Fanart: The House That Ivy Built

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By Alicorn:

From Alicorn's sketchbook.

By Ammy:

Old rumpled drawing of Ivy and Weaver.

By Blink:

Pictures 1 and 2: Colored pencil Ivys. Picture 3: Zeke and Ivy at a party; Blink's caption was "This is Ivy & Zeke at a party. I remember you saying he asked her to a party in the 3rd book. Since I have no idea what happens there this is what I imagine. Zeke saying 'Ivy! Someone will see you! Stop that!' and Ivy just sticking her tongue out at him acting like she's not doing anything. :)". Picture 4: Weaver eating rice.

By Brendon:

Brendon's pencil rendition of Ivy.

By Brianne:

Brianne's windy Ivy with colored pencils and black outlines.

By Cara:

Picture 1: Pencil sketch Alix. Pictures 2 and 3: Ivy giving the bird--inked and colored versions. Pictures 4 and 5: Floating Ivy sketch, pencil and inked versions.
Picture 6: Floating Ivy pencil sketch. Picture 7: Pencil sketch Ivy profile. Picture 8: Digitally colored Chobits Ivy. Picture 9: Digitally colored Ivy with gumballs and companion. Picture 10: Pink pen Ivy.

By Erika:

Picture 1: Digitally colored Ivy. Picture 2: Colored-pencil Ivy.

By Fred:

Picture 1: Pencil-sketch Ivy. Picture 2: Copic Marker Ivy playing basketball. Picture 3: Marker Ivy relaxing in a hammock. Picture 4: Pencil sketch Ivy saying "Po" (an Oatanese word). Picture 5: Marker art with Ivy and Jessie's character, Azilie, enjoying the food court.

By Hiho/Anna:

Pictures 1, 2, and 3: Utility-created "dolls" of Ivy, with Paint tweaks added. Picture 2 includes wind! Base of dolls 1 and 2 is from Xandorra's Place, and 3 is from CCG. Picture 4: ANIMATED slideshow of sequential Ivy pictures. Picture 5: ANIMATED slideshow of sequential Adele pictures.

By Jeaux:

Animated Flash cartoon! Jeaux "traced" my drawings of the characters. This features his own character Avry from his fanfiction. This references a joke about how annoying it is that characters who have weird powers in sf/fantasy always seem to have a hokey sound effect to go with it.

By Jessie:

Ivy, cropped from a larger drawing called "The Wonderful World of SwankiVY."

By Jordan:

Pencil sketch Ivy.

By Kari:

Pictures 1 and 2: Digitally colored Ivys. Picture 3: Digitally colored Ivy created for address label designs. Picture 4: An Ivy magnet that came with a talk bubble. Picture 5: Ivy in front of the ace flag.
Picture 6: Digitally colored Weaver created for address label designs. Picture 7: Weaver illustration for a shirt. Picture 8: Weaver illustration for a card. Picture 9: Weaver in the style of Where the Wild Things Are. Picture 10: Weaver in a cute simplified style.
Picture 11: Weaver on an ornament.

By Mia:

Picture 1: "Ivy be da ho" pencil sketch. Picture 2: Conception of how Ivy and Weaver would look on the cover of a romance novel. Picture 3: Pencil doodle she sent me in a letter before having read the book.

By Mike:

Animation: Mike animated a drawing originally by me.
None drawn by Mike; these are my drawings, digitally altered by Mike. Picture 1: Ivy and Bill, with thought captions. Picture 2: Weaver and Ivy with Mentos. Picture 3: Ivy spliced into a Pokémon scene.
Picture 4: Ivy and Weaver flying, joke caption added by Mike. Picture 5: Nina with Star Wars-related joke caption and digital editing. Picture 6: Weaver in a Pokémon scene.

By Mikey:

All colored pencil sketches. Picture 1: Ivy's first fast food. Picture 2: Ivy reaches the clouds ahead of Weaver. Picture 3: Ivy impresses Bill with basketball skills. Picture 4: Ivy levitates a sphere of water. Picture 5: Ivy sleeping.

By Victor:

Picture 1: Part of a larger drawing, this part is Ivy and Weaver flying. Picture 2: A cover concept.

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