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Fred: Is it possible to be fan-obsessed with works of literature that are not even published yet? I have been reading [ . . . ] The House That Ivy Built since 1998 [ . . . ]. One can really get absorbed in that world [ . . . ]. To be sure, one of the greatest things I like about the characters is that they change, mature, learn, grow and face new challenges and questions throughout the books.

Ari: Hey, this is that girl from the website that was inspired by yours...I didn't really realize until now that you have so many excerpts on the different stories you've written. I think that's a bad idea. You want to be published? Publishers don't usually accept things that have had parts put online already; it's a good idea to keep things under wraps. This is the internet, and it would be incredibly easy for someone to steal your idea/excerpts and rewrite them in a (no offense) better way, and there's nothing you could do about it. I have no excerpts whatsoever on my website, only a very vague synopsis and details on how I was inspired, etc. I know you want to be a published author, like me, and coming from someone who's met a lot of authors in real life already (I'm guessing that as a freelance editor you probably have as well), that it's really bad choice to put so much up here. This is the internet. Anything can happen.

I know you're a great deal older than me and also an editor, so if you want you can completely disregard all of this, but seriously, I'm just trying to help you out. I think you're a pretty good writer, and with some work you might be able to get published, but with all of this...I think not.