Bad Fairy Tarot!

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I made this Tarot set for my friend Mikey for Yule 2005, based on the original meandering 255,000-word version of this novel. He has always been one of the biggest Bad Fairy fans and besides that he is a spiritual person, so I created the set for him and they exist as a real set of cards with ocean-patterned paper on their backs and their own carrying box. Later I made my own set with a curlicue red pattern on their backs.

If you haven't read Bad Fairy and you think you might want to do so, keep in mind that these scenes may have slightly spoilery things on them. You probably won't be able to figure out what's happening, but if you don't want to be tempted to base theories on these . . . don't look. Click them to blow them up.

Bad Fairy sketches
Character Sketches