil's Milhopper (and the mosquitoes, in turn, ate me). Then we left when it started raining, and we went home where I used votes and noded. And then work and inventory, which wasn't so bad honestly. I got out after only 3 hours of it. Phil and I ate at Sawamura's, and we saw Rat Race (me seeing for the second time!). Finally we came home and saw 2 episodes of South Park, and I am now exhausted.


I adore being conscious. :) Nice thought, eh?

I was late to work today. It sucked. I woke up late 'cause I slept as the alarm went off. Oh well, no consequences occurred. I had to run some register, but Mel hurt her foot so SHE was register and I got to run around. I tried to clean up Kids' but it sucked too much. The store got trashed for Labor Day! I was unpleased to say the least. Faugh. I didn't get to call customer orders or anything. I had to go to register so Mel could cover the café break and then she left at 3 so I had to do register until 5:00. And it blew 'cause it was so busy. Jeremy took me and my bike home in his truck! So then I did my dinner/E2/e-mail thing, and worked more on the BoS. Wonderfulness. I wish my print cartridge would work. I noded Moon stuff. And I became tired. I like stuff.


I love Tuesdays. I love Wednesdays too, but that's still a day away. Blaarf. So, what'd I do today? John picked me up and we went to work, and first I cleaned up Kids' and rearranged Beginning Reader Activity and Harry Potter, and then the rest of the day I did Action Alley and Customer Service. (I had to call customers.) Both Angies were there. Skroink. John was a booty-head some of the day, acting like I didn't know how to transfer a phone call and treating me and AAG like jerks because we didn't understand his vague statements. After work, I went home, took a brief nap and shower, hauled a hair and scuzz out of my eye (!), and noded, e-mailed, and talked to Victor.


I had a good day today. Work was awfully tolerable . . . I just put out Kids' shipment and cleaned my section, more or less. It was cool. And Melissa found me a Witches' Calendar for 2002! Pleased I am. :)

I went home and did my node voting and acted like a dork . . . I got more IMs from the jerk girls, who appear to have gone to summer camp or something for a while when they weren't bugging me, 'cause now that school's back in, they're suddenly bugging me again.

Joe and I went to anime and saw Hand Maid May and Nadia after eating at Ashley's and watching Zim and Digimon. When we came back, we went to Wal-Mart and bought a scale, and took an extended nap that caused me to miss hosting! The Digimon movie we rented fucked up in the VCR, so we just watched Zim again.



This morning I woke up at a reasonable hour and puttered around the parents' house with Mom, getting things I wanted. I stole some clothes and shoes and a veritable shitload of books. I also got some dishes and stuff. Mom helped me box them up. I made her look at my card and listen to my tape. It wasn't as good as I remembered. Blarghish wonder.

So, then we loaded up the car and split for Gainesville. We had a good talk. It's nice to do that; Dad can really be deep when he wants. He took me to get my check and deposit it and go to Home Depot for shelvies. We got some and Dad helped me unpack them and I made him eat a cookie and then he left. I had cereal, and then I just spent the night unpacking all the shit I stole, rearranging my closet, and putting out books and memory boxes. Now I go to do some reading.


It started normally enough, except that I kept waking up and thinking it was worktime and then going back to sleep. Sometime early in the day the knowledge filtered into my head that the Pentagon had been bombed and the World Trade Center was leveled. I don't know how I heard (it wasn't the news) but it seemed like I vaguely knew about it like an "oh, yeah." Weirdly it didn't concern me. I arranged my overstock and got pissed about the lack of managerial organization.

Some of the impact hit me when Angie and I were discussing "all those people." I felt weak and dizzy. I went home after that, on the bus, and fairly quickly Scott called asking if I'd heard, and to invite me to dinner. I accepted. I did my E2 thing. Then we went out and had Sonny's, and then Putt-Putt. Everywhere had a shortage of crowding. <:) I'm weirded out. I went online after watching the President and I lit a candle for the deceased and a positive outcome.


Today seemed long. Also I discovered (or rather, reaffirmed) that I am a dork.

I just got to do the Kids' section today. I COMPed Kids' Religion, Baby Books, and Kids' Audio, then gave up and put away books for the rest of the day, 'cept when I gave James a break.

Some kid and his parents were looking for quality reading and the kid wanted Series of Unfortunate Events #2 and Captain Underpants! His parents asked me my opinions, and when I said I liked Captain Underpants, they asked first if I went to college, second what I majored in, and third if I'm in therapy. I showed them my Captain Underpants keychain. :)

After work (and being outside in a climate that truly emulates the Divine), Ammy was waiting and we worked on costumes more. I screwed up my costume by cutting it in half, but no worries. I made an awesome wig for my Sae hair!


Today was just weird.

I did my work, got a fair amount done, and hid from people by doing a "no apron" day. <:) I put out stickers. I was tired. Matthew was annoying and kept making comments about himself being smart. Jerk. But he gave me the Tori CD 'cause the case was damaged! What the shit.

I went home and the shite bus driver left me behind, so I got stuck on the bench. Some dude with pigtails asked if me and the guy I was sitting by were brother and sister, and couldn't believe we didn't even know each other. I went on the bus, and Joe-day came!


I woke up at a reasonable hour and got up to pack my shit. I tried on my costume and made sure I got everything right, and then I cleaned up my place a bit; then I used E2 votes, briefly noded, and worked on e-mail. I ate a bunch of stuff! And then I waited. For like ever. Phil was late--about 6 he showed up. I had some good conversations and stuff online first and then they took me! We got my check, then got Ammy. We did all the stuff like getting munchies and batteries for the player, and then got on the road. We stopped at Shoney's for din-din . . . yay . . . and had fantastic food with a waitress who thought I was Wiccan and had vampire teeth. Then, back on the road, listening to music. Some drunk bitch put the barrels on the road all crooked! WAH! Phil and I talked a bit after Ammy switched to Eric's car. And we got to the hotel. And settled down. I FORGOT MY HAIRBRUSH.


All right, so, today was day 1 of the anime con. We got our asses in gear and went down to breakfast, where our waitress Georgia bitched us out for not being Southern. Heh! So, after breakfast, we went to the anime con and gawked at all the costumes. We saw the funny Anime videos, and walked around. We separated and met up a lot. We went around the dealer room, then stopped in for a feature called Totally Lame Anime, which wasn't great. Ammy and I went potty and to the signup for our costume contest thing and got Louis or whatever to tell us some leeto info. We tried to look at the con suite but it didn't work. Then we met back at Totally Lame Anime and left to go to the dealer room again and Whose Line is it Anime? Then we got a Maho Tsukai TAI picture, and saw the match game show. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday's to eat, and to Wal-mart, and back to anime. Ammy and I wandered and found the suite and got fucked up in the elevator! Then back to the hotel and costume work.


Today was filled with a fair amount of . . . waiting. In the morning, we waited for Max, while we got dressed in our cute-ass costumes. We went to the convention and visited 922--and later shared the "secret" with Eric. :) So, we basically just walked around and got asked for pictures by everyone. We saw a li'l Chichiri and some awesome costumes! Mostly we didn't do anything but walk around, look at art and a few videos, and get our pics taken. We had to do the costume contest thang, and that took up much of the day. At dinner a bunch of weirdness happened. And Max acted all pissy like he has been this whole freakin' weekend. Some girl up in the suite told us that our symbols were from some mythical "Wiccan" alphabet that I have somehow escaped noticing through my years of study. ("It's passed down through families" was her excuse--yeah, those rural, usually illiterate country people.) After the costume contest and the videos, we went back to the hotel and took our hair out. /^_^\



Anime con was over today, but not before we did some weird shit! I wore my witch hat around, and we packed up and checked out of the hoteru. At anime, we didn't get to see Jubei-chan, so we walked 'round the dealer room and I bought Joe some chopsticks. And then I saw Mike P! I chased his punk ass down and forced him into conversation. :) We ended up in the video room eating nachos and whatnot, and then it turned into a game show called "The Splice is Right." Out of everyone Ammy and I got picked to be in the show! We didn't beat anyone though (but Ammy won a Sakura Wars tape). After being losers, we took pictures and separated, and we (Phil, Ammy, and I) watched more videos. Then we left the con and drove, stopping at a Chinese restaurant (where I ate too much) on the way. :) At home, we listened to songs and watched Maho Tsukai TAI, and I drew my first Ivy calendar. :)


I'm A . . .


Today I just bummed around the house . . .




stuff that's bad for me, and


friggin' Pagan recipes. I answered some e-mail and did some taping, but mostly it was just node, edit, burp, shit, node, edit . . . and I'm still not done editing. An editor's work is never done!

Fred called me and with him I discussed the mysteries of the universe. (Or rather, my books.) Now, I tire.


I hate vacations.

Rather, I hate them ending. It makes the night before going back to normal really suck. I dread getting up for work and having my vacation end. I hate it! Jeez, I gotta get editing work and get away from a day job. . . .


Oh, boy what a day . . . poor Lara. . . . She did an overnight and then got stuck at the store the ENTIRE day and had to close! 'Cause John is a total fucknut who doesn't keep his promises DAMMIT! Mary kept walking away from the register, so I ended up doing it part of the day even though I have FORTY-FIVE Kids' totes to do! Fuckin' shit! I hate that! I commiserated with Angie. And Lara's "I'm freaking out" aura was giant today. FUCK!

So, after cleaning Kids' up and doing register and doodling and eating lemon squares, I went home. It sucked. I wanted to sleep. So I reluctantly, annoyingly did, after using E2 votes and getting a random message about one of my nodes ruling. I got up, made crescent cakes and did dishes, had a pretty cool Esbat (where I made a door hanger, read the calendar, did a gonna-have-a-hard-month Tarot reading, and talked to the wren). After, I just got online, chatted on the phone to Meg, and licked my own butt.


Annoyance supreme. My early day was broken up by not being able to do anything that would take a while because of the "drug test." So I bathed, dressed, did a li'l e-mail, and took the bus. THERE WAS NO TEST. It was cancelled. I made a sachet for Diana's migraine. Fuck, I forgot to pick up my check. Matthew was a jerk and made a Witch crack, and apparently John no longer works at our store.

After that, Adam gave me a ride home, and I did computer stuff and read 7 chapters of book 6 of Markus's story, and re-edited parts of "Legacy" for Joe. Squirt. I just played on the 'puter a while, then got off to organize my tapes, talk on the phone to Jessica, eat, and talk to Fred. After, back on the computer I went! I got IMed by a jerk who said the justification of my Web site sucking was my Web site. Crushing. Then I got a compliment. ;)


Damn it--I was awoken this morning by an annoying woman who couldn't accept that my phone number did not belong to Habitat for Humanity. She called me FIVE TIMES after I gave her the correct number TWICE. BITCH.

After I finally got up (and erased the messages for Harold on my answering machine), I dressed and went to get my work check. I deposited it, paid rent, and came home. Then I answered e-mails and did cliques, updated my BoS, did dishes, had shribble soup, drew part of an Ivy calendar pic, and talked online to friends. It all kinda sucked. I don't feel very productive. Oh, I went to the store, too, and bought baking goodies. My soup was good for once! Hooray. Oh, I wrote Mike and took care of bills too, though I didn't balance my checkbook 'cause I'm a dingus.


Another annoying Saturday. Today's PokéLeague was out of control and full of rude kids who did everything from trying to cheat and steal to attempting to sit on me. Thank goodness Ally was there to help me hand out activities. I think I shall buy her some Pocky. She's nice. Matthew is not too good at making decisions--he was planning to leave ONE PERSON in the store (Diana) while he took me to the bank. Good grief! Anyway, work was kinda fun. I had my break in the kids' section talking to Mike P., and he hung out while I worked and COMPed in Kids' and New Age. Wahoo! Umm. I got out of work on time and rode the bus home, used votes, and napped. It seemed like a long evening, which is weird 'cause usually my free time flies by. I did editing, chatting, and some journalling, then hosted, watched X-mutant or whatever (which sucked), and updated my page.


Shite workday. I came home a little depressed, because at work no one wanted to listen to me! I had a bunch of times when I needed assistance of various types, and none came. Especially annoying was the lack of managerial responsibility from Matthew today. He said he would get discount cards for me when I was totally out, then acted like it was not important at all. He had to be prodded and harassed five times to finally get them (by that time I was on break), and acted like I was overreacting. Hello, if we're required to sell them, we need to have some to sell! Shithead. He also asked me if I thought Mary was stealing from the company. Gawd.

I biked home all pissy, and did E2 and took a deliberate nap after some editing. Then I got online and Scott invited me out with him and . . . Melissa! I got to meet her. It was sweet. We had Wendy's fries and stuff, and then I came home, watched AMVs, talked to Joe, and edited.


Today brought me to the end of my rope. I had to do register, but there were no discount cards. Which didn't really matter 'cause NO ONE WAS BUYING IT. I got three all day! GRR! And on top of that, people wouldn't listen to me--especially those who are my fellow employees. Just don't listen! GRR! I even tried to arrange my leaving on time 40 minutes before it was time, and they still fucked up. Also, my toe got a funny kink in it and scared me until it straightened. :(

I came home on the bus and did E2 votes and went shopping, then went back online a bit. Then I got off, went through the Torture of Bathing, and did an elaborate spell to convey the importance of my words when I am speaking. :) After that, I IMed with Joe, Brendon, and Emile (!), and won my eBay auction. Yay.


When I woke up I sang the "you live in the zoo" version of "Happy Birthday" for Victor. I cracked up.

I only had three hours' sleep so I wasn't happy to be up, but I went to the work meeting anyway. And all we did was have an endcap contest; we won second place and I got 3 gold dollars. :)

Work was slackery. I cleaned Kids' a little, did Pokémon, and talked to Ally and Mike P. :) I invited Mike home with me and he came. We chatted, he asked questions, and we baked 7UP cake! We had to go get the 7UP of course. XP We just looked at my BoS and my drawings for a while, and then he left when I had to host. I got my red badge today! Since John, being absent so long, managed to "get a feel for" the store. Hah. I hosted and played with cliques, and THAT BE ALL.


Today went exactly as planned! I rule! I got picked up by Matthew on time, after playing with my Book 2 for a couple hours. We drove to work and I cleaned the Kids' section and busted my ass to put out as much truck as I could. I spared a bit of time to talk to Angie, but I did stay on task mostly, and got like 23 totes out, leaving only holiday stuff to worry about. (And that's not 'til later!) Tomorrow I'll get to SONIC and shit! I rule! I also did Diana's break! I rule more!

Some girl wanted stuff on Pagan parenting! I helped her. And some lady's book randomly got sent to Leesburg! HAH! Weird. Uh, there's a cool book called The Well-Read Witch that I'm gonna get, and two more books. :) Hooray!

I came home, went grocery shopping, took a shower after E2ing, and took a nap. When I woke up I talked to Dad and then went back online. A guy on E2 is named Jason Short and he lived in Wilmington! Was he my classmate?


Notebook paper graphic used in the title image: Made by Heather and Warren's Gif Pages.