I'm not a published author or anything, but my THTIB stories have been floating around for a long time, and the characters seem to get people thinking. As a result I've received these stories written by others, and I've posted them here for your entertainment. In some cases I have written a story in response, or to tell my own version. These are also included here, and each story has footnotes to insert my comments on others' stories.

 Negative One fanfiction: This is just an offsite link to the collection of fanfiction that's been sent in relating to my webcomic. It's related to the THTIB storyline, but way earlier.

 ANGUS VS. IVY: By Jeremy. Angus is Jeremy's character in the novel he began but did not finish, entitled The Hat. Angus is a rather evil man who owns a mysterious hat that sucks people into it when he puts it on their heads, resulting in two occurrences: One, the person is made to have never existed, and two, the person's best talents are given to Angus, along with some of their physical attributes (usually). In Jeremy's story, a psychic woman named Lucy is trying to figure out what is causing the "deaths." Here is Jeremy's idea of what would happen if he were to meet my character Ivy and her friend Zeke.

 ANGUS VS. IVY . . . ANOTHER TAKE: This is by me, so it's not really "fanfiction," but this is my "response" to Jeremy's story above--what I think would happen if the two met.

 IVY AT 100: By Jeremy. Having been inspired by a passage I sent him regarding Ivy exploring her ability to make art out of the wind, Jeremy wrote this piece about what might happen if Ivy lived to be a hundred years old. (In my real stories, Ivy does not seem to have matured at the correct rate, having grown rather tall without reaching puberty. Jeremy takes this a little farther.) I have not written any response to this one.

 THE HOUSE THAT AVRY FOUND: By Jeaux. Jeaux cooked up a character who has abilities similar (but essentially almost opposite in some ways) to Ivy's, and he and I had endless discussions of what would happen if they met. This was Jeaux's rendition, told from the character Avry's point of view. (The title is, of course, a play on words from the title of my books, The House That Ivy Built.)

 IVY FINDS THE BOY WHO FOUND THE HOUSE THAT IVY BUILT: This is by me, which is Jeaux's story re-written from Ivy's point of view. Reading it from both of their points of view is fun.

 ROAD TRIP: By Reeny. This is a fanfic of my short story "Problem Recipe." A poignant continuation of Anna and Casey's relationship.

 PROBLEM RECIPE 2: JUDGMENT DAY: By SHO! This is also a fanfic of my short story "Problem Recipe." A rather dramatic continuation where Anna grows a backbone in a rather disturbing way . . . and we are treated to a strange revelation about her in the off-the-wall style of SHO!

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