January 2001 through May 2001


Welcome to my new journal. Except for the fact that I'm now writing "01" instead of "00" and that this is page 1 of a new journal, everything is pretty much the same. The new year is a time for re-evaluation and resolution and reminiscence, but it is still just another day. Here's what mine was like.

I biked to work--no problem--and got there slightly after ten. I moved books around for most of the morning and early afternoon, relocating and rearranging the kids' books. I had to watch register a few times and mail a package. Brendon showed up at my break time with a pretty Hogwarts shirt for me, which is WAY cool. I put it on and went to McDonald's with him. We chatted a bit! Then I went back to work. I voided the science section some but didn't get any serious work done. Chris was tired. I pushed him around on the cart, and then Jon pushed me around on it and I bought hot chocolate. Some jerk wanted to return stickered Borders books! Heh! Come on now. It's not a return if they obviously got it at Borders.

So. The day was highly uneventful. I had to clean the bathrooms. It was easy. Everything I think will suck turns out to be fine every time. Melissa and I talked again. It was nice. Vicky called me skinny when I was changing my shirt. I think not.

I came home on my bike in the dark and worked on my journal entry--final 2000. Then I made a restaurant list for Joe and me, and then put my journal into the computer. Then P called me and we talked and I encouraged her to start a journal too.

After that, I put my stuff online. I talked to Victor briefly. And Caitlyn (Opheliyah). And Dan (duh), and some jerks. Now I'm finished, and quite spacy and tired. Time for friggin' bed.


I'm writing early today. Usually I write before I go to bed, but tonight my mom is coming, so I don't want her to be here while I'm writing. I'm also writing right now because Mom just called and told me she's about to leave, so I asked her for those shirts she stole from me last time she was here. She said she threw them out for my own good. See, now that bugs me. She decided that my clothes were dorky and that people laughed at me when I wore them at work. Man, it's like she's Carrie's mother, yelling "they're all gonna laugh at you!" What's weird is when she was helping me unpack back in August, she told me she wouldn't take any of my stuff and throw it away. She even said it with this almost hurt incredulous tone, like "ME?! Why would I do that? How can you suggest such a thing?" And yet next time she visits, she does just that. Well, I don't appreciate it. I bet she gloated when she did it. I suppose I should have been suspicious when she bought me clothes to "replace" what she was planning to take. Know what else is odd? The fact that she won't let me make my own decisions (about what to wear and what's acceptable, in this case), and yet she wants me to grow up. How does one grow up if one's mommy keeps coming in with her own opinions and enforcing them? The stupid thing is, Mom thinks that if I haven't reached the same conclusion or eventually come to the same opinion, it means I still have a lot to learn. Well, I'm not sure what she's trying to prove, but those were my shirts...the green polyester paisley shirt that Mom said was "old-lady"; the fuzzy green shirt that looked so cute on me and glowed all pretty neon; the yellow paisley button-down shirt that was nice even though it had a burn mark on it; and that lovely red-and-white checkered shirt that made me feel like a picnic. I miss my shirts. Maybe I'll just have to get shirts just like them again. Heh. And maybe I'll make sure I keep a tight hold on my possessions. At least she knows she did a "bad, bad thing." Anyway, all that aside...I just bathed, slept, did laundry, and drew for my calendar today, though my day will likely expand once Mom gets here....


Well, I would like to say that today was eventful, but I can't, because it wasn't.


Yeah baby! Today was somewhat exhausting but wholly tolerable and way fun! I didn't sleep much last night; I stayed up 'til 5 in the morning doing pointless things and goofing off online on my HOST name (got a stupid "you're fired" bogus e-mail and a virus-downloading IM), and finally went to bed! Then I had to get up for work, and I was rather reluctant to do so. I went to work, and did customer service. It was rather boring. I had to tell people sixty thousand times that we didn't have their goddamn textbook and that we ARE, in fact, hiring; we just have no applications. I did overstock and lost my favorite pen somehow; I think someone ganked it. Frustrating! Well, enough of my pen issues.


Hey, my birthday was pretty cool today! I'm 23. Damn, that sounds old to me. I don't feel 23. Then again, I don't look it or act it either, so why would it be odd?

Today I woke up when Phil knocked. Heh. We sat around my room for a bit, with him scratching me and talking about my calendar and other stuff, and then I got dressed and we went to Dream Zone and got me a dress, and then we ate at IHOP, where the same lady as last time gave me a VIP discount! We went from there to the post office to mail packages to Ronni, Blink, and Victor, and finally we drove to Devil's Millhopper but it was closed.

We listened to Bloodhound Gang on the way, and ended up at the movies, where we got tickets for Family Man. Then we killed time at Center Stage (where I met a guy who liked my pentacle) and Wal-Mart. We saw the movie! And then back...another movie theater found my old checkbook! I hosted, and we watched Tenchi in Tokyo, and then it was time for bed.


What is it with me sleeping? I just need to cut it out. It's like I'm a kid who's tired after kindergarten, or a snoozy old adult who can't even stay awake for a movie. Gawd, I suck!

Today I worked register and got a mean customer (sorta) who insisted that her Discount Card was still in date even though it was one of those really old ones that we haven't given out for almost a year and a half (and they expire every year). She claimed it had to still be in date because "I used it this Christmas, I most certainly did!" What else am I supposed to do? The damn thing said "Expiration: 1/23/00" on it, and she was trying to tell me it was still good? BAH! Anyway, after they left my FAVORITE pen was gone...I'm sure they took it! Aghhh! How horrid!

Anyway, I came home, napped, Internetted, napped, talked to Meg, and Internetted. Surprise! I'm adventurous. I hate unintentional sleeping!


I probably should have written or something today--I certainly had the time, and something of an inclination to do so. But I didn't do it; I got online and argued with a loser about whether my "Girls with Animals" page is "perverted." Seeing as how it is a picture page of me and my friends and family just posing with our favorite pets, I just don't see where she got the "getting it on" part from. I think she's more of a perv than me if that's what she saw. I dealt with two more people who IMed me just to tell me I'm obsessive over my page--annoying--and did e-mail and cliques. I really do need to start paying attention to my writing though. I suck. I need to polish Book 1. I'm not getting any younger, and once you're dead there's no "yeah but." I need to put that on my quotes page. I did attempt to do one productive thing today but it fell through and put me in a funk: I tried to get my pictures developed, and no such luck 'cause they were all badly taken. Ugh. Sometimes you just have a useless day that you'll never get back.


Anyway, I went home and felt tired and a bit depressed over my writing. I suck! I know I wrote that book over four years ago but come on now, what was I trying to say? It's difficult to update it to my current ability because there is just so little to the story, but since my current (and, of course, brilliant, hehe) work is so based on it, I can hardly toss it off. I'm having issues with this. Sometimes I just decide it's okay to keep it mediocre because it will still hold interest, but then the need to be stellar shines out and I get obsessive over it. And I think no editor would take it how it is. My style was lumpy and motives uncertain; plot weak and language hesitant; flow jerky and point unclear. I avoided editing by taking naps all afternoon and evening, and got up after midnight to check e-mail, tease Joe, and talk to my sissy and Steve. P's writing a thesis. Gawd I'm glad I'm not there.


AOL's sucking my ass . . . thank you . . . this has been a public service announcement. . . .


I worked and got Kids' truck out. The sixth Series of Unfortunate Events book was in my totes! I read part of it on my break and part at the register. Lovely! Fabulous! Anyway.

I came home on my bike after finishing the Snicket book and eating a Rice Krispy Treat bigger than my head. Woo! I looked for clovers on the way, and took a nap at home.


I did music and stickering today. I rule. I just RULE, man! I went home and called Meg, and we talked a while about all sorts of goof-ass things. I ate an artichoke and ice cream. And then I went online and had to deal with jerks IMing me constantly! I guess it was early evening and the babies' mommies hadn't forced them to do their homework yet. Ha. I got jerk "gypsy" boy, and SeeSeeDoubleYou harassing me that my page is too big again, and suggesting that I add pics of my dog taking a crap (at which point I linked to 2 doodles of just that), and also I had a jerk trying to convince me I was in a sex chat. Freak, I tell you. I bitched to Victor about it!


Hmm, I'm getting tons of little bites all over me and I don't know what's causing them . . . how unfortunate. Now I itch.

Okay, so at work I had to COMP the friggin' Bible section! Agh! Then with relief I went back to Kids' and COMPed Beginning Readers. Yay. So now the Baby, First Readers, and Beginning Readers sections are happy. Yay. We had Pizza Hut pizza for lunch which HOPEFULLY has no beef stock in the sauce, contrary to Lara's book.

After work I dozed, then woke up and Internetted. I spent quite some time on Everything2.com, and now I hate Jes because she got me obsessed. I got Ching!ed already!


Today I had a most pleasant surprise! I rule! My doctor visit was only $45, which made the lady who told me it'd be over $100 a dirty dirty liar. :) Heh! And he said I just need new contacts . . . AND he gave me this steroid medicine to help my eye heal FOR FREE because he just happened to have a sample! Joy! So Tony took me to work and I worked on Kids' all day and it was nicely COMPed from the day before! Exciting!!!

After work Joe and I ate at Waffle House and accidentally left his calendar fill-ins (which were really dirty) in the restaurant when we went to Media Play (where I bought another Loreena McKennitt CD). Wahoo! We picked up the pics and got told we were "bad" by the cook! At Anime we watched more Fushigi Yugi, and then shopped (where Mark "stalked" us), and got the movies Mallrats and The Three Amigos. Then I hosted, and we watched the movies and ate the usual.

2/29/01 3/1/01 haha

No, it's NOT Leap year, dumbass. . . .

Okay, so today I suck some serious butt. I'm worthless! I just played on E2 and noded my life away. I made some definitions for "moronitis" and "vendetta" and put up a piece on copycats, and added to a thread about Instant Witch Syndrome. Then I added some other rants and whatnot. I got cooled all over the place and have lots of experience points, though I'm not yet Level 2 because I still have to node lots more write-ups. People downvoted my definitions though; what the hell's wrong with you to downvote a DEFINITION? My little essay on vegetarianism also got some downvotes, though it is currently in the positive. E2 is so much fun though . . . it's fun to node links to pipe link type things. :)

I took a break to do e-mail, took a very brief nap, and noded more. Now I'm fuggin' tired.


Ohhhhh my hand hurrrrts. I have bad writer's cramp! I just wrote a 27-page chapter. I'll try to deal.

I noded all day, and got some downvoting. Annoying! I'm not as hot shit as I apparently used to be. But that'll change. I get lots of compliments re: being stellar for a new noder.

Ass babies (maybe one ass baby) IMed me about respecting wolf, then argued with me about Webbing. My ass.

Ouch. 27-page Ivy chapter. Freaked.


Today my power went out and I woke up anyway at 7:55! It was raining buckets and there was no bus so I biked, wearing clothes to change out of. It worked out great! I got to work and nothing was happening so I read Which Witch? by Ibbotson and finished it, and started Pagans & Christians. Armon's being an ass. He says we don't do teacher cards anymore. BLAH!

I biked home in the sunshine and it was a nice day! I went to the bank and deposited money, and paid my rent, and came home. Then I slept instead of 'Netting or Noding, and got pissed at myself. I 'Netted. Some jerk bitches (the kidlets who were harassing me with Wolf IMs) copied my site and satirized it, making it look like I'm pathetic. Too bad they violated copyright all over. :)


Wah . . . so I came home (the bus's radio had on Alanis!) and went to the video store and the grocery store. And came home, and attempted to balance my checkbook and do my taxes (ACK!) but I could not and I got frustrated, so I gave up on both. Then John called, and Mike. I talked to them and then went online and ended up arguing with Corie and Cait about the dumbass site they made. It's already down, displaying the words "You really §uck! You know who you are." As Cait would say, w/e. Fred called me finally, and we chatted, and I bedded. Oh, and today I bathed. :)


Working's silly. People expect things out of you that they shouldn't. It's dumb. Lara was manager today. That is silly too. Wah. Nobody tells me anything.

I rode my bike to and from work, wearing my helmet to please my dear sweet mommy. I worked in Kids' while watching customer service, but Kiss Lady destroyed the section halfway through the day. She sucks. A bitch bitched Lara out for not having $10 gift certificates. Mmm.

I biked home and got online to wait for daddy, but sissy was online so he didn't get there for 2 more hours. I wasted the time talking and E2'ing; 2 of my damn nodes were nuked for no fuggin' reason. BLARGH! Um. Dad came online finally and we did my TAXES so that's through. Now he can no longer claim me as a dependent! Heh. Anyway. I watched The Kid and hung with Ammy! I got chocolate and a Blümchen CD!


Work: I had to work cashier and had LOTS of stickering to do. I read part of the new Harry Potter textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and really didn't do anything worthy of mention. I had a rude/weird/crappy customer who wrote her check for $25.00 when the book's price without tax was $25.00, and claimed I told her to write that and reamed me out for it. She pointed to the display like it was proof I'd misinformed her.

Home = good, but I didn't feel like doing anything so I just got online and answered e-mail and stuff. Boring! I did Dr. Smith's CR/PM page and spent an hour and a half on it, and e-mailed with Wesley, the guy who just insists I'm the one who fucks up all communication. Either he's fucked up or he knows I'm outsmarting him, 'cause he keeps pretending I'm asserting points I'm not! Anyway. Victor called today too. :D


Well, today was spent mostly waiting for Kari and then hanging out with her. :) She was a lot later than I expected--about 3 and a half hours--but I don't care . . . it was okay that she got here late. I drew, edited, and played online. Fun-ness! Uh. So when she got here, we talked briefly and then went out to Applebee's, and ate potatoey stuff and cake. We talked about writing, drawing, and celibacy, as usual. I like hanging out with my evil twin. :)

We went to Pojam! Punch gave me a tennis ball. I read my "Protector Cat" story and 2 stupid jokes, and Kari watched. A homeless guy asked for money and Kari gave him $5, and he thanked her and made a comment about them both being Christian, and it bugged me. Kari and I then went home and talked all night, and I showed her some drawings and she doodled a chibi-Ryoko. I was happy that she gave me a pretty Ivy picture! She might get me that kewl program.


Woke up around 2 with Kari. She took a shower while I upvoted Nodes on E2. And then we went to Denny's and Krispy Kreme! :) We had a new waiter and it was good service! I ate a grilled cheese with fries. So did she; I copied her. We talked all day about writing, drawing, my books, religion, Anime, and everything in the whole damn world! We took pictures of us dressed funny. And I made cookie dough. We talked and talked, and then she left, with us making plans to go to Animazement. :) The girl that was dressed as Ryoko at my last convention is HER friend! Her name's Allison! I might get to see her again! Um. So she left, and I made my cookies in shamrock shapes. Then I went online and Noded and stuff. I'm doing really well. :)


Had a good Ostara today. Went to work lugging along pineapple punch and hot cross buns, which were enjoyed by my co-workers. FUN. I wore pretty clothes and flowers in my hair. It was nice, and I got to ride with Armon to the bank, work on Kids', and cover breaks.

When I got home I took me a li'l nap. I got up and prepared quite a bit for my ritual, and executed it. All my food was good, contrary to expectations. It took a while. I planted seeds and stuff. Then Scott called and he and his friend Lee and I tried to go bowling but they were doing that $10 cover bullshit (which is a bit useless if you're not drinking), so we went back to my place, consumed caffeinated beverages, and watched Maze.

After they left I went online, worked on e-mail, and noded a couple nodes.


Bollocks! I have to work tomorrow and that just blows asses. Anyway.

I rolled out of bed and proceeded to do nothing productive all day. I answered e-mail, took care of my ailing Web page, fixed the CR/PM page at Dr. Smith's request, and of course . . .


I may make Level 3 today (tonight) if I can just finish up these Ween lyrics. I'm noding Ween! Cool.

I met a girl named Wuukiee on E2 who voted up like half my nodes all at once. She's a pagan too. She IMed me on AOL, cool enough, and we chatted some. I helped edit her node on manipulative magick, and bookmarked to add later. :)


Today was pretty decent considering I slept in and was late to work, had an eye doctor appointment, and got sick. :) I'm such an optimist it kills me.


When I was going through sale books I found a book about Opal Whiteley! I put it in my hold pile. Opal rules! I wish I could tell her so. But she's dead.


Would you believe, today I was on time! I rode my bike and made it ON TIME! Heh. I had to work Customer Service and do Kids'. I was a slacker all day because there just wasn't that much to do! Lara told me the story of her giving blood and them messing up, and it was scary! She brought her dog, Duchess, into the back room, and she stayed there all day long! It was weird. Me and Mike C. bitched about Armon and PJ, and had some fun making up names for them. "Bobo like cereal!"

Someone at Customer Service wanted the typical Wicca intro books. Heh. I surprised Kendell by knowing them off the top of my head. Yay.

I biked home in a semi-ecstatic rage, and flew onto E2 to spend my votes. I did so, and found out the "hacking" was the Gods pretending to be trolls! Lots of noders are upset. Heh. :) Then I went offline to read Sandman IX, and bathe, and then back on again. :)


I had to work register for most of work today, which blows except I got all the stickering done and finished The Subtle Knife and began The Amber Spyglass. Yeah baby! These damn things are so cool.

Kendell left me a note saying the guy who wanted The Spiral Dance yesterday wanted to talk to me. :) Happy joy, except I called and called and he wasn't home. I will call him tomorrow if I can.

So I came home and used up my votes! Yeah baby. Then I took an unintentional nap and woke up thinking I'd missed the 6:00 time I was supposed to be there; it was 9:30 already! But it was still night, so I went online and played with E2, noding some Pagan sayings and whatnot and IMing with my friends. I hate the fact that jerky people keep DOWNVOTING my DAYLOGS. What is the fuggin' point of that??


A rather satisfying and productive day! I went to work when Armon came to pick me up. He sucks and committed several acts of jerkiness throughout the day. I voided a couple Kids' sections and put out truck. It was silly, mostly. And I still couldn't get in touch with the Wiccan guy. Blah.

So I came home and cleaned and went to the store, and left my door open while blasting Tori Amos. I even cleaned my cupboards! I'm so cool. I planted some columbine, some lavender, and some snapdragons today, and am hoping they flourish. OH, I even balanced my checkbook today! Don't I rule?


Why do I still want to write "January"? Probably because it seems like there's no WAY it could be April already, so my mind is reverting. Blah.

Last night, Meg, Ants, and Kate came and we just ate pizza and watched Red Dwarf. It was a bit anticlimactic. Fun, though. They took me to work this morning, and I did register. It was a fucked up day. Armon was late, Mike didn't show up, and it was all stupid. I had to refrain fom reading at the register for threats of PJ sightings. Ugh. Some kid was rude to Jack and tried to demand that he give him stamps. He was rude to me too. I joked around with Lara too. It was nothing special today.

I came home, took a brief unintentional nap, and went to the store. I bought Passover-like supplies and granola bars, 'cause I felt all traditional today (except for the granola bar part). I baked crescent cakes and made haroset and boiled eggs, and then hosted, paying attention for once. I edited, and now I am in Esbat circle. Yay.


Oh boy. So I went to work on my bike today, wasn't late. Had to run the frigging register again; would be nice if I got to do KIDS' tomorrow but it probably won't happen because our management and organization is incompetent.

I read The Amber Spyglass today, at the register, all day. It was enthralling. I had to stop when we thought PJ was coming, but then she wasn't anymore so I kept reading.

Nothing remarkable happened at work except my salad was bad.

I stayed at work after I got off to read the end of The Amber Spyglass. It was earth-shakingly good! I loved the ending. Wow.


Hey, today I got to work customer service, so I was able to clean up Kids'. It wasn't so bad considering I hadn't done it for like four days. I had the phone working most of the time too. Yeah baby. I had to unpack and call customer orders, but it didn't take very long. And I was doing these puzzles on the Klutz books, trying to solve them all. It was rather silly, but then PJ finally showed up and I had to stop. Chris had his Tenacious D tape and we were watching part of it in the back room. I want a copy 'cause it's funny! Yay.

So then I came home and was rather productive. I watered my plants, did my dishes, cleaned the cabinets, took out the trash, did my insurance forms, and ate matzah! And I went online, had no good new mail, and used up my votes on E2 (which took FOREVER because the server was so slow). Then I took a "nap" that lasted 9 hours or so. *sigh*


Today I was late for work again. I SONICed the Kids' section a bunch and goofed off at work, and made fun of Armon and talked about Animaniacs with Melissa. Such fun. Yes. Sue and PJ came and liked our store, and said the Kids' section looked good. (It had better; I bust my ass over there to get it looking like that.) I got a cupcake from Jon and talked to Kendell and covered Diana's break. Then I came home on the bus and used up my E2 votes and tried unsuccessfully to sleep. Then Joe came and I tried to continue my nap but ended up getting up, attempting to share matzah, watching Hatt-Baby again, and talking to Joe. We went to Anime & finally finished Fushigi Yűgi, and then we went to Mellow Mushroom and had pizza. We came home and talked a bit and watched Anime & The Simpsons and then learned Japanese together. It was cool. I have flash cards.


Today I was awoken by DePhille™; he knocked and I woke. We laid around for a while and then it was really late afternoon so we went to the movie theaters to get tickets. We ate at Farah's and had a nice lady with pretty hair wait on us, yay--and then we went to the movie Spy Kids. It was a bit odd but good, and there was a Danny Elfman song in it!

We decided to go to Pojam! So there were lots of frat kids everywhere and we got screwed by the traffic it caused. At 10:50 or so we arrived at Pojam, and I read "The Mother." Danielle was there! We met up with my ol' buddy Colin and went home and watched Anime (Project A-ko). Then we drove him home, came back, and yay. Loreena McKennitt filled the car radio all day.


Today I got up at 10 when Phil did, and he went home. I went online to node (but didn't) and studied Japanese a bit and read mail and talked. :)

Then Meg showed up, with Katelyn and Ants. Ants went and got his friend Mike, and we watched Hatt-Baby, and watched lots of Red Dwarf and unexpectedly saw Being John Malkovitch. We baked cookies and ate ice cream. Oh yeah, and ate at Sawamura's. I helped Katie eat with chopsticks. Oh, and I had my weekly bath like the disgusting pig I am. Meggle and I got to talk when Ants took Mike home. We talked about all the shit and then John showed up, and we talked and watched Hatt-Baby. And I drew a "Bad Fairy" concept. And that's all I have to say about that.


Easter Sunday is rather slow at Books-A-Million.

Some lady asked me if I didn't at least get a nice Easter dinner when I got home. Heh. I told her I didn't celebrate Easter! Who cares? It's another day to me.

I stood at the register and read a good deal of the fourth Circle of Magic book, Briar's Book. It's pretty good. I also had a serious discussion with Tony. :)

Kendell came in at 12 so I did Kids' and Customer Service. What fun. I also got to follow Kiss Lady's child around again. This time she broke a dump. AGH. But Kiss Lady actually helped me fix it.

I went home and played pointlessly online, and talked to Mom on the phone, and vote-dumped. I noded White Pepper and talked to Raccoon, Victor, Joe, Kari . . . and probably others, too. And edited.


After work, I came home and couldn't do laundry because I didn't have enough quarters, so I slacked off and catalogued what South Park episodes I have on tape. I got online to look up the titles but I kept getting stupid wannabe-annoying IMs from those two girls (or maybe just one) who just can't grasp the concept of getting a LIFE. I got offline after chatting with people who actually had a POINT, and finished cataloguing my South Park tapes. Then I went back online and got rid of more votes on Everything2, and ended up getting MORE IMs from those people. My take on it is simple: Boredom, annoyingness, and bullying tendencies to attack as useless things that are disliked or personally uninteresting--all these factors combine to make these people waste at least a couple hours once in a while IMing me. What do they want? Nothing in particular. What do they think they'll accomplish? Probably they think they'll get the honor of pissing me off, but as such I'm slightly annoyed and rather more bemused by their inability to drop the friggin' subject than I am pissed off. I just wonder if they catch the irony of the situation: They're putting an awful lot of time into telling me *I* need to get a life.


I am now going to chronicle the list of things I have lost since I moved to my new apartment. 1) Ranma tapes. 2) El Hazard tapes. 3) My dragon's blood oil that I bought for Meghan. 4) My bag that says "Garbáge" on it. 5) Those color copies of photos of me! That really bugs me! So. Onward.


Today I awoke a couple minutes before noon. I got up, got dressed, and did my hair while listening to the Japanese tape. :) Squirrel arrived partway through tape 7. We had a big fat ass hug, and hung out in my apartment for a bit. Then we ate at the Mellow Mushroom, and SQ's car was towed! So we finished our pizza and walked all the way to the towing place. We got the car back and drove to my place. I "forced" SQ to watch some Tenacious D while I wasted my E2 votes, and then we went to Media Play (where we explored) and to BAM where I bought the book Advanced Wicca. I'm not ready for that yet but I don't plan to start yet. Anyway, then we got ice cream, and went to Goering's and the sports store where I walked on air. Then we went home for a bit, and to the video store. We got Dancer in the Dark and The Virgin Suicides. Björk was AMAZING in Dancer. We watched both. SQ can down OJ in seconds! He ate more pizza, and after he left I did E2 and more Japanese.


Today = silly. I worked in the Kids' section and put out truck and did Diana's break, and got followed around by the silly wannabe Wiccan kid who has delusions of grandeur, up to and including thinking he is capable of (and has been) controlling the weather. He spent a very long time telling me about how the blue diamond makes you invincible, and how he was going to teach people a lesson with magick, and how he made up all these incantations you can use without candles, and how he calls up the four elements for use in powerful spells. Okay, well no blue diamond (or any tool, for that matter) can make someone invincible; teaching people "a lesson" with magick is an idea that only enters the heads of those who need a lesson or two themselves; there's nothing special about writing mumbo-jumbo or saying said words without lighting candles; and the four elements are generally present as part of any ordinary circle, not as unusual, mysterious presences to call up for use in powerful spells. My take on it is he's a wannabe who's power-hungry and confused, and got smacked damn hard when that truck hit him.


Oh, today. Well, satisfying in many unexpected, small ways. I worked, and had time to copy stuff about Sandman while doing register. Pokémon League had to be run from 11 to 1, so I did that, and it was actually pretty fun. I got together a bunch of junk for next week for if I have to run it. I made a couple announcements about a book signing and people complimented me! Uh. Oh, and THEN I went BACK to register. And copied MORE Sandman. Yay! Scott called. I had to ride my bike home, unfortunately for him; he came to pick me up. So I rode to Media Play and kept getting all the green lights. I bought two Loreena McKennitt CDs and joined their club, and also got that Beltane book for the hell of it. Yayish. Uh . . . then Scott, Lee, Jessica, and Jim came and got me, and we ate at Ryan's, then played Mini Golf at Putt-Putt (where I came in third), and played Pac-Man against Scott (where I won). We bought booze (rather, they did) and got drunk (rather, they did) while watching Tenacious D and the Clerks animated series. I hosted and chatted with Victor. Drunken antics included arguing about Mayor Big Mac and Jim hitting himself in the face. Jessica did my dishes! SWEET.


I went online briefly and then to the store, where I bought Riesling and Beltane foods. Then at home I began to bake; I made oatmeal cake that kind of tasted like butt, and honey cakes. But the Riesling splattered me since I couldn't get the cork out, and it broke my OTHER corkscrew. Fuck shit pee!


Weeeeehaw! Day off! It was SO pleasant looking at the clock and panicking over if I was late for work, then realizing I had the day off and sinking back into blissful slumber.

When I DID start my day, I wrote a couple nodes and then Joe came and we watched Invader Zim some more. We went out to eat at Lone Star and talked for a long long while, and checked at the video store for The Mummy but it wasn't there, so I couldn't see it. :P We watched Cardcaptor Sakura at Anime, and I agreed to see The Mummy Returns on Friday. Wooers. When we came home (after buying Dr. P), we taped Invader Zim and I tried to find Creatures to show Joe but it has DISAPPEARED. I hosted then, and we saw The Simpsons, and I actually talked in the Hangout. After, we watched Dragonball Z (which was pretty excellent), and then Joe left and I went online to catch up on mail. AOL was being a shit. :) I suck!


The floors were waxed last night, so we had to move all this stuff back onto the floor. There was a huge CD display rack, and I took all the CDs off so it wouldn't fall when I moved it. Then my boss came and saw what I was doing and scolded me for taking them all off when it would have been fine to move them with the CDs on it. Then he tried to do it, and what few of the CDs I hadn't removed fell off, all over the floor. It feels good to be right.


Waha! Worky-work. 'Twas boringish. I had to run the register, but I read Preacher comics and they kept me entertained. :) HEY, I'm going to JACON! I'm going to JACON! YIPPEEE! That's gonna be way way COOL!

Oh, I came home from work today and Daddy called me for no reason. For some reason talking to him reminded me that I FUCKING FORGOT TO PAY MY RENT. I did it today but I dunno if it's late. So, after talking to Dad it was online time. I tried to watch the new silly Japanese song but it kept booting me or starting over! Blah at THAT! All your base are belong to us, dammit. Oh, and some annoying child, the same one from yesterday, kept harassing me, and insisted I was the one who'd first IMed her. When I refused to take her crap and permanent-blocked her, she "warned" me on AIM, oblivious to the fact that it does NOTHING AT ALL to me. Anyway. I noded my arse off and have a list of ideas for new nodes. I'm ignoring the rest of the world so HA.


I is be a dork. :) No particular reason for that, though. Oh well. One must accept what is.


I went to work and put out Kids' truck and wanted to kill the Newbery section! Eww! I gave cookies to Diana and had an emergency with Lara and PJ and the café, and drank hot cocoa. RWB didn't show up. Yay! I did Mel's and Diana's breaks and read Preacher. "YOU! WHERE THE FUCK'S YOUR CHIN?!" Heh.

So then I went home and waited for Kari. I studied Japanese and noded. Then she showed up and we chatted and consumed Rollos and ate at Waffle House (where a dude in a cowboy hat tried to give us brain teasers), and came back and baked bread and watched Tenacious D and chatted more. I wasted E2 votes while she took a shower. And that was IT.


So, Kari drove me to work (to the sounds of Chichiri), and I worked register, read Preacher comics, and stickered assloads of books. I only sold four club cards, which blows. Then I went home and slept for a time, and finally got up and used E2 votes and answered built-up e-mail. SUCKAGE. I bought Anime (DiGi Charat and Kodomo no Omocha), and bought Joe a subscription to Free Inquiry, and searched to download Chichiri songs! I talked to Joe, Fred, and a crappy kid who found it necessary to come on 3 different AIM names to ask me my "a/s/l" and then "warn" me for refusing to play his game (which doesn't affect me in the least). Jerks might learn that someday. "Oh! You're not putting up with my childish behavior! I repeatedly asked you the same question regardless of your polite yet steadfast refusal to answer, so you deserve a punishment! Yeah, that's it!" *sigh*


Those two jerkass kids decided to try a little ploy today. I wonder if they know the whole "I saw your page. Do you ever get shit for it?" line gives them away? See, one IMed me pretending to be another person "those wolf girls" attacked. That's dumb. I knew I was talking to one of them right off. I made a comment about it, hidden in my statement, and she picked right up on it. It was funny. Then she acted like it was some big revelation when one IMed me with a goofball name and then the other mentioned that name in our IM. Bitches . . . I wonder if they honestly think they can pull one over on old Swankivy?


Day off! I started it nice and early so I had a fairly full day, except that somehow or another other people keep somehow usurping my time! I hate that. The next time I have a day off, I am going to LOCK MYSELF IN AND WRITE BOOK 4'S ENDING! So there.

I woke up to the pest control guy, and got in bed because I had no pants on. I scared him when I said hi. He'd thought no one was home. Blah. He put ant bait on the side of my tub, so I had to take a BATH instead of a shower! And it was weird too! Funny the things you remember when you haven't taken an actual bath in a long while. . . .


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