My Realistic and Serious Doodles

Please note that this is the archived version of this page. The current version is here for Pencil Art. Or here for color doodles.

I love drawing, but I just do it for fun. So when I say some of these are "serious" doodles, I just mean I spent some time on them. I'm not a dedicated, educated, or professional visual artist in any way. Most of my best work is in the comics and cartoons I draw.

Sets: Collections of my work:

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Negative One Gallery
So You Write Gallery

Work associated with my original characters:

Bad Fairy Tarot
Novel and Short Story Characters


Steven Universe

Other Stuff:

Flower Fairies
Song Drawings

Pencil Drawings in Attempted Realism (all pretty old):


Colored Cartoons

Collages and Other Art:


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