Joint Custody

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History: I started writing Joint Custody in 2002 after a long string of reading Newbery Award-winning books that disappointed me. I heard myself saying "I could do better than THAT!" several times before it struck me that if that was the case, I should do so. Joint Custody is the result. I figured it needed to address a relevant issue for children these days, so I picked divorce. But it also needed to be unique, and if anything, Bay is unique. When I finally finish this book, I hope many kids will relate to him. This is aimed at upper elementary school kids.

About Joint Custody: This book catalogues the mental wanderings of a confused kid called Bay. It reads a bit like stream-of-consciousness, but in his roundabout way, he really is saying something, making observations. Bay's parents split up when he was very young, and now he feels as though he has no home. He is either at "Mom's house" or "Dad's house." Bay thinks deeply for an eleven-year-old, and he shares his philosophical ponderings about roadkill, conformity, having two houses, and the mysterious girl named Marz who's always taking his picture. First-person present-tense story about a kid who thinks a little differently and just wants to know where home is.

Keywords: MIDDLE GRADE CONTEMPORARY: Juvenile, school, divorce, family issues, animal rights.

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