Digital SwankiVYs!

These are drawings people have done of me over the years. Feel free to draw me and send it in! Click thumbnails to see the full pictures; hover over them for a description.

Drawings by Victor:

Drawings by Reeny:

Drawings by Mia:

Drawings by Mandy:

Drawings by Dare:

Drawings by EmeraldDraws:

Drawings by Brendon:

Drawings by Cara:

Drawings by Derek:
(This is a recolor of my original drawing.)

Drawings by Gantrator:

Drawings by Glory:

Drawings by Kari:

Drawings by Robin:

Drawings by TJ:

Drawings by Jessie:

Drawings by Fred:

Drawings by ileray4:

Drawings by Topaz's Universe:

And here are three drawings by people who gave art to me so long ago that I have shamefully FORGOTTEN WHO SENT THEM. I can't believe I didn't make a note when these were sent, but I saved them with ambiguous file names so I didn't have any clues! Please flog me for being so ridiculous. (Oh, and also, if you drew one of these or know who did, please, PLEASE remind me.)

Oh, and if you've drawn me and I forgot to stick the drawing on here, remind me please! I might've missed some, but probably have them somewhere!

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